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Phototastic Collage

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    Phototastic Collage 3.27.25 LATEST

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    Sophia Jones

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Thumbmunkeys Ltd. / External Link

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Phototastic Collage is a streamlined and easy to use collage editor that can help anyone to create fantastic looking collages in minutes. Built from the ground up to provide users with the incredible amount of choice, It can help you create a fun collage no matter if you want it to look fun, professional, classic, kid-friendly, or totally chaotic, with a wide array of tools, stickers, and effects suitable for an unlimited amount of variations.

In the addition to the wide selection of clipart stickers, grid patterns, backgrounds, collage styles, photo effects, frames, and various tools for editing every element of the photos you are importing, this app also features built-in management of collages, quick start area that can help you with getting up to speed with collage creation, and in-game shop with a wide array of free and premium images you can use to enhance the look of your collages. If you want, you can even import your images in realtime by snapping your own selfies with the built-in webcam support.

Originally released in 2014, Phototastic Collage has grown tremendously into a fully-featured collage editor that can be used by users of all knowledge levels. Its wide array of tools and flexibility of work is well suited for kids and students, home users and professionals, even enabling the creation of great-looking collages that can be immediately shared online as a part of your portfolio, personal website, or even work projects.

Installation and Use

Phototastic Collage can be installed in mere seconds by clicking on the “Get” button in Microsoft Store, which will start the procedure of downloading this sub-100 MB collage editor to your PC, laptop, or tablet. The app fully supports mobile ARM processors as well and can be used effortlessly with a touch interface, which is optimized for easy navigation through various segments of collage editing, dragging, and dropping of layers, effects, and image-editing tools.

The main screen of the app is separated into three areas – Quickstart (where you can start with the new creation, and import photos that you want to include in your next collage), Shop (where you can find both free and premium stock photos in many different categories) and Your Creations. The process of creating a new collage is fairly straightforward, enabling you to start with the aspect ratio of the final image, tweak the core design of the collage (with highly customizable grids or frames), add layers (for example stickers in form of shapes or clipart), and effects (basic, retro, artistic, black & white, and others).

After you are done, the final collage is transported to the “your creations” area of the main screen, where you can access it and export it whenever you want.

Be aware that Phototastic Collage is translated to only 8 international languages, but because of its streamlined interface and straightforward tools, it can easily be used even without relying on official translation to your language.

Features and Highlights
  • All-in-one solution for creating collages on Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  • Hundreds of built-in templates that can suit your every need.
  • Streamlined interface.
  • A wide array of customization options.
  • Support for stickers, image effects, grid styles, frames, backgrounds, and more.
  • Large online shop with an incredible variety of free and premium stock images.
  • FREE for use!

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