Work in the dark? Easily control your monitors' brightness with this app!


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Download PangoBright 2.1.0

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  • Latest Version:

    PangoBright 2.1.0 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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  • Author / Product:

    Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. / PangoBright

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PangoBright is a system utility that can help PC users of all knowledge levels to easily and reliably change the level of brightness on their monitor according to their preferences, balance the display light output in accordance with environmental lighting, and protect their eyesight when working with bright on-screen images and apps.

While laptop users usually have built-in hardware shortcuts (often tied to some combination of Fn + F1-12 keys), desktop PC users often have to dig deeper into their system configuration settings to even find out where the brightness controls are located. For the majority of PCs, this procedure includes activating the graphics configuration app that comes together with the GPU drivers from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. And all of that is needed for just one change. If the user wants to switch back to the old brightness level it has to repeat it all.

PangoBright for Windows PC is built from the ground up to be as easy for use as possible. This application manages to introduce commands for switching display brightness levels directly on the desktop taskbar. The app is so lightweight that it actually comes as a bare EXE file with a size of a bit over 100KB, without an installer or even being packaged into a compressed archive. The app can be stored anywhere on the local storage and run, after which it will find a home near the system clock in the taskbar.

By simply clicking on its icon in the form of the stylized letter “P”, a small popup window will appear, showcasing the desired brightness level of the display between 20% and 100% in the steps of 10 percent. Changing the brightness level is done via a tasteful transition, which can be customized a bit by picking the desired color. The minimum brightness cannot go below 20% and the app features no other customization features. It’s simple, fast, resource-light, and can be used on any modern PC and laptop.

While the Pango Bright app is not the only app with this kind of functionality, it offers just enough simple procedures for managing display brightness that it can be safely used by anyone. The only negative aspect of the app is that it completely lacks any support for keyboard shortcuts. PangoBright is 100% FREE and can be used not only on all modern versions of Windows OS but also legacy PC rigs running Windows XP.

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