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TrendSpider is an advanced market trading platform built to provide its users top-of-the-line technical analysis for making more efficient, smarter, and informed trading decisions. Established in 2016, this automated AI technical analysis service has attracted considerable attention from the worldwide financial audience that was attracted by a new type of chart this platform offered - Raindrop Chart.

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This new chart allows to observe and extract valuable insights from the flow of volume and price of assets. Since its appearance on the market, Raindrop Chart has become one of the popular new ways to visualize changes in stock markets. It can handle reporting on Stocks, Currencies, Digital Assets, Futures, Commodities, Indices, ETFs, and more data feeds.

The core of TrendSpider for Windows PC offerings is its advanced dashboard manager that can provide not only valuable insights into the state of worldwide markets but also quick access to a wide array of tools.

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This includes service for customization and automation of analysis algorithms, a comprehensive set of analysis tools that can generate on-demand charts and reports in under 60 seconds, access to a complete overview of markets and trends that are based on pure data, tools for picking the best times for making trades, and much more.
  • Market Scanner
  • Smart Charts & Automated Analysis
  • Proprietary Raindrop™ Charts on Any Asset or Timeframe
  • Analyst Ratings, Seasonality and Benzinga® News in Asset Insights
  • Backtesting with Strategy Tester
  • Dynamic & Multi-Factor Alerts
All in all, Trend Spider is a comprehensive market analysis tool that can help serious financial users and businesses to avoid making expensive analysis mistakes. It does not base its reporting on the bias of famous market analysts, social influence, emotion, or other non-tangible effects. It focuses on real-world market data and presents its findings in an incredibly effective way.

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Features and Highlights
  • Real-time Data
  • US Stocks & ETFs
  • Currencies
  • Digital Assets
  • OTC/Pink-sheet Stocks
  • Indices
  • Futures
  • After hours/pre-market
  • Smallest Timeframe
  • Charting
  • Backtesting
  • Automated Analysis
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Dynamic Alerts
  • Multi-Factor Alerts
  • Min. Scanner Timeframe
  • Manual Drawing
  • Logarithmic Scale
  • Anchored Indicators
  • Auto-Anchoring Capabilities
  • Automated Fibonaccis
  • Candlestick Pattern
  • Benzinga® News Feed
  • Analyst Ratings Data
  • Dividends Data
  • Asset Seasonality
  • Strategy Tester
  • Long-term Backtesting
  • Intraday Backtesting
  • Training
  • And many more!
TrendSpider can be accessed from any modern internet browser on desktop and laptop PCs, and via official iOS/Android applications when on the go. The service supports a free 7-day TRIAL license, after which users will have to pick one of the three paid license tiers – Premium, Elite and Advanced.

  • Automated technical analysis: It offers advanced charting tools with automated technical analysis features, saving time for traders.
  • Multi-timeframe analysis: Users can analyze charts across multiple timeframes simultaneously, providing a comprehensive view of market trends.
  • Customizable alerts: The platform allows users to set alerts based on technical indicators, trendlines, and other criteria, keeping them informed of market movements.
  • Backtesting capabilities: Traders can backtest their strategies using historical data to evaluate their effectiveness before deploying them in real-time trading.
  • Integration with brokers: It integrates with several brokerage platforms, enabling seamless execution of trades directly from the charts.
  • Learning curve: Mastering all the features and capabilities of the platform may require a learning curve, especially for novice traders.
  • Cost: While the app offers various subscription plans, the cost may be prohibitive for some traders, especially those on a tight budget.
  • Reliance on technical analysis: It primarily focuses on technical analysis, which may not suit all trading styles or preferences, particularly those that incorporate fundamental analysis.
  • Platform stability: Some users have reported occasional glitches or instability issues with the platform, although these seem to be relatively rare.
  • Limited fundamental data: TrendSpider's emphasis on technical analysis means that it provides limited access to fundamental data, which may be a drawback for traders who rely heavily on fundamental analysis in their decision-making process.
Also Available: Download TrendSpider for Mac

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