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What's new in this version:

- We found and patched up an Einstein-Rosen bridge that was zipping members to the Origin Access landing page when trying to upgrade from Basic to Premium. We really need to stop leaving our Mass Relays on when we’re done with them
- Libraries grow. That’s a fact of nature. We think your library should grow, too, which is why we zapped the bug that removed your ability to add games to your library
- The “Buy it Now” button was hiding behind some cover in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. But, the coast is clear and it’s out of hiding
- Looks like the Need for Speed Speedcross expansions and DLC got a weren’t going anywhere when trying to purchase from a wishlist due to a flat tire. We busted out our jack and tire iron and it’s back on the road
- Scraps of an invisibility cloak fell onto The Sims 4 Seasons page, causing text bubbles to seemingly disappear when adjusting your browser’s window size. We collected the scraps and knitted a lovely beanie. Now where did we put it
- Little circles on the Deals page understand one thing and one thing only: circular motion. But a professor tried to explain to them that time is not circular...or linear. It was pretty complicated, so the circles temporarily short-circuited. We put on The Terminator, and they returned to their cycles
- There was a bug where, when signed out, you could still access “Manage My Membership.” Who do we suspect caused this? Ghosts. Ghost subscribers who come in, move the furniture, and turn down the thermostat. Their shenanigans were stopped by a curious film crew
- A masked villain tried to taunt his nemesis by leaving clues all over Origin. He’s not tech-savvy (or even good at his job), but he did make something go all screwy when you try to add friends a second time. The spat between caped hero and amateur bad guy has since ended
- The radio towers were misaligned and keeping users from connecting to EA servers when opening Battlefield™ V. We scoured the city rooftops, made sure all the satellite dishes were pointed in the right direction, and restored the connection. Who knew high-tech could be so simple?
- The Sims 3 University Life was displaying different prices for different users. Much like college tuition, though, the price should be fixed, equal & preferably under thirty bucks. We think that’s fair
- Nothing’s worse than buying something and coming home to see you already HAVE three tubs of cookie dough in the fridge. That’s why we made sure you get a warning message when buying bundles for The Sims 4 with content you already own. Now, who wants cookies?
- All game editions deserve love (which is why we own 4 different copies of Skyrim and people ask us why and it becomes this whole big thing). So if you own standard & deluxe editions of a game you should be able to play either, even if you’re a Mac user
- Our Thermian’s translator box broke when he was operating the control board, so he mistakenly waved a tentacle over the boar, causing suggestions for Premier edition titles to appear for non-Premier users when buying a game. His translations (and human form) have been restored
- The Average Joe android operating the search function kept opening pink cans of diet soda instead of opening games in a new tab. He’s been sent back to the distributor to work on his language skills
- When viewing in a window that’s not full-screen, the “Get the Game” button transformed into The Illusive Button. Thankfully, it was fixed before any Reapers could get involved

- Change log not available for this version

- We noticed the navigation bar kept vanishing after looking at Origin Access subscription information so we super-glued its feet to the ground to keep it from running off
- We fumigated some DLC mites that knocked out a few plugs preventing Origin Access Basic members from adding the DAI DLC to their account
- We fixed a wonky plumbob that tipped over and prevented users logged in with a child account from viewing their The Sims 4 DLC
- Some gremlins moved things around causing the wrong messaging to display when trying to pre-download Battlefield V with Origin Access Premier. Our cryptozoologists wrangled them so our engineers could clean up their mess
- A tachyon surge caused a paradimensional rift to open, leaving some blank spaces on the Madden NFL 19 page. Both the portal and spaces have been closed
- Say goodbye to long load times and buggy results -’s filters now run on kyber crystals
- We had to clean up a bunch of necromorph corruption that clogged up the cogwheel when trying to upgrade games. We should have left that Unitology Marker where we found it

- We guess our linebackers got a little carried away but, don’t worry, the refs threw a flag so now nothing’s blocking your Play First Trial of Madden NFL 19
- Our cornerbacks caught and squashed a bug that was showing incorrect upgrade messaging
- We discovered and flattened a new species of insect, Refugium Decipio Aranea, that was putting out incorrect refund messaging
- We said ‘da svidania’ to some bugs causing issues with how Russian prices would display on
- It turns out that jittery feeling we got from launching Premier wasn’t just from us being excited; so we shook out digital ants from our proverbial pants
- Our last cleanup left behind some icky, sticky, pulpy bug goo that prevented purchasing here and there, but we got some really good squeegees and cleaned up everything
- We found some weird, six-legged beetle looking things that loved to chew on Tiberium pages causing them to 404. We did some fumigating and they’re gone now. Whoopie!
- Some ants got into our TOS links and moved a few characters around causing them to load incorrectly. After writing an angry letter to their queen the drones put things back and everything is working fine
- The Cloud Sync conflict error message had a little too much coffee causing it to overzealously pop up for some games. Don’t worry, we gave it a chill pill and now it’s working as it needs to
- Our engineers rubbed a magic lamp and asked a genie to nix some bugs preventing users from removing things from their wishlist
- We sprayed some pesticide on some creepy crawlies that made it hard to bundle titles here and there. Now you should be able to add bundled title purchases without any problems
- Our boots are super slimy after squashing a bunch of bugs that removed Premier specific Vault games from the Vault list
- We saw you were having trouble viewing your library after adding a Play First Trial and trying to see it in your collection. We found, caged and sent the insectoid culprit up river
- We called in a raid on all those bugs who crashed your Origin Access Premier party to better your good times

- We cleaned up a nest of bugs after they got into some lab equipment causing a slight telepod mix up that cronenberged a few employees. We got them sorted out - all good now!

- We know our game trailers want all your attention, but our screenshots were getting jealous. So now the arrows to slide from video to screenshots respond after you've clicked the “Watch the Trailer” button and want to peruse through a gallery
- Safari users can now add STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ to their wishlist to be ready for the day when they find a magic lamp or a special someone makes their wishes come true
- We've optimized our installation process to make it better…stronger…faster…less cluttered. Ok, mostly less cluttered
- Let your loved ones know they can sleep peacefully now that we’ve stomped on those creepy crawly bugs that webbed up some DLC and kept some downloads stuck at 0%. They mostly come at night. Mostly. Welp, not anymore
- If you experience the visual equivalent of a 4.5 on the Richter scale every time you tried to scroll down The Sims 4 Build Your Own Bundle page, we apologize. Our engineers have done some behind-the-scenes seismic reinforcement to keep those pages nice and stable from now on
- A knotty little bug was making it tricky to add the Unravel Two trial to your game library. It took some time to untangle, but we managed to weave together a solution
- Our +2 Sword of Bug Smiting got a good workout this week as we sent a bunch of those little pests to their just rewards. Now Origin looks better, runs smoother and takes you where you want to go faster. And we racked up some sweet XP - next level, here we come
- If you renewed your Origin Access membership recently you may have noticed that either or the Origin client wasn't getting the message…at least not without a reload. We've improved their communication skills so now they both recognize you as one of our awesome members - no reload required
- We've optimized some of our trial messaging so the right words get to the right people at the right time. It just seemed like the right thing to do

- The "Learn More" button for the FIFA 18 trial was super broken. Like take-you-to-an-Error-404-dead-end broken. Now it's super fixed. Like take-you-where-you-want-to-go fixed
- We thought you might want to scroll through the videos and images on the Play First Trial page so we fixed the buttons that will let you do that
- If you're an Origin Access member and you tried to play a Vault game offline recently you may have seen a "Your membership has ended" message. It hasn't, so we turned that off. Sorry if we accidentally spiked your blood pressure there
- Warning messages only work if you see them. Now we've made sure you can. So the next time you try to download a game to a full hard drive or invalid folder, you'll know why and what to do about it
- Did you feel a great disturbance in Origin? As if dozens of bugs suddenly cried out in terror and were just as suddenly silenced? That was entirely thanks to our brilliant engineers and not that huge space st-…we mean, moon. Definitely a moon

- Do you have DLC hanging around on your wishlist that shouldn't still be there? And did you only find out about it because friends told you that they can see it but can't gift it to you? Were you deeply confused? Not gonna' lie, we were too, so we spent some time investigating and fixing this weird little bug and now the DLC you already own won't be cluttering up your wishlist anymore
- We noticed that extra content in the download queue just kept right on downloading even after the base game had been uninstalled. We admired their never-say-die attitude, but this was going a bit too far. From now on if you uninstall a game the DLC downloads are canceled immediately
- Mac users who've tried to install the client recently have spoken of a restless spirit lingering on their screens. This helper tool "Permission Required" pop-up stubbornly refused all attempts to dismiss it. Luckily, we've reworked the summoning spell on that particular apparition so now instead of haunting your screen for all eternity, it can be banished with the simple click of a button

- Are you an Origin Access member? Would you like to know that there is a higher edition of one of your games in The Vault? Yeah, we thought you might, so we fixed a problem that caused our "Oh hey, you can upgrade your game" messages to disappear
- We've made some site stability improvements so now when a web browser process crashes it won't take Origin In-Game navigation out with it. Yay stability!
- If you signed into Origin recently with a 4K resolution display you may have asked yourself questions like, "Where has the navigation gone?" and "Why is everything so big?" Turns out our system was accidentally doubling up on zoom, so we dialed that back to normal and quietly filed away our plans to design and build a shrink ray...for now

- Origin Access members who bought Sims packs recently may have noticed our system prompting them to buy the base game too…even though it's already in The Vault. Sorry about that. From now on, no more sales pitches for games members can download and play whenever they want
- We'd like to let everyone who received the error message "We can't seem to find that gift" know that we have, in fact, found the gifts. A hamster-based gift delivery system may not have been our wisest choice. We've learned our lesson - it's squirrels for us from now on
- The Details button on game extra content is working once more. Now you can read all the words. All of them.
- Our notification assembly line was getting jammed up when players were unlocking more than 3 achievements at a time. We built it a nice new queue to keep things humming along smoothly from now on
- The Origin Helper service has been a little less than helpful recently, at least on PCs. Switching it on in Application Settings seemed to work, it even showed a nice little message saying it was working, but without a client restart it was all an illusion. Fortunately, our team saw through the smoke and mirrors and got that slacker back on the job - no restart required
- Clicking "Cancel" on a window shouldn't cause your download queue to have a complete panic attack and get jammed up. Unfortunately, that's exactly what was happening to our Mac users who tried to download games requiring external installation applications. After a little work (and a lot of therapy) the download queue is calm, cool and working normally again

- The download manager needed some serious attention this week: the progress bar wasn't displaying properly for games with progressive installation, some of the controls weren't clearly labeled and if you made your Origin client window very small the download manager would shove the profile tile on top of the notifications tile. The bar's been tweaked, we used our label maker to take care of the buttons and gave the download manager a stern talking-to about respecting others' personal space
- You can now resize Origin chat windows when they're popped out, instead of having to accept whatever default size they feel like being that day
- Have your text-to-speech messages sounded alittlelikethisrecently? It's hard to hear anything when people are talking too fast or interrupting each other, so we've slowed things down a bit. Now messages should sound more like a conversation and less like an auction
- Now the Origin installation window shows off more recent games in its image loop, because we love our children and want to brag about them

- If you tried to purchase BioWare DLC recently you weren't seeing double - our system was duplicating purchases. The glitch has been fixed, but if you believe you were affected please visit and click "Contact Us" to speak to one of our advisors
- Origin will now run in the background on system start-up - that means it can sign you in, install updates and more without throwing a sign-in or update window in your face
- Origin no longer turns game art in your library into gray blocks when you load a game (because it thought you weren't looking)
- After broadcasting on Twitch you might want to grab a snack or take out the trash before someone reminds you *again*. In the past, when you tried to change your status from "Online" to "Away" Origin wouldn't let you. We've addressed its separation anxiety, so feel free to go do what you need to do. And can you grab us a soda while you're up?
- Origin is supposed to sign you into the Origin forums automatically when you visit from the client, but for a while, it was making you sign in manually out of paranoia and/or laziness. Whichever it was, we fixed it
- When you earn a bunch of achievements you probably want to know it. Unfortunately, our notification system gave up after telling you about just one. We hung a few motivational posters around the office, gave the system a good old-fashioned pep talk and it's now brimming with team spirit. It can't wait to tell you all about every last one of your latest achievements
- You might've noticed that scrolling on Origin with your Mac trackpad has…been…a…little…slow. Well, we noticed too and gave the scrollbars an espresso or two. They're moving a whole lot faster now
- The old "one to open, one to keep in the box" rule doesn't really apply to digital games, so we figure when you buy the same game twice it's a mistake. Now Origin knows that too, so it stops you if you accidentally try to buy a lower edition of a game you already own
- What do Ouija boards, the Voyager space probes and our game invite system have in common? All three were attempting to reach the unknown. We can't be sure about ghosts, or aliens, but we do know that offline players absolutely can't join your game, no matter how many times you invite them. Now the system knows it too

- We geared up and went full exterminator on bugs of all sorts - bugs that rearranged pages, broke buttons, twisted up text or just wouldn't let you do what you wanted to do. We squished them all with extreme prejudice

- Now you can see if your friends are online or not even if their real name appears on your friends list, because apparently, Origin couldn't handle that level of intimacy for a while
- The scroll bar on download queues seemed to get stuck going in only one direction. We added the coding equivalent of a little WD-40 and now it's back to moving up and down smoothly
- If you've poked, prodded, tapped and jabbed at the "Add to Order" button on our bundles page to no avail, we apologize. Now if you try to add a bundle to your order from your phone or touchscreen device, a single, gentle touch should suffice
- Now you can shut your PC down normally even when Origin is on the sign-in page without bringing the whole process to a screeching halt
- The download option went AWOL in some users' game libraries. We sent out the MPs, gave it an official reprimand and now it's back on duty
- Searching for a game with a number in its title briefly deleted the "View All in your Game Library" option. Now it's fixed and you can marathon every single Ultima game with ease

- Has your Mac been running a little rough on Origin lately? We've made it easier for you to share diagnostic information with our advisors so they can pop the hood, take a look and get you back to your games faster! Just click Help and select the Origin Error Reporter to get started
- Some Origin Access members have reported missing extra content info in their game libraries. Fortunately, the descriptions and game images have been found safe and sound and returned to their rightful owners
- As long as you didn't own a particular game (say, Extreme Space Ping Pong: Revelations), you could buy the same DLC pack for that game (say, ESPPR DLC Hat Pack) over and over again ad infinitum. We figured that was not, in fact, a thing you wanted to do, so now you can only buy that pack for yourself once
- It's the thought that counts, but we figure you still want to actually get your Origin gifts, so we fixed the button that lets you download them
- Origin on Mac used to get groggy and require a restart if your system went to sleep for more than 15 minutes. We gave it a few shots of espresso to wake it up
- Origin used to pretend that everything was under control when it got a cloud sync error and wouldn't tell you about the problem. It's more open and communicative now
- Triangles are awesome, one of our all-time favorite shapes. But they're not so great when they block half your window. Especially when you're trying to play some of the SteamWorld games. We've…ironed this issue out
- Need for Speed Payback fans, The House hasn't been messing with your cloud saves. That was on us, sorry. Now you should be able to get back to your cartel-fighting, street racing and car chases without any more cloud save problems
- Origin now actually accepts MyCard like it was supposed to all along, instead of replying to MyCard purchases with a cryptic error
- Our game invites wouldn't take "Yes" for an answer and stuck around way longer than they should have. We told them you don't have to go home but you can't stay here
- If you were trying to buy some Need for Speed Payback Speed Points and you got nothing but red lights you'll be happy to hear the fast lane is now re-opened. Hit the gas and grab all the Speed Points you want
- You used to be able to set your Origin in-game menu shortcut to just Shift...and then open and close the menu over and over again by typing normally. Whoops. Unplugged that one
- Steamworld Dig is a good-looking game, and now your fans can see that for themselves because Origin doesn't display a black screen when you try to stream it anymore
- Some of our extra content has not only been budging to the front of the download queue, they're also making it tough to then download the base game. We took care of that because it's all about that base, 'bout that base, 'bout that base game
- You didn't really need to see that download start, did you? That's what Origin thought, so it would bring you back to the top of the page any time you clicked 'Download' on a tile in your game library. Now it lets you stick around

- Change log not available for this version

- If you right-click on the Origin icon in the systems tray, you expect it to do something even if you’re offline, right? Well, it didn’t use to but now it does. That’s fixed and will no longer disappoint your clicking expectations
- When the language was set to Japanese, the Origin installer would get a case of the hiccups and display Chinese characters instead of Japanese. We snuck up behind it and scared it. Hiccups cured
- The center of the screen is no place for the friends list, so we had the Origin In-Game overlay slide it over to the right, to the right
- There was an issue where the Great Game Guarantee refund period would start once you installed a game, rather than the first time you play it. No more false starts here
- Sims thrive in communities. So it helps that some Sims product pages are no longer missing the community creation section
- We explained to the search bar that games don’t just pop into existence when pre-orders start, so now you’ll find games that aren't on sale yet if you go searching
- We fixed the screenshot viewer so it disappears when it should instead of sticking around and being an attention hog
- You know how we sometimes have big, full-page announcements on Origin? They somehow made games from the Store disappear. Those games have returned with tales of strange, faraway servers
- The Invite button in the Invite Friends window was shy and use to hide off screen so nobody could socialize; we’ve moved it so it isn’t such a party-pooper anymore
- We stopped text from overlapping throughout Origin because you're not always in the mood for word puzzles
- We convinced the game rating hover that it isn't supposed to block the "Add to wishlist" and "Buy for myself" menu options. Yes, it's fine, we see you
- The Origin client used to play a lame prank where it would say you weren’t online even if you were. We told it to get better material
- We're working on vanquishing error 9:0 so Origin doesn’t go to pieces when it has to complete an installation or an update

- If you right-click on the Origin icon in the systems tray, you expect it to do something even if you’re offline, right? Well, it didn’t use to but now it does. That’s fixed and will no longer disappoint your clicking expectations
- When the language was set to Japanese, the Origin installer would get a case of the hiccups and display Chinese characters instead of Japanese. We snuck up behind it and scared it. Hiccups cured
- The center of the screen is no place for the friends list, so we had the Origin In-Game overlay slide it over to the right, to the right
- There was an issue where the Great Game Guarantee refund period would start once you installed a game, rather than the first time you play it. No more false starts here
- Sims thrive in communities. So it helps that some Sims product pages are no longer missing the community creation section

- We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better

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