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    LiquidText 2.10.64 LATEST

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    Juan Garcia

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    LiquidText Inc. / External Link

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LiquidText is an advanced document viewer app that allows Windows PC users to take full control over the document review process, enabling them to easily import a wide variety of documents, gather important data, organize information, and easily process them into reports, meeting preparation documents, and much more.

With a large focus on drawing overlay information, this streamlined app allows everyone to highlight, compare, annotate, comment, and compare various sections found in documents, expanding them with important data points that can be crucial for reviewing, collaboration, and learning.

Built from the ground up to expand the way users are interacting with their documents on both traditional and touch-friendly displays, LiquidText has quickly managed to attract significant acclaim from worldwide media, reviewers, and customers, becoming one of the most praised document viewers and editors on the market.

The core features of the LiquidText app can be separated into several categories. Firstly, the app can manage a wide variety of modern documents, enabling users to create their own workspace using files sourced from both local storage and cloud services. The editing suite allows streamlined import of meaningful data into the workspace area, meaning that users are not forced to always handle full documents. They can extract valuable excerpts, organize them, add notes, draw on top of them, make connections with arrows, create mind maps, and many other added elements.

The desktop app also has wide support for comparisons (fast touchscreen commands for comparing pages, collapsing text, importing documents), annotations (free drawing, marking notes, comments with links), search (keyphrases within workspaces and imported documents), Sharing (exporting into all popular file formats including PDF and Word files, email linking, cloud hosting uploads), and Syncing (automatic sync and backup with cloud storage providers). Users can even freely move from one supported device to another (from Windows PC to mac or iPad) with perfectly synced files appearing whenever they log on.

The basic version of LiquidText is offered to all users for FREE, providing them access to a unified workspace, advanced gestural interface, excerpt tool, document linking, search and highlight tool, and standard file export support.

Premium versions come in two flavors – a lifetime license version that adds a wide variety of advanced tools, and premium two premium subscription tiers that unlock even more features such as dedicated cloud storage, support for concurrent use on 10 devices, real-time sync & backup, shared display, advanced encryption and more.

  • Innovative PDF reader with interactive features
  • Intuitive annotation and highlighting tools
  • Advanced document organization capabilities
  • Cross-referencing and link creation tools
  • Syncs across devices
  • Limited file format support
  • No collaboration features
  • Limited sharing options