The Play-To-Earn Blockchain NFT Farming Game for PC

Town Star

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    Town Star - Play to Earn Farming Game LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Gala Games Team / Town Star

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Town Star is a F2P farming simulation manager for Windows PC that aims to provide users a better and improved experience when compared to the planetary hit Farmville. In fact, this title was developed by the group of ex-Zynga developers who have worked on that famous title, bringing with them not only all the experience and valuable insights but also a new approach in simulation games that are provided by the power of the decentralized blockchain server network and player-led economy.

Yes, Town Star is a farming game that is powered by GALA Blockchain, which enables players to own their land plots, engage in meaningful trades, and opportunity to win many valuable cash prizes by just playing.

One of the greatest attractions of Townstar game is its visual presentation and streamlined gameplay, which enables PC players to instantly become deeply engaged in this simulation title. After creating a free account, players are encouraged to pick a location on the world map (which mimics the landmass of North America, divided into the hundreds of stylized plots of land) where they will start building their farm.

The location of Town Star for Windows PC is pretty significant, since the presence of nearby water, forests, deserts, and farmable plains can have its own set of pros and cons, making each plot of land a unique challenge. After that, players are presented with a 15x15 plot of land where they can start building their farm structures, roads, clear space for farming, and slowly start investing in more and more ambitious farming projects. One of the core resources that players will initially have to manage very carefully is gasoline cans, which is a resource that is needed for powering trucks carrying farm goods for sale.

During the course of the game, players will need to manage farming any type of goods, hiring and jobs of farmworkers, and much more. One of the interesting gameplay systems is “shade” – the tendency of farm structures to cause nearby crops and resource-gathering buildings such as windmills to operate with reduced productivity. So choose carefully where to place your farm buildings.

Town Star is distributed on PC via a native Windows OS app that runs great even on older desktop and laptop PCs. As of the time of writing this review, Town Star was released only as a PC game app, without an official mobile port.

Also Available: Download Town Star for Mac

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