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Udemy is a comprehensive online learning platform that offers users of all ages and knowledge access streamlined access to a vast array of courses across various subjects, enabling them to acquire new skills and knowledge at their own pace.

Built from the ground up to be as accessible as possible for both home users, students, and businesses, today this comprehensive education service provides over 210,000 online video courses in categories such as Design, Web Development, IT and Software, Photography, Music, Marketing, and many Business themes.

Students are encouraged not only to learn basics and overall knowledge about the study category, but to immerse themselves into specific individual topics, such as particular programming languages, specific design apps, IT certification courses, musical instruments, drawing style, and others.

Today after more than 13 years on the market, this online education web service Udemy for Windows PC has managed to attract over 64 million users, host lessons from 75 thousand instructors, cover nearly 75 international languages, and attract considerable support from businesses that want to educate their workforce. Some of those businesses are well-known brands such as AT&T, Cisco, Samsung, Volkswagen, Ericsson, and Hewlett-Packard.

  • Extensive Course Library – Access a vast collection of courses across various subjects, with interactive courses, live sessions with instructors, and more.
  • Diverse Instructor Base – Gain knowledge, insights, and real-world experience from a large community of expert instructors.
  • Self-Paced Learning – Study at your own pace with flexible access to new learning sessions, learning material, and exams.
  • Interactive Learning Experience – Take full advantage of quizzes, assignments, practical exercises, and other active engagement and reinforcing learning techniques.
  • Full Mobile Access – Learn on the go with the official Udemy mobile app.
How to Use

To get started users simply need to go on the official website of this learning platform, create a new account and browse the extensive course catalog for the theme they want to get more knowledgeable about. Once a course is selected, learners can enroll and gain access to the course materials, including video lectures, downloadable resources, and supplementary materials. Learners can progress through the course at their own pace, completing quizzes and assignments as they go, and passing the necessary goals without pressure to hit time goals or perfect scores.

The platform allows users to tackle as many lessons as they feel capable of, enabling them to learn at their own pace and become masters of any theme they desire.

User Interface

The main user interface of this webapp is intuitive and user-friendly, enabling users of all ages to easily browse offered lessons, navigate to specific courses, track progress, and access additional resources.

The platform provides clear organization and search functionalities, allowing students to find courses based on their interests and requirements, with detailed descriptions of the goals of each lesson package. The interface also offers a clean and visually appealing design, enhancing the overall learning experience on any modern internet browser and screen size.

To enable better learning when on the go, all lessons offered on this platform can also be easily accessed via the official iOS/Android mobile app where the user interface is fully optimized for touchscreens and smaller display sizes.


What is Udemy?
Udemy is a popular and highly versatile online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses across various subjects, allowing learners to acquire new skills and knowledge with streamlined courses presented by expert instructors.

Is it safe to use?
Yes, Udemy is a reputable platform that prioritizes user safety and data privacy. All user data is handled with care and no personal data is allowed to be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Does Udemy provide specific business courses?
Yes, businesses of all sizes can use this platform to upskill their employees with over 22 thousand business-oriented courses and certification training in 14 international languages.

What are the main education categories covered by this platform?
Software development, Business, Finance & Accounting, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, Photography & Video, Health & Fitness, Music, Teaching & Academics.


Skillshare – Cloud-powered education platform for creative professionals, with a big focus on collaboration and social learning.

Coursera - A very popular online learning platform that partners with several universities and education organizations to offer a wide range of courses and degrees.

LinkedIn Learning - A business-oriented online learning platform that provides courses taught by industry professionals.


While this education platform does offer some free courses, most of its catalog is focused on premium courses hosted by seasoned instructors. The prices of courses vary depending on the course theme, instructor, and course duration. Cheaper access to courses can regularly be accessed via various discounts and promotions.

System Requirements

Since it is fully hosted on cloud servers, this education platform only requires users to access it via any modern internet browser.

  • On-demand learning for home users, students, entrepreneurs, and businesses.
  • Accurate learning insights boost learning and reduce lesson times.
  • Premium video courses with flexible Self-Paced learning.
  • Interactive learning experience with quizzes and assignments.
  • Access to expert instructors.
  • On-the-go learning with the official mobile apps.
  • Limited interaction with instructors.
  • The quality of lesson content depends on the instructor.
  • Limited access to free courses.

Udemy is without a doubt the largest and most influential online learning platform that allows millions of students from all over the world to enhance their knowledge and become ready for all daily challenges. With more than 210 thousand courses across critical business and technical skills, this education platform enables everyone to adopt new forms of modern Self-Paced learning.

Also Available: Download Udemy for Mac

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