Safeguard your Windows PC in a quiet and reliable way

Microsoft PC Manager

Microsoft PC Manager

  -  1.6 MB  -  Freeware
Microsoft PC Manager is a brand-new PC health utility app from Microsoft Corporation, which enables users of all knowledge levels an easy way to keep their PC in top shape, with a streamlined way to keep antivirus, storage, process, and startup operations of their PC working fast, reliable and optimized.

Instead of introducing brand new management services, this lightweight application instead relies on already present features already built into the modern versions of Windows OS (Windows 10 version 1809, and newer), and was hidden away from users’ ayes in the depths of its configuration screens.

With one simple dashboard, users can now simply keep track of the overall PC health status, activate comprehensive health checks, boost performance, and remove unneeded temporary files.

This streamlined application comes with one of the best user interfaces in a PC health app we have seen in a long time. It features a single small dashboard screen with a smartly aligned listing of data points in all of its main categories of health checks it supports – “Memory and Temporary files” (enabling users to free up RAM space for more active apps), “Antivirus Health check” (fully integrated with Windows Security antivirus scanner, Windows Defender and the latest antivirus definition updates), “Storage Manager” (that can free up local storage space from unnecessary temporary files, including Windows Update, Web cache, and Remote Desktop cleanup), “Process Management” (that can speed up PC by turning off unnecessary background system features), and “Startup Apps” (accelerating Windows boot times).

Microsoft PC Manager is distributed online as a lightweight automated installer that weighs in at just 4MB in size, enabling Windows PC users to easily deploy it on their desktop or laptop PCs.

Once installed, users can easily check the status of all parts of their PC, without the need to manually search for the individual scan services that are buried deep into the Windows configuration menus. Microsoft PC Manager is 100% FREE and is optimized only for work on Windows 10 (version 1808 or newer) and Windows 11.

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Utilizes Windows built-in tools
  • Already polished and refined
  • The software is currently in open beta