Run a desktop program with the specified date/time for Windows PC

RunAsDate (32-bit)

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Download RunAsDate 1.41 (32-bit)

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What's new in this version:

RunAsDate 1.41 (32-bit)
You can now attach to a process from command-line. You can specify the process filename or process ID, for example:
- RunAsDate.exe 25\04\2005 17:12:15 Attach:Outlook.exe
- RunAsDate.exe 25\04\2005 17:12:15 Attach:2756

RunAsDate 1.40 (32-bit)
- Added 'Attach To Process' option. Before using this feature

RunAsDate 1.37 (32-bit)
- Fixed bug: RunAsDate failed to work properly when using the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions in the same time
- Also, the DLL file of RunAsDate is now deleted automatically when you close the main window of RunAsDate (If it's not locked)

RunAsDate 1.36 (32-bit)
- Added 'Run As Administrator' button to easily run RunAsDate as Administrator. You have to run RunAsDate as Administrator when the program you want to run with RunAsDate requires elevation

RunAsDate 1.35 (32-bit)
- RunAsDate now displays an error message if you try to run 32-bit program with 64-bit version of RunAsDate or 64-bit program with 32-bit version of RunAsDate
- RunAsDate now displays an error message if it fails to run the specified .exe file
- RunAsDate now also intercepts the NtQuerySystemTime and GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime API functions
- RunAsDate now also intercepts the date/time functions on kernelbase.dll (in addition to kernel32.dll). This change solves the issue with cmd.exe on Windows 10 (it uses the APIs on kernelbase.dll )

RunAsDate 1.31 (32-bit)
- Fixed bug: When a program executed with RunAsDate requested to get the current time in GMT (GetSystemTime and GetSystemTimeAsFileTime API), RunAsDate provided the wrong time with a difference of one hour if the computer date was in summer (With daylight saving time) but the selected RunAsDate date was in winter (Without daylight saving time) and vice versa...

RunAsDate 1.30 (32-bit)
- Added option to set the date/time relative to the current time. You can add (positive number) or subtract (negative number) the following time units: seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.
- Added 'Start in folder' option.
- RunAsDate now saves the last settings to config file (RunAsDate.cfg)

RunAsDate 1.21 (32-bit)
- Fixed bug with 'Move the time forward according to the real time' option: After around 7 minutes from the time that the application was started, RunAsDate failed to calculate the time properly

RunAsDate 1.20 (32-bit)
- Added 'Return to the current date/time after xx seconds' option

RunAsDate 1.16 (32-bit)
- Fixed bug: RunAsDate removed a quote character when using it in the {Program parameters} section of the command-line string

RunAsDate 1.15 (32-bit)
- Fixed RunAsDate to work properly on Windows 8 64-bit

RunAsDate 1.11 (32-bit)
- Added Drag & Drop support: You can now choose the .exe file to run by dragging it from Explorer into the main window of RunAsDate

RunAsDate 1.10 (32-bit)
- Added auto complete support in the filename field
- Added x64 version

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