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Binance is a finance manager platform that is focused on the trading, buying, and selling of crypto assets, straight from the desktop of any modern Windows PC. Start trading now!

Buy & Sell Crypto in Minutes! Join the world's largest crypto exchange. Compatible with multiple devices, start trading with safety and convenience.

Built from the ground up to take full advantage of the online offerings offered by Binance app, the leading web platform for trading cryptocurrencies, this standalone desktop client can help anyone to manage transactions of the largest and most well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BinanceCoin (BNB), and dozens of others less known coins that are striving to become mainstream.

Note: Investing in crypto-assets is not regulated and carries the risk of losing the entire investment. Make sure to carefully read and fully understand all the risks involved before proceeding with such investment.

The desktop application offers PC users unprecedented access to the crypto market analysis, with real-time monitoring of recent trades, an in-depth listing of market activities, and a visual showcase of the current market status of every selected cryptocurrency. Users have deep controls for portfolio managing, with detailed listings for their open worders, order history, trade history, and funds pages. The app is fast, secure, offers three different layout styles (Classic, Pro, and Fullscreen) and two distinct color settings (Traditional and Fresh).

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After installing the app, to start trading on Binance users first need to create an account. After a short adjustment period to the busy UI that promotes an incredible amount of real-time information, users are free to start moving money to and from their bank account and creating their portfolio of cryptocurrency transactions. Users can extract more value from the platform by hitting the required user-level goals, which unlock more beneficial trading fees that are set by this platform.

It promotes 10 user-level tiers (ranked from Vip0 to Vip9) that are calculated by the amount of Bitcoin trades during the period of 30 days. The platform also has additional fees for deposit & withdrawal, futures trading, borrowing interest rate, and more.

It offers something for everyone. First-time crypto traders can enjoy a streamlined procedure of buying and selling, while enthusiasts and finance managers can take full advantage of incredible real-time reporting and in-depth transaction databases to make their high-stake decisions on major transactions. Italso provides additional incentives for all users to dabble in trading using the now-famous Binance Coin (BNB), whose use activates many benefits across the platform such as lower transaction fees.

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Main Features

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering a wide range of features for traders and investors. Here are some of the key features of the platform:
  • Trading platform: It offers a user-friendly trading platform that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and many others.
  • Spot trading: It offers spot trading, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the current market price.
  • Futures trading: It also offers futures trading, allowing users to trade cryptocurrency derivatives with up to 125x leverage.
  • Margin trading: It offers margin trading, allowing users to borrow funds to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage.
  • Staking: It supports staking for a number of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to earn rewards for holding their coins on the exchange.
  • Savings: It offers a number of savings products, such as flexible savings and fixed-term savings, that allow users to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Smart Chain: It has developed its own blockchain, known as the Smart Chain, which allows for faster and cheaper transactions than the Ethereum network.
  • Launchpad: Launchpad is a platform for launching new blockchain projects and tokens, with a focus on supporting innovative projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.
  • Academy: It offers a free educational platform, known as Academy, which provides a wide range of resources on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • Visa Card: It has partnered with Visa to offer a cryptocurrency debit card, allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies at millions of merchants worldwide.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help you navigate the world of cryptocurrencies.

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What is Binance app for PC?
Answer: Binance app for PC is a desktop application that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange directly from their computer.

How do I download the Binance app for PC?
Answer: You can download the app for PC from the official website or FileHorse website. Simply go to the "Download" section of the website and select the appropriate version for your operating system.

Is the Binance app for PC safe to use?
Answer: Yes, the app for PC is safe to use. It employs a number of security measures to protect user accounts and funds, including two-factor authentication and encryption.

Can I trade all cryptocurrencies on the Binance app for PC?
Answer: Yes, the app for PC supports trading for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and many others.

Can I use the Binance app for PC to deposit and withdraw fiat currency?
Answer: No, the app for PC does not support depositing or withdrawing fiat currency. Users can only deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Can I use the Binance app for PC to participate in Binance Launchpad sales?
Answer: Yes, the app allows users to participate in Binance Launchpad sales for new blockchain projects and tokens.

Does the Binance app for PC support margin trading?
Answer: Yes, the app supports margin trading, allowing users to borrow funds to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage.

Is customer support available for the Binance app for PC?
Answer: Yes, It provides customer support for all of its products, including the app for PC. Users can contact support via email or live chat.

Are there any restrictions on using the Binance app for PC in certain countries?
Answer: Yes, Binance is not available in certain countries, including the United States and China. Users should check the official website for a list of supported countries before using the app.

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  • User-friendly interface: It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use, even for beginners.
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies: It supports a vast selection of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to access a diverse portfolio and potentially profit from various investment opportunities.
  • Advanced trading features: It provides advanced trading features, such as limit and stop-limit orders, margin trading, and futures trading, which can be appealing to experienced traders looking for more advanced options.
  • High liquidity: Binance is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, offering high liquidity for many cryptocurrencies, which can result in faster and smoother transactions.
  • Security measures: It provides robust security measures, including two-factor authentication (2FA), cold wallet storage, and regular security audits, to help protect user accounts and funds from potential threats.
  • Limited customer support: Some users have reported issues with Binance's customer support, including delayed response times and difficulty in resolving issues promptly.
  • Regulatory concerns: As the cryptocurrency market is still largely unregulated in many countries, there may be regulatory concerns associated with using the app, including potential changes in regulations that could impact its availability or usage.
  • Margin trading risks: While the app offers margin trading, it also carries risks, including the potential for significant losses if the market moves against the user's position. Margin trading is complex and should be approached with caution.
  • Technical issues: Like any other app, the app may experience technical glitches or downtime, which can affect the ability to trade or access funds.
  • Volatility of cryptocurrency markets: Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate rapidly, resulting in potential losses for investors. It is important to carefully consider the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies before using the app or any other cryptocurrency exchange.
System Requirements

The platform is available today for all modern versions of Windows OS and Web Browsers, including Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 or Chrome, Firefox, Edge and more.


All in all, the Binance app is a powerful tool for anyone interested in trading cryptocurrencies. The app provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, including spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, staking, savings, and more.

Additionally, it has developed its own blockchain, the Smart Chain, which offers faster and cheaper transactions than the Ethereum network. With the platform, users can access all of these features from their desktop computer, making it easy to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and take advantage of market opportunities.

Investing in crypto-assets is not regulated and may not be appropriate for retail investors, and the entire invested amount could be lost. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly comprehend and evaluate the risks associated with this type of investment.

While there are some limitations, such as restrictions on certain countries and the inability to deposit or withdraw fiat currency, the Binance desktop app is a great option for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrencies on a secure and reliable platform.

Note: Requires Binance Account.

Also Available: Download Binance for Mac

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