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Unity Pro

Unity Pro

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Unity Pro is a premium version of the 3D game engine Unity – the world’s premier cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, offering a wide variety of streamlined 3D editing tools for not only video game development, but also 3D visualization, architecture, engineering, construction, automotive, film, virtual reality, and interactive simulations.

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Founded in 2005, Unity quickly grew into one of the most famous cross-platform game engines, enabling developers to easily deploy their projects on a wide set of target gaming platforms, including home consoles, mobile devices, web browsers, and standalone VR headsets.
  • Over 50% of all games are made with Unity
  • 3.9 billion monthly users of Unity-based content
  • More than 20 platforms run Unity creations today
Since its introduction in 2005, Unity grew at a tremendous pace, offering users access to an evolving set of tools for game scripting, visualization services, interactive simulation, color grading, performance reporting, live operations analytics, and many more.

While the Unity game engine can be used for free by PC software developers and 2D/3D artists for free, the premium Unity Pro for Windows 11/10 package unlocks access to an important set of advanced tools and services, covering the fields of support, education, visual scripting, splash screen customization, porting of projects to home consoles, expansion of physics rendering using Havock simulation addon, advanced crash and error reporting, monetization tools (in-game ads or in-app purchase plugin), and much more.
  • Deploy to game consoles
  • Expedite your support
  • Enhance your physics and AR authoring
  • Resolve crashes with Cloud Diagnostics
Unity Pro provides game developers with an excellent foundation of flexible and reliable tools and services for designing state-of-the-art 2D and 3D projects, with built-in support for online collaboration, efficient prototyping, and rendering performance optimization for all target platforms.

All Unity Pro license holders can supercharge their daily workflows by solving issues and learning new things with the help of priority Customer Service and Partner Advisor service. And getting game projects up and running and bug-free will be easier than ever with the help of Cloud Diagnostics, a streamlined real-time error monitoring service that provides the team leaders with all tools needed to identify, investigate and resolve crashes and errors of all types during every stage of the project development pipeline.

What Unity tiers can I subscribe to?
  • Unity Personal (annual revenue/funding cap of $100K)
  • Unity Plus (annual revenue/funding cap of $200K)
  • Unity Pro (no revenue cap)
  • Unity Enterprise (no revenue cap)
Unity Pro can be tested for free during a 30-day free Trial period, after which users can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription that is priced based on the number of active users. Unity Pro software development platform is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS.