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PowerPoint Mobile

PowerPoint Mobile

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PowerPoint Mobile is an official viewer application from the Microsoft Office team that allows all users of Windows 10/11 to effortlessly open and view presentations created by the fully-featured versions of PowerPoint editor. Offered for free, this application is especially useful for users who just want to have a fast and reliable way to open PowerPoint presentation files, both at home, school, and work.

However, in order to unlock any tools for editing and saving changes inside this app, users are required to purchase a valid license to Office 365 cloud service offered by Microsoft. Even then, users are recommended to switch to the fully-featured cloud or local version of PowerPoint that has access to a full offering of tools and services needed to make presentation slides of all styles and complexities.

While PowerPoint Mobile can be run on Windows 10/Windows 11, this application was primarily made to enable mobile users on Windows smartphones and tablets with up to 10.1” display size to open and view PowerPoint files. The user interface of the app is optimized for touch-friendly displays, with larger buttons and simplified gestures that anyone can quickly learn.

As part of the Office 365 offering, this app comes with full support for cloud sharing and syncing on OneDrive and is fully enabled with Continuum service that automatically syncs open files between supported platforms.

  • Rehearse and present from your phone or tablet.
  • Draw on your slides while you present to emphasize key points.
  • Get to your files from anywhere, thanks to integration with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Dropbox.
  • Don't worry about saving. When you edit on your tablet or phone, PowerPoint saves your work so you don't have to.
  • Share your presentations with a few taps, and invite others to review them.
  • Work as a team and edit presentations with others at the same time.
  • Find the right command fast. Tell Me takes you to the feature you need.
  • Use your phone as a PC to edit and review presentations on a large screen.
  • Jump-start your projects with beautifully designed themes.
  • Use familiar, rich formatting features to tell your story.
  • Presentation design and layout stay pristine and look great—no matter what device you use.
One of the most common use case scenarios for PowerPoint Mobile is rehearsing. By simply putting this FREE application on a laptop and compatible mobile phone or tablet, users have an instant way to open their important presentation files and rehearse before stepping into the business meeting or school test.

PowerPoint Mobile for Windows PC is distributed online only via its official Microsoft Store page where users can download it by simply clicking on one button. The app is around 170MB in size and only requires an active Office 365 subscription to unlock a generous set of tools for editing presentations, highlighting text, add and format text, edit slides in a real-time collaborative environment, with full support for automatic cloud saving, syncing and sharing.

PowerPoint Mobile is FREE and can be downloaded only on Windows 10 or Windows 11. In addition to English, this app is also localized to more than 40 international languages.