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MetaMask for Chrome

MetaMask for Chrome

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MetaMask for Chrome is a browser addon wallet aimed to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts with access to Ethereum-enabled DAPPS (distributed applications) with an intuitive interface and straight from inside the browser window. This app is most useful to seasoned followers of the Ethereum economy and trading, who are on the constant lookout for secure and convenient solutions for making transactions and the development of Ethereum dApps.

Note: Investing in crypto-assets is not regulated and carries the risk of losing the entire investment. Make sure to carefully read and fully understand all the risks involved before proceeding with such investment.

Those decentralized applications are a new form of applications (often built on top of Ethereum) that are developed to run on decentralized computing systems. In short, the backend code is running not on centralized servers as regular apps do, but on peer-to-peer networks, where frontend code is present on users’ computers, while backend code is distributed across countless nodes online.
  • Buy, store, send and swap tokens
  • Explore blockchain apps
  • Own your data
MetaMask is a lightweight addon available not only for Chrome, but also for other popular modern browsers such as Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Addon weights in at less than 20MB, and can be downloaded on Chrome by just visiting its official Chrome Web Store page and clicking the blue “Add to Chrome” button. Once installed, the add-on will appear in the top right corner of the browser window as a small icon of an orange fox. Clicking on that icon opens a small pop-up window with a wide variety of functions.

In its most basic form, MetaMask for Windows PC can function as a simple, elegant, and secure Ethereum Wallet. Users are empowered to create and manage their own identities (use of private keys, local client wallets, and hardware wallets are of course fully supported), and add and launch dApps with a single click. The web app powering this browser addons generates a secure interface where users can safely review their transactions.  The apps can manage and review wallets, tokens, NFTs, erc20, ICOs, erc271, and more.

Like many other dApps managers, MetaMask for Chrome is developed in an open-source environment, and it encourages its users to check out the validity of its code by visiting its official source code on Github. It is highly recommended to use this extension on the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.