Use AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images!



  -  995 MB  -  Freeware
NVIDIA Canvas is an AI-powered graphics editor that allows users to take full advantage of their Nvidia GPU capabilities by enabling the creation of photorealistic images by analyzing simple brushstrokes. Yes, with this application anyone can paint a few brushstrokes on the screen, which will inform the app how to reconstruct highly realistic landscapes using AI and machine learning techniques.

NVIDIA Canvas is a technology demo built from the ground up to integrate with special AI processing blocks found in modern Nvidia RTX graphics cards such as GeForce Quadro and TITAN RTX, enabling all PC users to skip the need for the painstaking and slow drawing of detailed natural environments, and simply use the power of artificial composition, morphing, and post-processing to automatically generate a stunning finished image.

The app is best suited for professional users and artists who just want to quickly create stylish and realistic landscape backgrounds without wasting time, which leaves them free to focus their attention on foreground elements that need to be crafted by hand.

The user interface of NVIDIA Canvas is simple and intuitive, presenting the users with some traditional painting tools, and a few brand-new services such as material picker (ground, mountains, plants, trees, clouds, water, etc.), and style picker that determines the final palette. Users only need to crudely draw a few layers (for example sky, mountains, and ground), and the app will be able to very quickly generate a stunning photorealistic result that is sourced from thousands of reference photos and the power of AI compositing.
This app is one of the first that clearly showcases how the power of AI and machine learning can transform modern asset creation. It can help artists to quickly generate an incredible variety of stunning backgrounds for their projects, and best yet, all of its creation can easily be exported to Adobe Photoshop and integrated into larger projects.

System requirements
  • Driver: 460.89 or later
  • Mouse + Keyboard
  • Optional - Touchscreen
  • Optional - Tablet (e.g., Wacom Intuos)
Beta client of NVIDIA Canvas can be tested for free. The app is compatible only with Windows 10 and Windows 11 and can run only on the following lines of Nvidia GPUs: GeForce RTX, NVIDIA RTX, Quadro RTX, TITAN RTX.