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Melio is an invoice management platform that was built from the ground up to help small and medium businesses to optimize their daily workflow of bill payments by streamlining many unnecessary steps into a single easy-to-use dashboard that can serve businesses of all types.

Simplify invoice payments. Amplify cash flow. START NOW!

Melio is a robust PC SaaS (Software as a Service) payment platform designed to streamline and simplify business payments. With a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it offers an intuitive, cloud-based solution for managing your company's finances, bill payments, and receivables. Whether you need to pay vendors or collect payments from clients, it provides an efficient and user-friendly platform to help you manage your cash flow effectively.

Optimized for web and mobile use, Melio Payments for Windows PC enables its users to simply set up their daily financial operations by adding bill details, selecting payment methods, payment delivery, and easily controlling all types of bills (including utility bills, phone bills, supplier bills, and more).

Best yet, this platform can easily get up and running by connecting with QuickBooks, one of the world’s leading accounting software packages.

How it works

Add bill details
Take a photo, upload a file, enter details, or connect to QuickBooks Online.

Select payment method
Pay with a bank transfer or card*, even where cards are not accepted.

Choose payment delivery
It sends a check or bank transfer. A recipient doesn’t need a Melio account.

Melio is especially useful for small businesses, enabling such organizations to take full advantage of a limited number of accountants who are responsible for managing the flow of funds between the company and its suppliers. Melio Payments App can greatly simplify daily financial tasks by offering new payment approval workflows, offering the ability to pay several bills at once, create an in-depth payment schedule, split bills into multiple payments, and easily transfer money internationally. The service can even be connected to credit card accounts, enabling effortless and fast integration into the banking systems and the ability to extract more cash for the company.

The main dashboard of Melio Desktop is easy to use and can be quickly integrated into any modern business workflow. The main screen features the tabbed dashboard with navigation icons being housed on the very left part of the screen. These shortcuts to Home, Pay, Get Paid, Contacts, and Support lead to streamlined pages where all money transactions can be added, modified, regulated, and executed.

Some of the features included in Mellio’s offerings are the ability to pay monthly subscriptions, send checks, perform manually approved or automatic bank transfers and deposits, perform Credit card payments (with a fee of 2.9%), receive credit card payments (with a 2.9% for payors), and international transfer option (with a fee of $20 per transaction from the US to supported countries of UK, EU, and Canada).

More ways to send payments

Pay multiple bills  at once
Save time on scheduling each bill individually, select multiple bills and pay them all at once.

Split a bill into many payments
Hang onto your cash flow by splitting bills into multiple payments and payment methods.

Make payments across borders
International payments let you pay vendors in the UK, Canada, and Europe for goods and services.

The platform supports an unlimited number of users per account and can manage approval workflows, and 1099 forms, and be fully integrated with QuickBooks Online. Additionally, this exact service can also be used by contractors and suppliers to streamline their financial management and automate the way they can get paid by their business partners.

Itcan be used for FREE. It comes in two license tiers (Business and Accountant) and can be easily accessed from any modern web browser or iOS/Android mobile device via its official mobile app.


Bill Payment
It allows users to pay bills electronically, eliminating the need for paper checks and manual processing. You can schedule payments in advance, ensuring your bills are paid on time while reducing the risk of late fees.

Vendor Management
The platform lets you add and manage your vendors, making it easy to keep track of who you need to pay and when. You can store vendor details, payment terms, and contact information in one place.

Invoice Generation
It enables you to create professional invoices and send them to your clients. Customize your invoices with your company logo and branding. You can also set up recurring invoices for regular clients.

Payment Requests
With the SaaS, you can request payments from your clients through email or a direct link. Clients can pay you securely through various payment methods, including bank transfers and credit cards.

Payment Tracking
Track all your payments and receivables in one dashboard. It provides real-time insights into your cash flow, helping you make informed financial decisions.

Integration with Accounting Software
It seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, saving you time on manual data entry and ensuring accurate financial records.

User Interface

It boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is well-organized and easy to navigate. The dashboard provides a clear overview of your pending bills, incoming payments, and account balance. The menu options are logically structured, and the platform's clean design contributes to a pleasant user experience.

How to Use

Sign Up: Create an account on the official website.

Add Vendors and Clients: Populate your database with vendor and client information, including contact details and payment terms.

Create Invoices: Generate professional invoices with your branding and send them to clients.

Schedule Payments: Schedule bill payments in advance to ensure timely payments to your vendors.

Track Payments: Monitor your cash flow and track incoming payments and outstanding bills on the dashboard.

Integrate with Accounting Software: If you use accounting software like QuickBooks, connect Melio to streamline your financial processes.


Is Melio secure for payments?
Yes, it prioritizes security. The platform uses bank-level encryption to protect your financial data, and all payment transactions are processed securely.

Can I pay vendors and receive payments from clients with credit cards?
Yes, it supports credit card payments, making it convenient for both you and your clients to handle transactions.

Does Melio integrate with my existing accounting software?
It integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software, including QuickBooks, Zoho Books and Xero, simplifying your financial record-keeping.

Can I set up recurring invoices for regular clients?
Yes, it allows you to create recurring invoices, saving you time on invoicing for repeat transactions.


Zoho Books: Zoho Books is an accounting software suite that includes invoicing and payment processing features.

QuickBooks Payments: If you're already using QuickBooks for accounting, QuickBooks Payments is a seamless option for managing payments and invoices.

PayPal: PayPal is a widely recognized and trusted payment platform that supports online payments and invoicing for businesses.

Square: Square offers a range of payment solutions, including invoicing and point-of-sale options, suitable for businesses of various sizes.


  • Unlimited users
  • Accounting software sync
  • Approval workflows
  • Easy bill capture
  • Payment tracking & updates
  • Data & form export
  • Bills management
  • Custom payment requests
How much does Melio cost?
Melio is a free tool with no subscription fees. When you send and receive ACH bank transfers it’s completely free. There are additional fees if you want to pay by card, send an international bank transfer or get a check sent to your vendor. Faster and same-day payments have fees attached as well.

How do I sign up?
  • Create an account with your email, sign in with Google or your Intuit account
  • Fill in your company details
  • Complete your first payment!
System Requirements

Since Melio is a cloud-based SaaS platform, it has minimal system requirements. All you need is a modern web browser and an internet connection to access the platform from your PC.

  • Streamlines bill payment and invoicing processes.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Secure payment transactions with bank-level encryption.
  • Integration with popular accounting software.
  • Support for credit card payments.
  • Limited customization options for invoices.

Melio is a valuable addition to the world of PC SaaS payment platforms, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Its user-friendly interface, secure payment processing, and integration with accounting software make it a compelling choice for businesses looking to simplify their financial operations.

While some advanced features come at a cost, the convenience and time-saving benefits are well worth considering. Whether you need to pay vendors, invoice clients, or track your cash flow, it can help you manage your payments with ease, ultimately contributing to the financial health of your business.