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PC App Store

PC App Store

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PC App Store is a free online application created by the online giant Baidu to help users from all around the world easily, quickly, and without any hassle discover, download, and keep up-to-date applications on their Windows OS.

With UI intended to be used by everyone from complete novices to seasoned PC technicians, the Baidu PC App Store represents an excellent way to populate and maintain your suite of Windows applications. To simplify life with potentially hundreds of installed apps, PC App Store incorporates a fully featured Uninstaller tool that will automatically handle the removal of all of its apps.

The user interface of the app promotes easy discovery of new apps, with built-in management tools for downloading, keeping apps up-to-date, sorting, and installing programs. In addition to programs from many categories (including browsers, video and audio apps, system utilities, desktop apps, security tools, education, office applications, CD&DVD tools, desktop background tools, and many others), this app can also be used for downloading of free, shareware, demo or commercial video games.

To enable easier management of already installed apps, The Software Store can run quietly in the background and scan your software, immediately notifying you when it detects outdated apps and presenting you with an easy one-click solution for upgrades. Log of all your actions in the Baidu App Store is saved on your local storage, enabling you easy way to view your past actions and identify precisely when you have made software changes on your PC. This can be very useful in situations when you need to determine what caused your PC to experience instabilities, crashes, or data loss.

Installation and Use

It can be installed in mere seconds on all modern versions of Windows OS. It can easily run even on very old PC configurations, and it does not require much computing resources when it is in use.

User Interface of the app is focused on simplicity and ease of use. The main dashboard screen features a list of the most popular “Hot Apps”, a list of the most downloaded apps, easy access to the search function, and a separate “Game Center” listing where you can find gaming apps.  Navigation through the app can be done via Search Bar on the top right, or with 5 main Tab icons in the top Grey area of the app. Those tabs are Home, Game Center, Wallpaper, Update, and Uninstall. To make you more at ease when updating your apps to a newer version, the PC programs store will showcase the percentage of its users that have accepted an upgrade to the latest versions.

Features and Highlights
  • All-in-one-place for all your software needs – Discover, install, manage, keep up to date, and uninstall PC apps with ease.
  • Secure app marketplace – Discover trusted and award-winning apps made by developers from all around the world. All listed apps are tested for security, trustworthiness, and quality.
  • Use up-to-date apps – Get automatically notified when any of your apps receive an update from developers.
  • Free and user-friendly app store.
  • Wide variety of app categories.
  • Includes an uninstaller tool.
  • Background app scanning for updates.
  • Logs software changes for troubleshooting.
  • Quick installation and low system resource usage.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Highlights popular and downloaded apps.
  • Secure and trusted app marketplace.
  • Automatic update notifications.
  • This product is not developed actively anymore
  • Limited customization options.
  • May not always have the latest software versions.
  • Requires an internet connection for app discovery.

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