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    Windows 8 (64-bit) / Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11

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Krita 64-bit is a FREE digital painting and illustration application. Krita offers CMYK support, HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, and many other features you would expect. Krita is a FREE sketching and painting program. It was created with the following types of art in mind: concept art, texture or matte painting, illustrations, and comics.

Features and Highlights

Interface and Workspace
Krita has a user-friendly interface. In the settings menu, you can choose the color theme, which toolbars and dockers you want to use, and edit keyboard shortcuts. Save a given set of dockers as a workspace and switch between them. The canvas can be easily rotated and mirrored. The OpenGL canvas supports high-bit depth monitors. There is a large set of options available to create a no-distractions canvas-only painting mode.

Wrap-Around Mode
It is easy to create seamless textures and patterns now. Press the ‘W’ key while painting to toggle wrap-around mode. The image will make references for itself along the x and y-axis. Continue painting and watch all of the references update instantly. No more clunky offsetting to see how your image repeats itself. You can even paint off the edge and it will automatically start painting on the top. It is one of those features you have to see for yourself.

Multiple Brush Engines and Blending Modes
A brush engine is more than just a typical brush pattern with settings changed. Each brush engine has its own logic and behavior. The included engines are pixel, smudge, duplicate, filter, hairy, hatching, texture, chalk, color smudge, curve, deform, dyna, experiment (Alchemy), grid, particle, sketch, and spray brushes. Brush settings can be saved as presets and shared. There is a staggering amount of blending modes available. The blending modes are arranged by category and have your favorites stored at the top of the list.

Advanced Selection and Masking Tools
Krita 64-bit comes with many methods of selecting parts of your canvas in order to edit them. You can select with shapes such as rectangles and circle, paint your selection, polgon selection, select by color, select by Bezier. You can add, remove, or intersect to your selection. You can also make a selection by layer contents by context clicking the layer and clicking “select opaque”. You can create a transparency layer by itself, or add one to an existing layer. This is a great tool for non-destructive changes.

Symmetry Tools and Drawing Aids
Symmetry tools that go much further than basic mirroring. Take full control by being able to determine how many axis you need. Modify the origin center, angle, and smoothing parameters. Easy to toggle x and y mirror buttons in the top toolbar. Drawing aids such as perspective grids and shapes that have magnetic settings.

Filters and Effects
Filters can be used directly on a layer, or as filter masks or layers. The effect of a filter is previewed on the image itself. There are special effects like waves, oil paint, and emboss. Adjustments such as levels, brightness/contrast, and HSV are also included. Additional tools that can be useful for making selections like color to alpha and color transfer.

Layer and Color Management
Krita has raster, vector, filter, programmatic, group, and file-backed layers. Each layer has settings for visibility, edit lock, transparency lock, and alpha locking. Layers can be dragged and dropped to and from other applications. Vector layers support text, vector shapes, and filters on vector shapes. Krita supports the following color models for creating and editing images: RGBA, Gray, CMYKA, Lab, YCbCr, XYZ in 8 bits integer, 16 bits integer, 16 bits floating point, 32 bits floating point. Krita always uses color management.

Also Available: Download Krita for Mac and Krita Portable

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What's new in this version:

- Make sure that the image is properly updated on frame switch on merge
- Various fixes to the snap version, courtesy of Scarlett Moore
- Fix a race condition when merging non-animatied layer over an animated one
- Don’t enable combined opacity-flow option on masked brushes
- Disable checkability of Opacity and Flow options for Masked Brushes
- Fix redo of a flatten layer operation when it is animated
- Hide perspective ellipse if assistants are globally hidden
- Fix Specific Color Selector changing to black
- Add brush tip rotate actions and and a angle slider.
- Extract the cache in KisMyPaintOpSettings to properly handle size updates
- Remove wrong assert
- Fix cancelling of the selection when doing two consequtive selections
- Fixes for Qt: MDI titles and unbalanced non-us shortcuts
- Draw assistants directly on the canvas
- Various palette docker fixes courtesy of Mike Will
- Better integration with windows darkmode, setting the window frame to dark when this is enabled
- Use PreciseTimer type with KisPlaybackEngineQT
- Various fixes to shortcuts, among others, to get altgr to work as a shortcut
- Fix jumps just adjusting brush size with ‘[’ and ‘]’ shortcuts
- Replace fcitx-qt5 with fcitx5-qt, which should help the look and feel of fcitx-based input methods.
- Increase xmlgui version to be bigger that 5.1.6, which should solve old toolbars being reset
- Fixes a very frequent crash caused by QAccesibility on Android