An MMO Strategy game on Blockchain where gamers fight for dominion

League of Kingdoms

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    NPLUS ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD / League of Kingdoms

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League of Kingdoms is a blockchain-powered F2P MMO strategy game for Windows PC and mobile platforms, which empowers its players to own and completely govern parts of the in-game world by purchasing and winning crypto-verified assets.

Built on top of incredibly addictive strategic gameplay, this modern strategy experience paves the way for a new generation of modern titles that enable players to govern the lends in their domain, create strong alliances, research, and develop their armies into the most powerful military forces in the online space.

League of Kingdoms Land Sale! Lands are tokenized real estates (ERC-721) and foundational building blocks of League of Kingdoms world. You can own, develop, contribute, and enjoy lucrative rewards.

The game blockchain technology is based on the Ethereum network, has built-in support for minting unique NFT assets that can be traded between players. The game is newcomer friendly, does not require users to know about crypto wallets, Ethereum coins, and NFT trading in order to enjoy this title.

League of Kingdoms is available inside any modern web browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It does not require the presence of strong gaming hardware and can even be effortlessly played on aging laptops. In addition to this web version, this MMO strategy title can also be enjoyed on iOS and Android mobile devices, enabling users to stay in touch with their kingdom, alliance partners, and wage war even when they are on the go.

Newcomers to League of Kingdoms are gifted with a 3-day protection shield against their brand-new kingdom, giving them enough time to start collecting resources, expanding their structures, building their armies, and preparing themselves for warfare with neighboring players.

However, when that grace period ends, their kingdom can become an easy target to enemy raids, which can easily push players to seek protection in some alliance. Alliances are the core feature of this strategy title, allowing up to 100 players to group up, share their resources and provide a defensive shield against many opposing players and alliances.

Players are encouraged to always develop their kingdom and raid other players, fight against AI opponents, and discover valuable treasures hidden in the play environment. Large alliances can fight not only between each other, but also lay siege on sacred shrines, compete in campaign challenges, and gain control of territories surrounding the most powerful shrines.

League of Kingdoms can be played by either casual or very dedicated players. The platform offers a way for players to own the land they have conquered, and be a part of a democratic voting process that determines the governance of the lands inside League of Kingdoms, one of the most forward-looking strategies MMO titles currently on the market. League of Kingdoms can be played for FREE on any modern browser, or on an iOS/Android mobile device.

Also Available: Download League of Kingdoms for Mac

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