SourceTree provides a graphical interface for your Hg and Git repositories


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    SourceTree 3.4.17 LATEST

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    Daniel Leblanc

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Atlassian / External Link

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SourceTree is a fast and easy way to work with Git and Mercurial. Easily utilize both distributed version control systems from one application. Work with your GitHub, Bitbucket, and Kiln accounts without leaving the application. It also works with Subversion servers too! Atlassian has acquired SourceTree, and it is now free for a limited time!

Full-powered DVCS
Say goodbye to the command line – use the full capability of Git and Mercurial in the SourceTree desktop app. Manage all your repositories, hosted or local, through the tool's simple interface.

Perfect for newcomers
Simplify DVCS for your team. The app can bring everyone up to speed with Git and Mercurial. Create, clone, commit, push, pull, merge, and more are all just a click away.

Powerful enough for experts
Make advanced Git and Mercurial devs even more productive. Review your outgoing and incoming changesets, cherry-pick between branches, patch handling, rebase, stash, shelve, and much more.

Git-flow and Hg-flow out of the box
Use Git-flow and Hg-flow with ease. Keep your repositories cleaner and your development more efficient with Source Tree's intuitive interface to Git and Hg's 'branchy' development model. A consistent development process, right out of the box!

Note: Requires .NET Framework.

Also Available: Download SourceTree for Mac

  • SourceTree 3.4.17 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

- Can't revert committed merge
- "Amend latest commit" checkbox is not ticked if replacing commit message is declined
- (Ctrl + Enter) shortcut doesn't work anymore (commit the changes)
- Tab name is different from the repository name for the bookmarks in a folder
- Commit merge conflict modified message periodically lost / reset to an earlier version
- Sourcetree and Sourcetree Enterprise show deleted feature branches from Bitbucket Server
- Clicking on a stash no longer shows the changed files or diffs

- Changed: Update embedded Git to 2.43.0

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