A scalable, multi-GPU real-time reference development platform for 3D simulation

NVIDIA Omniverse

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NVIDIA Omniverse

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NVIDIA Omniverse is a scalable, multi-GPU real-time reference development platform for 3D simulation and design collaboration, and based on Pixar's Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX technology.

NVIDIA Omniverse for PC is a revolutionary platform designed to accelerate collaboration and simulation across multiple industries. It offers a unified virtual environment where teams can create, share, and collaborate on 3D designs, simulations, and virtual worlds in real-time. Leveraging NVIDIA's advanced technology, it enables seamless integration of various software tools and workflows, empowering users to work together regardless of their location or the software they use.

Key Features
  • Real-Time Collaboration: It allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the same project in real-time, enhancing productivity and fostering teamwork.
  • Unified Environment: It provides a single platform where users can import 3D assets from different software applications, maintaining consistency across workflows.
  • Physically Accurate Simulation: With NVIDIA's advanced physics simulation capabilities, it enables accurate and realistic simulations for various industries, including architecture, engineering, and entertainment.
  • AI-Driven Workflows: Integration of AI technologies enhances productivity by automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent suggestions.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: It supports interoperability with popular design and simulation software, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for users.

Omniverse for PC is built from the ground up to be easily extensible and customizable with a modular development framework. While end-users and content creators leverage the platform to connect and accelerate their 3D workflows, developers can plug into the platform layer of the stack to easily build new tools and services.

Develop Quality Tools, Faster than Ever
The modular, easily extensible, and flexible platform replaces strict monolithic development. With low- and no-code Python-based development, teams can produce quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Build More Advanced Technology with Minimal Effort
Save time and effort and leverage over 20 years of core NVIDIA rendering technologies, AI, and simulation SDKs by building on the platform.

Connect to New Markets, Expand Your Audiences
Take advantage of NVIDIA’s reach across all industries, audiences, and workflows and gain access to new markets and use cases to grow your user base.

Best for Creators and Developers
  • Connects to industry-leading 3D design tools
  • Unlimited multi-app collaboration
  • Multi-user collaboration for up to 2 users
  • Multi-user collaboration for more than 2 users
  • Scalable, real-time RTX rendering
  • Physically-accurate simulation with PhysX 5.0, Blast, Flow
  • Inspect, modify, or use 300+ pre-built extensions to develop and build enhanced solutions
  • Tested & optimized for NVIDIA-Certified Systems™
  • Scale Nucleus collaboration to the data center or private cloud
  • Enterprise Security Management (SSO, SSL)
  • Enterprise deployment tools
Platform Components

The app consists of 5 key parts: Nucleus, Connect, Kit, Simulation, and RTX Renderer. These components, along with interoperable third-party digital content creation (DCC) tools and renderers - and third-party and NVIDIA-built extensions, apps, and microservices make up the full Omniverse ecosystem.

Omniverse Nucleus is the database and collaboration engine of the platform. It allows a variety of client applications, renderers, and microservices to share and modify representations of virtual worlds.

There are multiple ways to connect asset libraries and DCC tools to the app, with varying fidelity. Omniverse Connectors—plugins that enable client applications to connect to Nucleus and publish and subscribe to individual assets and full worlds—provide the highest fidelity connections to Omniverse, often enabling a live-sync workflow between client applications and Omniverse Apps.

Unlike monolithic development platforms, the program is built to be extremely modular for maximum flexibility and extensibility. Omniverse Kit is a powerful toolkit for developers to build their own extensions, apps, microservices, or plugins for their ecosystem. The SDK can be run headlessly as a microservice, or with a UI. The UI application can be fully written using the UI engine which enables it to be fully customized.

The platform gives developers access to NVIDIA’s scalable, physically accurate world simulation, powered by NVIDIA’s core physics simulation technologies. Developers can leverage and incorporate these key technologies by developing on or connecting to the platform, including NVIDIA PhysX - an advanced physics simulator delivering high-performance rigid, deformable, and vehicle dynamics, PhysX Flow for combustible fluid, smoke and fire dynamics, and PhysX Blast - for fracture and destruction.

Developers without the desire to build their own renderer can enhance their user base’s capabilities by connecting to the platform to leverage either the Omniverse RTX Renderer or any connected Hydra-delegate renderers.

Omniverse Extensions are small pieces of code purpose-built to achieve a specific task. Extensions are authored in Python, enabling developers of any level to build or customize their own extensions. Explore an extract of the extensions available in the platform below to see what is possible.

Services in the program can be part of an Extension, use an Extension, or be a simple script executed by Omniverse Kit. Developers can easily build tools to automate repetitive tasks for themselves, or their user base, from rendering workflows, creating turntables, generating thumbnails, synthetic data generation, and more.

Omniverse Avatar is a technology platform to develop interactive AI avatars, connecting NVIDIA’s core AI technologies - NVIDIA Riva for speech AI, NVIDIA Metropolis for computer vision, NVIDIA NeMo Megatron for natural language understanding, and NVIDIA Merlin recommendation engines. These life-like video avatars respond to speech and facial cues, understand multiple languages, and are able to make smart recommendations.

How to Use
  • Import Assets: Start by importing 3D assets into the program.
  • Collaborate in Real-Time: Invite team members to join the project and collaborate in real-time, making changes and sharing feedback instantly.
  • Simulate: Utilize the physics simulation capabilities to create accurate and realistic simulations of various scenarios.
  • Customize Environments: Customize virtual environments by adjusting lighting, textures, and other visual elements to achieve the desired look and feel.
  • Export and Share: Once the project is complete, export the final assets or simulations for sharing or further integration into other workflows.

Is NVIDIA Omniverse compatible with other design software?
Yes, it supports interoperability with a wide range of design and simulation software, allowing users to import and export assets seamlessly.

Can multiple users work on the same project simultaneously?
Absolutely, it enables real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work together on the same project simultaneously.

What are the system requirements for running Omniverse?
System requirements may vary depending on the complexity of the projects and simulations, but generally, users will need a powerful GPU and sufficient RAM to run the program smoothly.

Does NVIDIA Omniverse support AI-driven workflows?
Yes, it integrates AI technologies to automate tasks and provide intelligent suggestions, enhancing productivity for users.

Is there a free version of NVIDIA Omniverse available?
Yes, NVIDIA offers a FREE version of the software, allowing users to explore its features and capabilities without any upfront cost.


Unity: A popular game engine and development platform that offers robust 3D design and simulation capabilities.

Unreal Engine: Another powerful game engine widely used for creating interactive experiences and simulations.

Blender: A versatile open-source 3D creation suite that includes modeling, animation, and simulation tools.

Autodesk Maya: A comprehensive 3D animation software widely used in the entertainment industry for creating high-quality visual effects and animations.

Dassault Systèmes CATIA: A leading CAD/CAM/CAE software suite used in various industries for product design and engineering.


It offers a range of pricing options, including a FREE version with limited features and capabilities. For more advanced functionality and support, users can opt for PAID subscription plans, which are tailored to the needs of individual users or organizations. Pricing may vary depending on the selected plan and additional services required.

It is free to develop Omniverse Kit SDK-based Extensions, Apps, and Microservices, or Omniverse Connect SDK-based Connectors on the Omniverse Platform.

Developers can sell their own Apps, Extensions, Microservices, or Connectors on their own, or be featured in the Omniverse Exchange. Developers are not able to distribute any NVIDIA-developed Omniverse Apps, Extensions, or Microservices, nor Omniverse Nucleus or Omniverse Kit.

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 11/10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 (or equivalent)
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 (or equivalent)
  • RAM: 16GB or higher
  • Storage: 20GB of available space
  • Real-time collaboration enhances productivity.
  • Unified environment simplifies workflows.
  • Advanced physics simulation capabilities.
  • Integration with AI technologies.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Steeper learning curve for new users.
  • Resource-intensive, requiring powerful hardware.
  • Limited feature set in the free version.
  • Integration with some software may require additional setup.

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