Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter in Google Chrome


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  -  1.2 MB  -  Freeware
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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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OneTab is a highly useful free browser extension that allows users of all knowledge levels to easily take full control over the state of their active tabs. Similar to how the ordinary “Bookmark” tool can help users to get full management controls over the database of URL links, the OneTab plugin can save entire sets of tabs, and provide users an easy way to retrieve those sets of tabs or manage them however they like.

Having this lightweight and streamlined add-on can help anyone to manage large sets of URLs, optimize the clutter, and reduce the hardware strain that dozens or hundreds of active tabs can incur upon the desktop (and especially) laptop Windows PCs.

OneTab is optimized for use on the Google Chrome browser, but it can also effortlessly run on almost any Chromium-compatible browser variation. With the size of just 1MB and streamlined installation procedure, almost anyone can quickly install it and dramatically transform the way they are managing a large number of bookmarks. To install it, users simply have to download the installation file, drag & drop it into the Chrome browser, and accept the installation prompt.

Once deployed and loaded, users have a streamlined way to organize, save and share link lists. The easiest way to activate OneTab Chrome Extension is to just click on its button right beside the main address bar. This will cause all currently active tabs to group into one. One Tab will remember bookmarks, and unload all of those pages out from the PC’s memory, thus saving valuable resources. Since some users like to keep dozens and hundreds of active tabs in running memory, this procedure can dramatically reduce the active RAM and CPU usage. In some cases, RAM usage can drop tenfold, from over 1 GB in size to just under 100 MB, which can be especially useful for users on weaker and older PCs, and laptop users who would like to expand their battery life.

Access to the OneTab manager can be easily performed with the main icon, or by right-clicking anywhere on the web page and picking the “Display OneTab” option in the context menu. This will showcase the main dashboard screen, with a list of all tab stacks. Available management options are “Restore All”, “Delete All”, and “Share as web page”. And more. Each of the tab stacks is shown as the list of all included URLs, so users can easily find which tab stack they want to manage or retrieve back to the main browser window.

OneTab is 100% FREE and can run on all modern versions of Windows OS that support the latest release of the Google Chrome browser.

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