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Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Lenovo OneKey Recovery

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Lenovo OneKey Recovery is software preloaded on Lenovo/idea laptops, designed to back up and restore your Windows computer. To utilize the features of the Recovery system, your hard disk already includes a hidden partition from the factory to store the system image file and the tool system program files. This default partition is hidden for security reasons, which explains why the available disk space is less than the stated capacity. Download Now!

You can access OneKey Recovery from Windows or outside Windows:
  • In Windows, double-click the app icon to start the Lenovo OneKey Recovery system
  • Outside Windows (when a system failure occurs and unable to enter the system), press the NOVO button (either a small button or pinhole with a backward arrow icon next to it resembling an upside-down U).
Some Lenovo laptops are not preloaded with the program. And you can approach "Reset this PC" feature to recover the operating system. Click here to learn more.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery is linked with the hidden partition and not available for separate download. If you accidentally remove software and the hidden partition is well, you can still open it outside Windows by pressing the NOVO button.

Where are the recovery discs? Your computer did not come with any recovery discs. Use it to backup your partition to an image. Then you can run the tool to restore your system with the backup image you created before. If there is no backup image, the system can be only restored to the initial status (factory status). The above can be executed only when Lenovo One Key Recovery can run normally.

When do I need to restore the system to its original factory status? Use this feature when the operating system fails to start. If you have any critical data on the computer that you want to save, back it up before starting the recovery process.


System Backup: It enables users to create full system backups, including the operating system, applications, and personal files, ensuring comprehensive data protection.

One-Click Recovery: With a single click, users can initiate the system recovery process, restoring their PCs to factory settings or a selected backup point.

Customizable Backup Schedule: Users can set up automatic backup schedules to ensure that their data is consistently protected without manual intervention.

Backup Compression: It offers the option to compress backup files, saving disk space while maintaining data integrity.

System Recovery to Dissimilar Hardware: This feature allows for system recovery to different hardware configurations, ensuring a seamless experience even when upgrading or replacing hardware components.

Bootable Rescue Media: Users can create bootable rescue media, such as USB drives or DVDs, to recover their systems when the operating system fails to start.

User Interface

The program boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Upon launching the application, users are presented with a straightforward menu that offers options for creating backups, restoring the system, and configuring settings. The interface provides clear instructions and graphical representations, making it accessible to users of all experience levels.

Installation and Setup

It typically comes pre-installed on Lenovo devices. However, if it's not already available, users can easily download and install it from Lenovo's official website. The installation process is straightforward, requiring minimal user input. Once installed, users can configure backup settings and create their first system backup.

How to Use

Launch the application from the Start menu or by pressing the designated recovery key during system boot (usually the "Novo" button).

Select "System Backup" to create a new backup or "System Recovery" to restore your PC.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the desired action.


How do I access Lenovo OneKey Recovery during system boot?
Press the designated "Novo" button on your Lenovo laptop or desktop while it's powered off. This will bring up the OneKey Recovery menu.

Can I use Lenovo OneKey Recovery to back up individual files and folders?
No, it primarily creates system backups. To back up individual files, consider using a dedicated file backup software or cloud storage solutions.

Is Lenovo OneKey Recovery compatible with non-Lenovo PCs?
The program is specifically designed for Lenovo devices. It may not function correctly on non-Lenovo hardware.

Can I restore my PC to a specific point in time using Lenovo OneKey Recovery?
Yes, you can select a specific backup point when initiating the system recovery process.

Does Lenovo OneKey Recovery support incremental backups?
No, it creates full backups each time it runs. Incremental backup features are not available in this software.


Ashampoo Backup Pro: Offers comprehensive backup and recovery features, including disk cloning and cloud backup support.

EaseUS Todo Backup: A user-friendly option with features like file-level backup, system cloning, and recovery from bootable media.

Macrium Reflect: Known for its disk imaging capabilities and support for both home and business users.

AOMEI Backupper: Provides backup and restore options, disk cloning, and system migration tools.

Paragon Backup & Recovery: Offers flexible backup options, disk partition management, and system migration features.


The software is typically included with Lenovo devices and is not sold as a standalone product. Therefore, the cost is bundled with the purchase of a Lenovo laptop or desktop.

System Requirements
  • Lenovo laptop or desktop
  • Windows operating system (varies depending on the model)
  • Sufficient free storage space for backups
  • User-friendly interface suitable for all levels of expertise.
  • Quick and easy system recovery process.
  • Customizable backup schedules and compression options.
  • Support for creating bootable rescue media.
  • Seamless recovery to dissimilar hardware.
  • Limited to Lenovo devices, restricting its use for non-Lenovo PC owners.
  • Lack of support for file-level backups.
  • No incremental backup options.
  • May require additional storage space for full system backups.
  • It's been a long time since there was an update on the official website.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery is a reliable and user-friendly solution for Lenovo device owners seeking data protection and system recovery capabilities. Its intuitive interface, one-click recovery, and customizable backup options make it a valuable tool for safeguarding your PC's data and restoring it to a working state when needed.

However, its exclusive compatibility with Lenovo hardware limits its accessibility to a broader audience. If you own a Lenovo device, the program is a valuable addition to your software toolkit for maintaining the health and security of your PC. For users with non-Lenovo PCs, exploring alternative backup and recovery software may be necessary to meet their specific needs.

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