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R-Undelete recovers files on any local disk it recognizes including HDD, SSD, USB/NVME storage devices, memory cards, virtual disks, and undamaged RAIDs and Windows Storage Spaces. The new, redesigned R-Undelete wizard-style interface oriented more for beginners in data recovery meets the highest standards in the software development industry and makes the product an easy-to-use yet powerful and fast file undelete solution even for corrupt FAT, exFS, NTFS and ReFS file systems.

R-Undelete Screenshot 1

Automatic pre-sorting of found files to the file type tabs and sorting files by their names, paths, sizes, or dates beside the file mask matching provides R-Undelete users with the most versatile and comprehensive file search possible.

The cutting-edge file viewer supports a wide range of file formats including Adobe Acrobat pdf, Microsoft Office documents doc, xls, ppt (Office 97-2003), docx, xlsx, pptx, graphic files ( see the list ), video and audio files (all files are supported if the proper codec is installed on the system) and allows the user to view the contents of a deleted file before it is recovered. The swift and robust algorithm for Known File Types scanning (raw file recovery) and file system processing is adapted for multi-core processing and prevents the program from freezing and crashing in critical situations as well as optimizes memory usage for large disk scanning.

It's a powerful file undelete solution with a neat wizard-style interface for Windows OS users to recover files even from damaged and/or deleted partitions on the same level as the highly-rated R-Studio with the exception of some special data recovery features like damaged RAID reconstruction, Hex editing and recovery over Network.

Features and Highlights
  • Recovers NTFS compressed, encrypted files and alternative data streams
  • Recognizes localized names
  • Recovers files on damaged or deleted partitions
  • Dynamic disk support
  • Image file creation
  • Standard Windows Explorer-style interface
  • Files previewing
Note: Lost files search on the NTFS and ReFS file systems is fully functional for files under 256KB in size.

  • R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180011 Screenshots

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    R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180011 Screenshot 1
  • R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180011 Screenshot 2
  • R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180011 Screenshot 3
  • R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180011 Screenshot 4
  • R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180011 Screenshot 5

What's new in this version:

R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180011
- It was impossible to specify paths for recovered and other files on the portable version

R-Undelete 6.7 Build 180009
- Change log not available for this version

R-Undelete 6.6 Build 175721
New features
- A completely overhauled file previewer which can now show picture tiles and first frames of video files as icons, and supports a large number of video/audio/graphic/document file formats. These files can now be played back without their respective applications installed.
- Estimation of chances for successful file recovery
- Recovery of names and paths for files deleted to Recycle Bin and Trash
- Support for ReFS 3.4 file system

- Folder tree reconstruction has been improved for supported file systems
- Memory usage has been optimized and debugged
- The parsing and reconstruction of the FAT32 and NTFS file systems has been improved

- The program may sometimes have crashed when opening heavily corrupted file systems. Fixed
- R-Undelete may have temporally frozen when opening an NTFS partition with many compressed files. Fixed
- The program may have opened some partitions with large numbers of files for a long time. Fixed
- Existing files may have been shown as deleted in cross-linked folders on FAT32 partitions. Fixed
- Sometimes the program may have crashed or frozen during file enumeration and disk scan. Fixed

R-Undelete 6.5 Build 170927
- NTFS file system parsing has been improved.

- Byte-to-bite images (.disk) could not be opened. Fixed.
- Non-resident symlink parsing on NTFS devices may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Minor parsing bugs for the NTFS file system have been fixed.
- Minor bugs in the video file preview have been fixed.

R-Undelete 6.5 Build 170757
- Many cosmetic bug-fixes.
- If a file mask was applied to graphic files in the graphic file view, some dummy files may have appeared when the program returned to the tile view. Fixed.