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Download Notezilla 8.0.43

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What's new in this version:

Notezilla 8.0.43
- Fixed: A sticky note attached to an MS-Office product would appear in an unexpected location

Notezilla 8.0.42
- Fixed: When using multiple display monitors, the sticky notes (if stuck to a window) did not appear in the correct position

Notezilla 8.0.41
- Notezilla now syncs immediately on startup
- It is now possible to select multiple picture files when adding them to a sticky note

- After inserting a picture (from a file) into a sticky note, it was not possible to delete the file without closing Notezilla. This is fixed
- When an app window was maximized, the associated sticky note did not remember its position. This is fixed

Notezilla 8.0.40
- Some pictures inside a sticky note appeared blurred. This is fixed
- Clicking on pictures button did not show the pictures the first time. This is fixed
- Sometimes the note toolbar detached itself from the sticky note. This is fixed

Notezilla 8.0.39
- If a sticky note is stuck to a website / doc / app, it will move (re-position), when the corresponding browser window, app window is moved
- Added ability to import/export computers and contacts
- Added F4 shortcut key to a sticky note for switching between note text and attached pictures
- The window to set a reminder makes it easier to type the reminder time
- Fixed a bug associated with sticking notes to chromium based Edge browser
- The sticky notes used to jump to different locations when using the mouse wheel for scrolling the notes in the Notes Browser. This is fixed
- The pictures did not go along with the note when sending the note over LAN. This is fixed
- Fixed sign in issues that caused 'Failed to create empty document' error

Notezilla 8.0.38
- Pictures support improved. Now pictures can be accessed Á attached from Android Á iPhone apps also
- 'Notezilla Troubleshooter' tool added to this update. This tool will let you backup, restore and cleanup Notezilla data easily
- It is now possible to sort lines in a sticky note
- It is now possible to sort checklist items so that completed items are sent to the bottom of the list
- Added option in Preferences to open Notes Browser on clicking Notezilla icon in the taskbar
- Added option in Preferences to auto lock unlocked notes in 60 seconds
- Sticky note attached to a website using one browser will also work seamlessly in another browser (major browsers)
- When the mouse pointer hovers over a rolled up sticky note, excerpt of the note is shown inside a tooltip
- It is easy to open the Notezilla's data and backup folders from Notezilla Preferences window
- Reminder window now shows the next due date also for repeat alarms
- Trash memoboard is now positioned at the bottom of the memoboards list in Notes Browser
- When a note is printed, the note creation date is also printed on top right
- Notezilla explicitly shows a success message when a sticky note is sent to trash from a filter view
- Options is arrange sticky notes and edit columns added to the View menu in Notes Browser
- Sync window shows progress bar for better clarity
- Long press now works as right click on touch screens such as Surface Pro etc
- Sticky note received from another computer or contact was not placed based on the desktop area configured in Preferences. This is fixed
- When pasting text inside a sticky note using right click menu, the input caret did not position correctly. This is fixed
- When Notezilla's data file is inaccessible, Notezilla did not show any error. This is fixed
- Automatically trashing a note at a particular time did not work. This is fixed
- Sometimes, right clicking a sticky note (from notes list) in the Notes Browser did not select the right sticky note. This is fixed
- Notezilla did not support data folder path to be in unicode format. This is fixed
- Exporting notes to multiple text files used to overwrite existing files. This is fixed
- 'Windows' column in Notes Browser was not removable after being added. This is fixed
- When the sticky note was rolled up, it stopped showing the date (when configured). Also the alignment was changed. This is fixed
- When the sticky note is made to stay always on top, some child windows (Send to Contact, Computer etc) appeared below the sticky note. This is fixed

Notezilla 8.0.37
- Added a little left margin to all sticky notes
- Korean characters did not appear correctly inside sticky notes. This is fixed

Notezilla 8.0.36
- Change log not available for this version

Notezilla 8.0.35
- Fixed: on very high DPI systems, the notes list in Notes Browser showed large text

Notezilla 8.0.34
- Fixed: a checklist sticky note flickered more while editing (since 8.0.32)

Notezilla 8.0.33
- Fixed: Since the last update, the non-English characters did not appear correctly on phone app after syncing with Windows app

Notezilla 8.0.32
- Notes are synced more frequently. This will result in faster updates on other devices. Also you will receive notes faster from other users
- Added ability to keep the sticky notes visible when using 'Show Desktop' Windows feature. This needs to be configured using Preferences
- Blank notes are never sent to trash. They are permanently deleted
- Default hotkeys modified as they were conflicting with shortcut keys of other popular apps
- Added new Notifications app so that users are directly notified about new updates from within the app itself
- Classic Gradient skin update with better gradient
- Updated app skin. Now the dates inside 'Set Due Date' window are easily readable
- When checklist note was updated from phone, the formatting (strikethrough) of that note on Windows desktop was lost. This is fixed
- Day light saving issue fixed
- The first 2 columns of a memoboard sometimes lost the icons after sync. This is fixed
- The trash prompt message did not appear on top of the sticky note when trashed from reminder window. This is fixed
- Improved usability and UI in some areas

Notezilla 8.0.31
- Privacy policy link added for GDPR compliance
- Computer list was not being updated when syncing

Notezilla 8.0.30
- Fixed: Notezilla prevented system shutdown after installing latest Windows Fall Creators Update

Notezilla 8.0.29
- It is now very easy to reply to the sender of a sticky note from the toolbar just above the sticky note
- Sender name can be identified by moving the mouse pointer over the toolbar icon

Notezilla 8.0.28
- Sync is tried again automatically if another device is already syncing

Notezilla 8.0.27
- Change log not available for this version

Notezilla 8.0.26
- Now Notezilla syncs more often (every minute) if any note is modified
- Sync experience improved
- Account creation simplified
- Sign out option added to account settings

Notezilla 8.0.25
- Made Notezilla DPI-aware. So the sticky notes appear correctly on 4k display resolution

Notezilla 8.0.24
- Couldn't correctly import and export CSV & Tab delimited files. This has been fixed
- Sometimes Notezilla crashed when rearranging notes on desktop at startup. This has been fixed

Notezilla 8.0.23
- Added ability to delete Notezilla.Net account directly from the Windows app.
- Maximum sticky note size increased from 400x400 to 600x600. This was needed on 4K displays.
- On Windows 10, Notezilla crashed sometimes when clicking on the sticky note toolbar while editing the note title. This has been fixed.
- In certain cases, syncing failed permanently after deleting a memoboard. This has been fixed.

Notezilla 8.0.22
- Notezilla conflicted with games that used a different display resolution. This has been fixed.
- It is now easier to use sticky notes on 4k display monitors and on Surface tablets. The skins have been modified to achieve this. Download new versions of the skins from here. This feature still needs improvement. Future updates will behave better on 4k monitors & Surface tablets.
- Notezilla sometimes crashed after signing into Notezilla.Net for the first time in Windows. This has been fixed.
- Repeat alarm for every x months did not accurately set the right repeat date. This has been fixed.
- Ctrl+N shortcut key from within a desktop sticky note would create a new sticky note.
- It took several steps to view a particular desktop note from Notes Browser. Now, it is possible to view the desktop note with just one click using a toolbar button in Notes Browser.
- Made 'Set Due Date' feature more intuitive.
- By default incoming sticky notes (from another computer or contact) are stuck to Windows desktop.
- When a note is moved to another memoboard, the user is now asked if the note needs to be removed from the desktop.
- It is now possible to reset the master password if it is forgotten.
- Finding note using the quick find (top right in Notes Browser) was little quirky. This has been improved.
- When a sticky note is kept "always on top", the spelling window is overlapped by the sticky note itself, making it very hard or impossible to use. This has been fixed.
- Double clicking on an already selected note in notes list did not select the note in the bottom sticky notes view. This has been fixed.
- Going back to the same memoboard or filter did not retain the selection of the sticky note. This has been fixed.
- Sometimes, when syncing, the title of a sticky note wasn't updated. This has been fixed.
- The sticky notes view was scrolled back to top when switching between memoboards causing annoyance. This has been fixed.
- When a sticky note is hidden on one desktop, after sync, the sticky note was made visible on another desktop. This has been fixed.
- When sticking a note to desktop from Notes Browser, the note size changed to defaults. This has been fixed.

Notezilla 8.0.21
- It was not possible to arrange desktop notes (since last update). This has been fixed.

Notezilla 8.0.20
- Now it is possible to insert .png files inside sticky notes.
- The previous update introduced a bug. A random desktop sticky note would popup when accessing another app, dismissing a reminder or deleting a sticky note. This has been fixed.
- When Notezilla is configured to create sticky notes directly inside a memoboard instead of Windows desktop, single/double mouse click option to create new note did not work. This has been fixed.
- In rare circumstances, duplicate instances of Notezilla would run whenever a display monitor is attached/detached. This has been fixed.

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