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WD Drive Utilities

WD Drive Utilities

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WD Drive Utilities is a lightweight, fast, and reliable hard disk utility that can diagnose a wide variety of potential issues that may appear in aging or misbehaving hard drives. Made by Western Digital to help their users quickly manage any issues with their internal or external USB hard drive, this application is today regarded as one of the best tools that any PC user can use to discover if their hard drives have developed any performance bottleneck.

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WD Drive Utilities can be installed on any modern PC via the official installer that will automatically deploy this app on the local storage in just a few seconds. To make this procedure as fast as possible, the size of the entire app was kept quite small, enabling users to download it in just a few seconds. This is a stark difference from many other disk management and diagnostic application that can even be twenty times larger.

Once installed, users can start the WD Drive Utilities app and see that its main interface consists of only one small window with four main tools readily visible on the left side of the app (Diagnostics, Sleep Timer, Drive Erase, and Registration), with few of the other tools available to the left (Smart Status Diagnostics, Quick Drive Test, and Complete Drive Test).

It is important to note that diagnostic and self-test tools will check not only the integrity of the hard drive and the presence of bad sectors, but will also scan for driver issues, misconfigured settings, issues with RAID configuration, and more. Once the scan is complete, the users will get access to the complete health report where the status of the drive will be marked as healthy or degraded. When managing RAID drives, users should know that all of their data should be first backed up to a safe location.

WD Drive Utilities is especially useful for owners of external Western Digital hard drives. The app can detect the reason for their sluggish or inconsistent behavior and can offer users the option to check their health status, driver version, and tools for reinitialization of the drive that will erase all data from it. Additionally, users can check and modify the Sleep Timer that external drives use to conserve power usage and extend their lifetime health.

WD Drive Utilities is 100% FREE and is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS (7, 8, and 10).

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