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Kindle Create

Kindle Create

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Kindle Create is an eBook publishing management utility that can help users of all knowledge levels to easily adapt and prepare their text projects into Kindle-compatible eBooks ready for publishing on the Amazon marketplace.

This practical and streamlined app is especially useful for users who do not have previous experience in preparing books for online publishing, with all editing tools and services present in one streamlined package ready to be used by anyone. While the entire process of eBook publishing is much more streamlined today than it was a decade ago, this app can streamline this entire experience and enable authors, teachers, and students to quickly produce a viable eBook that can be reproduced with 100% accuracy on any modern Kindle device.

Kindle Create was developed from the ground up by, Inc. to empower its users to prepare their projects to be fully compatible with this eBook publishing platform. The app is distributed as an automated installer that is a bit larger than a quarter of a gigabyte, bringing with itself everything PC user needs to modify and make their books Kindle-friendly. This procedure starts with the importing of PDF, DOC, or DOCX files (which can be text-only or also feature various image and photo elements).

Then, users are required to check and fill out all the required fields that are necessary to make the eBook ready for sale and reproduction by eBook viewer hardware and apps. This includes inputting the basic metadata information (book name, subtitle, author name, publisher, adding a cover image and thumbnail), setting up a table of contents, verifying page elements and formatting options, and various details about the author and attributions, and more).

Kindle Create even provide users access to stylish templates, that can dramatically transform plain-looking books into eye-catching eBooks. Of course, users also have the option to tweak every element of the page and preview how the final product will look on a wide variety of emulated screen sizes (smartphone, tablet, etc.). When all is done, users are encouraged to export their content into Kindle-friendly KCB/KPF formats.

Kindle Create is 100% FREE and is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS (Windows 8 and newer).