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  -  413.21 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version

    SplitCam 10.7.32 LATEST

  • Review by

    Sophia Jones

  • Operating System

    Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11

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    SplitCam Team / External Link

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SplitCam is powerful stream studio broadcaster software. With SplitCam you can stream directly to, Youtube, Facebook and e.t.c. at the same time, with minimum CPU load... and also you can add webcam, screen, game or many cool effects to your video stream.

Additionally SplitCam is the easiest way to split your webcam to several programs like Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger at the same time.

The name of the program consists of two words – Split and Camera. Why it’s so? The answer is very simple. Initially the program was designed to solve a problem with exclusive using of webcam by applications in Windows operating system. If you are not aware of this problem try to connect your webcam to Skype and right after this connect the webcam to Facebook Messenger.

Stream video to few stream channels at the same time, from your HD camera and other video sources, without video quality loss. Feel free to use your webcam in several applications without receiving “webcam busy” error. Believe your webcam can do more!. Mix audio sources (mic, audio file, etc.) in one audio stream. With Split Cam, your webcam will work in a new way!

Features and Highlights

HD video broadcast
Stream video from your HD camera without video quality loss. Select needed resolution manually.

Video splitting
Feel free to use your webcam in several applications without receiving “webcam busy” error.

Realistic 3D Masks
Replace whole your head with some 3D object. Just imagine virtual elephant or some other animal.

All popular services support
Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Camfrog, Youtube and more…

Streaming to popular services, Livestream, Ustream, Facebook, Youtube Live, Periscope and other services in few clicks and using all features.

Zoom video feature
Zoom your video in the app and stream only needed part of it.

  • SplitCam 10.7.32 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

- Logged in user name is now displayed in stream settings dialog
- Clicking Logged in user message in Stream Settings dialog takes you to the user's stream channel on corresponding web page
- Added BGRA format support for NDI sources
- Added Accentuate micriphone option for a microphone audio source to reduce volume of other audio sources whenever the microphone detects audio input. Please note, that microphone in current version detects not only user's voice but any sound, so it is best to use this option while wearing a headset.
- Added shadow button to source control bar for text layers
- Added new method of capturing display screen: Windows Graphics Capture
- New video effect: Spotlight. Find it in Effects' dialog Artistic category
- Added optional authentication and automatic stream key retrieval for Google and Twitch streams
- Added Scene Control Bar in addition to Source Control Bar. It is visible under the Scene when no layer is selected. Currently it has just a single control: Zoom button.
- Zoom control added to Source Control Bar

- YouTube video resolution changed to Variable to support multiple stream resolutions
- Better quality for recording videos
- Changed the way of searching for NDI sources in local network
- Audio volume indicators optimizations: processor load during volume controls update was significantly reduced
- NDI version updated to v5.6
- Program optimizations to prevent unresponsive UI when many audio sources are added to a scene
- Don't show settings dialog for those layers that have no settings
- Dynamically update layer display name in layer settings dialog
- Show and updated layer name in layer effect dialog
- When renaming a video layer also rename a corresponding audio layer and vice versa
- Source Settings dialog controls unified in regard to user interface
- Speed up a bit UI reaction to successful authentication by changing the order of processing events in the browser
- Cherry.TV server updated
- Optimized and fixed rebuilding source sontrol bar on layer selection
- Hide yellow border in window capture. Only works in Windows OS versions released after May, 2018
- Delete browser cache older than 1 month
- Update source control bar when a selected layer is deleted
- Fastest ingest server execution time optimizations
- Fatest ingest server is now being searched in background and the result is cached for faster retreival during current session
- Added recursive cache deletion when deleting stream settings
- Added loader placeholder picture for NDI sources

- Fixed non-repainting audio list items
- Fixed the issue when microphone stops working after the scene is paused and then resumed
- Fixed bug with screen capture open from loading project thread
- Fixed Text Source effects preview
- Source control bar frame fixed at 100% windows monitor scaling
- Added handling and fixed bugs with source control bar when selected layer is deleted
- Addressed some issues when pausing/resuming scenes and sources
- Verify installer package after downloading a new version update
- Account for bad internet connection while downloading online resources. With this change we also account for incomplete downloads during automatic program update.

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