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UsbFix is a specific program that is constantly changing, it removes all types of infection spreading through USB media as famous. Scan the USB for viruses now! USB Fix is a free, malware removal tool that helps you to detect and remove infected USB memory sticks or any other USB removable devices.

The idea behind UsbFix is to stop or clean infections that begin from a USB drive, mainly thumb drives. Malware and viruses can be spread from computer to computer by an infected thumb drive. By removing all traces of found infections, It restores damaged security features including access to the registry and task manager, as well as the display of hidden files, and much more.

Preventing the potential damage caused by a virus in a USB storage device is crucial, as it can quickly corrupt other files and even the entire operating system. To address this issue, USBFix Free offers an effective method to detect and remove viruses from USB storage devices.

Specifically designed for external storage devices like USB sticks, USBFix Free functions as an anti-malware software package that provides similar features as other anti-virus programs. Its main features include uninstalling files or programs, scanning for potential threats, isolating those threats, and safely removing them. With a user-friendly interface, little prior experience is needed to operate the software. A free version is available, but more advanced versions can be purchased as well.

Features and Highlights

Deleting infections: It can't do without removable media in everyday life, though they are the main targets for malware, which can seriously damage them. To avoid this danger, there is software like Usb Fix. They aim at deleting all infections spreading through removable media.

Repairing: By completely deleting all traces of infections, the program rebuilds the security functions the malware has damaged, such as access to the registry, task manager or display of hidden files, and many other things.

Backing up: Even if the program suppresses all traces of infections in removable disks, it will back up the user's files and folders. For example, the registry is backed up in C:UsbFixBackup before cleaning; and even deleted files are backed up in the quarantine of UsbFix with the extension .vir C:UsbFixQuarantine. Preventing a future re-infection: It does not only clean infections, but it also prevents future risks: It creates autorun.inf files on drives (removable or not), to protect them from other infections in the future.


What is USBFix Free software?
Answer: USBFix is an anti-malware software designed to detect and remove viruses, malware, and other types of malicious software from USB storage devices and other external drives.

How does USBFix work?
Answer: It scans your USB drive or other external drives for any viruses or malware. It then isolates and removes the malicious files, thereby protecting your computer from potential damage.

Is USBFix safe to use?
Answer: Yes, USBFix is safe to use. It has been thoroughly tested and is a trusted anti-malware software that has been used by many people worldwide.

Does USBFix work on all operating systems?
Answer: It works on Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11.

Is USBFix free software?
Answer: Yes, it offers a free version, which provides basic protection against malware and viruses.

Can I upgrade from the free version of USBFix to a paid version?
Answer: Yes, you can upgrade from the free version of USBFix to a paid version. The paid version offers more advanced features and additional protection against malware.

Does USBFix remove all viruses and malware from my USB drive?
Answer: It can remove most viruses and malware from your USB drive. However, there may be some viruses or malware that USBFix is unable to remove.

Can USBFix detect and remove rootkits?
Answer: Yes, it can detect and remove rootkits, which are a type of malware that can be difficult to detect and remove.

How long does it take to scan a USB drive with USBFix?
Answer: The time it takes to scan a USB drive with the app depends on the size of the drive and the number of files on it. However, it usually takes a few minutes to complete a scan.

Can USBFix detect and remove malware from my computer's hard drive?
Answer: No, the app is designed to detect and remove malware from USB drives and other external drives only. It does not scan or protect your computer's hard drive.


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Effective malware detection and removal: It has a good track record of effectively detecting and removing various types of malware, including viruses, worms, trojans, and other malicious software that may reside on USB drives or other external storage devices.

Easy to use: It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for even non-technical users to scan and clean their USB drives. The scanning process is straightforward, and the software provides clear instructions on how to remove detected malware.

Additional tools: In addition to malware scanning and removal, it also provides some additional features such as a vaccination option to prevent future infections, a process manager to monitor and terminate suspicious processes, and a registry cleaner to fix registry issues caused by malware.

Regular updates: USBFix is regularly updated to keep up with the latest threats and ensure effective detection and removal of malware. This helps in maintaining the software's effectiveness in combating new and emerging threats.


Limited functionality: The program is primarily focused on scanning and removing malware from USB drives and external storage devices. It may not provide comprehensive protection against other forms of malware such as ransomware, spyware, or adware that may be present on other parts of the system.

Windows only: USBFix is designed to work on Windows operating systems only. It is not compatible with other operating systems such as macOS or Linux, which limits its usability for users on those platforms.

False positives: Like any antivirus software, it may occasionally flag legitimate files or processes as malware, resulting in false positives. This may cause inconvenience and potential loss of data if legitimate files are mistakenly deleted.

Not a standalone solution: While the app can be a useful tool for scanning and removing malware from USB drives, it should not be relied upon as the sole defense against malware. It is important to use USBFix in conjunction with other antivirus and security measures to ensure comprehensive protection against malware threats.


All in all, USBFix is an anti-malware software designed to detect and remove viruses, malware, and other types of malicious software from USB storage devices and other external drives. It provides basic protection against malware and viruses for free.

Note: Extended functionality with a license.

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