Easily record keystrokes and create macros for Windows PC!


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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    Anthony Mathews / MacroMaker

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MacroMaker is a small and reliable productivity utility that can help users to create their own macros that include any combination or sequence of keyboard keys, mouse movements, and mouse button presses, and greatly increase their workflow and automate repetitive tasks. This application is especially useful for users who encounter or are required to input highly repeatable procedures on their home or work PCs, who waste a lot of time constantly repeating the same button presses, or even larger sequences.

This app can record such procedures, no matter how big or small they are, if they include simple inputs or complicated and pixel-accurate mouse clicks and save them into macro profiles that can be activated via a simple user-defined keyboard shortcut.

MacroMaker features a single dashboard screen with two distinct half’s that maybe introduce some confusion to first-time users who want greater accessibility. Thankfully the app features fully realized help documentation that can help anyone to quickly learn all tools and secrets of this app. Simply said, the left half of the app is used for the creation and management of macro presets (Add, Edit, Delete, Export, Import and Execute) while the left is used for the management of Recordings that are associated with the currently selected Macro.

The recording can be added or edited using an Edit Macro tool that will showcase a brand new and a bit complicated window filled with all possible input commands via a (bit difficult to use) Virtual Keyboard. Be aware that keyboard commands cannot be added in any other way than key-by-key clicking on the virtual keyboard, which can unnecessarily extend the entire procedure of creating more complex macros.

In addition to triggering recorded Macros using a pre-defined keyboard shortcut, the MacroMaker app also has few other surprises to offer – it can trigger macros using a built-in time scheduler, or even when it detects a special word or phrase user has typed in!

MacroMaker is not as advanced as some other alternative apps from this product segment, but it is lightweight, runs reliably, has many customization options, and most importantly it’s completely FREE. The app is also fully optimized to run on older versions of Windows OS (including Windows 98 and XP), which is a feature that is most appealing to businesses and organizations that still rely on those versions of operating systems for a wide variety of reasons.

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