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WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics) is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows. On startup, it reads the whole directory tree once and then presents it in three useful views:
  • The directory list, which resembles the tree view of the Windows Explorer but is sorted by file/subtree size,
  • The treemap, which shows the whole contents of the directory tree straight away,
  • The extension list, which serves as a legend and shows statistics about the file types.
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If you are looking for alternatives, we recommend you to download TreeSize or WizTree.

The treemap represents each file as a colored rectangle, the area of which is proportional to the file's size. The rectangles are arranged in such a way, that directories again make up rectangles, which contain all their files and subdirectories. So their area is proportional to the size of the subtrees. The color of a rectangle indicates the type of the file, as shown in the extension list. The cushion shading additionally brings out the directory structure. WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics) is a great disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for your Windows PC.


WinDirStat has been assessed and found to be a highly useful application for Windows® users. The program is extremely easy to use, and it quickly scans the computer's partitions, identifying large files that are taking up significant amounts of space. The setup process is straightforward, taking less than 10 seconds, and the application has a file size of fewer than 1 MB.

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One of the pros of WinDirStat for Windows 11/10 is that it is a time-saver, especially for those who have to search for large files across hundreds of folders. The interface is user-friendly, with menu tabs and a subtree view displaying the PC partitions. The extension of each file is arranged by size and color-coded for easy identification.

Another pro is that the program is highly customizable. Users can configure WinDirStat app from the options tab, including changing the language, selecting full row selection, or showing grid or stripes. The Directory List allows users to adjust subtree percentage colors, and the Treemap feature allows users to choose different styles, including KDirStat or SequoiaView. Cleanups can be defined with different settings, and the Report area can be customized as well.

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  • Free to use
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Efficient
  • Not developed anymore
  • Only for Windows

Overall, WinDirStat is regarded as a valuable piece of software that is free and intuitive. Its efficiency and accuracy have made it a popular disk analyzer among Windows® users. A potential con of this program is that it may not be suitable for those who are not comfortable with installing and using third-party software on their computers. However, for those who are willing to use such software, WinDirStat is a highly recommended application.

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