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Right Click Enhancer

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  -  3.9 MB  -  Freeware
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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    RBSoft Inc. / Right Click Enhancer

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Right Click Enhancer helps you take total control over your right-click menu! Right Click Enhancer lets you add, edit or remove right-click menu entries inside Internet Explorer. You can edit the file icon, description shown under files and other aspects using the app. For people who like to get the feel of editing the right-click menu!

You can save all your customizations to a registry file, which can then be applied to other PCs. Install Right Click Enhancer on one Windows PC, reproduce the results on as many PCs as you like! Support for a lifetime by email and support forum. The professional version is probably cheaper than the time you save by using this application.

Can I change the order of the right-click menu entries? No, You can't change the order of the existing right-click menu entries. You can only change the order of the right-click menu entries added into submenu created by Right Click Shortcuts Creator.

Features and Highlights

Add Useful Shortcuts
It lets you add applications, files, and folder shortcuts to right click menu leading to cleaner and more organized desktop. You can also create submenus inside right click menu so your right-click menu will never look messy.

Edit Right Click Menu
When you install a new application on your PC some of them adds new options in your right click menu. While these entries provide a quick way to use the application, not all users find it useful. Right Click Editor tool of this application allows you to remove or disable these types of unwanted right-click menu options.

Copy Files Faster
You can add new files and folder shortcuts to send to the menu using the tool, that will help you copy stuff to folders faster. Just right click on the file and use send to the menu to copy it to that location. You can also use Copy to folder and Move to folder to copy or move items quickly.

Edit new menu
You can add new file types or remove old ones from the new menu using Right ClickEnhancer. You can even add file types with default content so next time when you create that type of file using a new menu, you will get a file with that content already present.

Add useful options
You can add some useful options to the right-click menu like the famous God Mode option that brings all the configuration options of Windows in one place. There are plenty of options like this that can help you create files and folders list of a directory, take ownership of multiple files and folders easily, and many other productivity tweaks.

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