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Otter is an advanced meeting assistant that can help users to automate a wide array of functions, including automatic transcription, capturing of meeting notes, keeping other participants informed, and help with highlighting notes, adding comments, assigning action items, and optimizing many aspects of the daily workflow in a dynamic way.

The app can easily be integrated into meetings done with 3rd party apps such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, but it can also facilitate direct communication from within this app. In addition to the wide array of features and services available in the premium subscription packages, Otter.ai App can also be enjoyed in its free tier of use that provides everyone with full recordings and real-time transcriptions of meetings, creation of takeaways, automated outlines, and more.

Otter Assistant integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet

It can be deployed on any modern Windows PC after the creation of a free account. Since the service is hosted fully in the cloud, PC users can access it most easily via a browser addon, or directly from within their favorite collaboration apps such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet. A free standalone app for iOS and Android devices is also offered on their respective app stores.
  • Automatically capture meeting notes
  • Find the information you need
  • Keep everyone informed and aligned
One of the advantages that Otter provides to its users is the ability for team members and students to skip unnecessary meetings, enabling them to boost their productivity while still remaining in touch via the automatic transcription features that this service provides. At any moment, users can access this service to refer to some specific moments in meetings, with built-in transcription listing, search feature, speaker identification, custom vocabulary, and even an advanced summary that can help everyone to get informed about the content of missed meetings.

What`s New

AI Meeting Assistant
Get automated meeting notes and summaries with action items using OtterPilot.

Otter AI Chat
Get answers and generate content like emails and status updates, using the power of Otter AI Chat across all your meetings.

AI Channels
Combine live conversations with async updates. Chat with Otter and teammates to get answers and drive projects forward.

Free Plan
  • [NEW] Otter AI Chat: Chat live with Otter and teammates, and get answers to meeting questions instantly
  • AI meeting assistant records, transcribes, captures slides, and generates summaries in real time
  • Joins Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet to automatically write and share notes
  • 300 monthly transcription minutes; 30 minutes per conversation; Import and transcribe 3 audio or video files lifetime
Business Plan - $20/m
  • Team features: shared custom vocabulary and speakers, assign action items to teammates
  • Import and transcribe pre-recorded audio or video files
  • Otter Assistant joins meetings when you are triple-booked
  • Admin features: usage analytics, centralized billing, prioritized support
  • 6000 monthly transcription minutes; 4 hours per conversation
With a wide array of features and integration into all popular collaborative apps, It represents an excellent solution for managing live meetings more smartly and efficiently in business, education, and all other forms of online collaborations.

Otter for Business
Get the most out of your meetings

Otter for Education
Help students and faculty succeed

Otter for Individuals
Real-time voice transcription for all

It can be used for free in its basic tier of use that can record and transcribe up to 300 monthly minutes (30 minutes per single conversation). Three other premium tiers (Pro, Business, and Enterprise) unlock a more comprehensive feature set for more demanding users.

My colleagues and I have Otter accounts. Can we switch to Business?

Yes! Sign into your account. Under Settings, select “Upgrade to Business” and follow the prompts.

  • NEW AI Features
  • Automated meeting notes
  • Integration with popular apps
  • Free tier with essential features
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Limited monthly transcription minutes
  • Advanced features in paid plans
  • Dependency on internet connection
Also Available: Download Otter for Mac