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VCE Exam Simulator

VCE Exam Simulator

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VCE Exam Simulator is a test engine designed specifically for certification exam preparation. It allows you to create, edit, and take practice tests in an environment very similar to an actual exam.

Create today and edit your own professional practice exams! Now, VCE Player + VCE Designer is all in one tool called the VCE Exam Simulator! Check out now!
  • Realistic exam simulation
  • Exam editor with preview function
  • Several different question types
  • Whole exam in a single file
  • Customizable exam-taking mode
It offers solutions for better management of the testing process. The main advantages of solutions are ease of use and affordability. Today products are used by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide to help them reach their educational goals.

Features and Highlights

Self Preparation
Need to pass an exam? Prepare yourself for success on exam day by taking practice exams with VCE Exam Simulator (VCE Player + VCE Designer).

Preparation on the Go
Spend a lot of time on the go? With Exam Simulator for Mobile, you will be able to prepare for your exams from the road.

Company Licensing
Need a customized training solution for your institution? Install the Simulator on an unlimited number of computers through company licensing.

VCE Software For HR: Pre-Employment Testing
VCE Software equips HR managers with flexible and customizable tools to develop and administer candidate testing in a way that best suits their organization’s needs, as well as saves time, and streamlines tedious hiring processes.

VCE Software For HR: Performance Appraisals And Reviews
VCE Software simplifies the performance appraisal process and 360-degree reviews by helping HR managers quantify the questions and put them into interactive testing forms, saving time and stress to HR staff, managers, and employees alike.

VCE For Learning: Foreign Languages
VCE ExamSimulator from Avanset supports all foreign characters and is an indispensable tool for learning foreign languages, be it in a group or independently. A customizable testing system helps learners expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar skills.

Middle and High School
It makes a great learning partner for middle and high school students, helping them and their parents turn any textbook chapter into a dynamic interactive test. The testing approach carries a great learning potential as it helps students memorize dates, facts, and formulas.

Easy Exam Preparation
It provides students with interactive tests that fully simulate the exam environment. This way, they contribute to easier learning and faster memorization through exam practice. Moreover, they take the stress of the exam process itself, helping students achieve better scores.

College and Grad School
The program and its interactive tests are very helpful to college students, who need to cover an ever-increasing amount of information in a shorter timeframe. Enabling learning on the go with its mobile versions, VCE software helps students get through the college curriculum easier, faster, and stress-free.

College Exams
It helps college students prepare for their college exams. Suitable for any area as it can incorporate images, graphics, and various question types, the VCE tool ensures that students are prepared to pass the challenging college exams.

Law School
VCE app for PC helps future lawyers maximize the efficiency of their learning. With a convenient interactive testing system that helps students memorize Latin and legal terms, logic and reasoning concepts and other theories, VCE is indispensable for all legal areas, be it criminal or international law.

Medical School
VCE Software from Avanset helps medical students learn more in less time. It brings efficiency to the learning process, helping students memorize medical terms, diseases, Latin vocabulary, and more. As medicine is one of the hardest processions in the world, Avanset strives to make learning easier for med students.

Visual Arts and Design
As VCE interactive exams can easily incorporate images in the questions and answers, this software is highly useful for designers and other visual arts professionals. Master color theory, concepts of geometry, space, and more with the program and interactive exams.

Note: Only the first 5 exam questions will be accessible in the free demo version.

Also Available: Download VCE Exam Simulator for Mac

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What's new in this version:

- Fixed: Small miscellaenous bugs