A free program that can identify the specifications of your Intel processor

Intel Processor Identification Utility

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Intel Processor Identification Utility

  -  11.58 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version

    Intel Processor Identification Utility 7.1.6 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Intel / External Link

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Intel Processor Identification Utility is a lightweight app developed by Intel Corporation that can help users to easily identify the model of their current CPU and list all the available features that their line of processors supports. Built to be fast, lightweight, and completely reliable, this application can help users of all technical levels to learn more about their current intel CPU. The app supports only Intel products and cannot extract model and capability features of CPUs made by any other manufacturer.

The entire user experience of working with Intel Processor Identification Utility is fast and streamlined. After the app is installed on the local storage of the PC, users simply have to start it once and it will automatically start the scan procedure. After just a few seconds, a complete report is generated.

The name of the CPU will be showcased on top of the app window, with three listings available to be viewed – “Processor Frequency” tab that lists CPU speed, system bus, the size of L3 cache memory, number of threads and cores, while “CPU Technologies” tab showcases all the various services that present CPU can run such as 64-bit architecture, SSE versions, hyperthreading, virtualization and more. Finally, the “CPUID Data” tab showcases the processor classification, cache details, and additional information (such as the presence of integrated GPU).

Intel Processor Identification Utility is just a diagnostic app, and therefore it cannot provide the users with any tools that can boost the performance of the CPU or even provide reports on the correct functioning of its various features. It is just identifying the correct model of the CPU that is detected and listing its factory-defined features. For users who want to overclock or diagnose errors on their Intel CPUs, Intel Corporation has created other standalone apps that can serve those purposes.

Intel Processor Identification can identify almost all modern processors that Intel Corporation has ever produced (over 2400 individual models!), which include desktop, laptop, low-power, and even server chips. The app is distributed as an automated installer that has built-in support for English and 10 other international values. The latest version of this app is optimized only for modern versions of Windows OS, starting with Windows 7 and newer.

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