It lets you calibrate your HDR display to optimise it for HDR games

Windows HDR Calibration

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Windows HDR Calibration

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    Windows HDR Calibration 1.0.152 LATEST

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    Marian Marinescu

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Microsoft Corporation / External Link

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Windows HDR Calibration is a free display configuration tool that enables Windows 11 PC users to properly calibrate their monitor or TV display to properly render windows apps and multimedia that is graded with HDR colors, extracting maximum capabilities from their displays, and ensuring that content is showcased in a way creators intended.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a modern display technology that allows for a wider range of brightness and color compared to standard dynamic range displays. While SDR content is graded and calibrated to always be shown in an identical manner on all displays, HDR is a dynamic color reproduction format that can be reproduced on consumer devices in many ways, depending on the hardware capabilities of their display hardware such as brightness, contrast, and color settings.

HDR calibration procedure is highly essential for ensuring that the viewing experience of HDR content is done in an accurate way. A poorly calibrated display may result in washed-out colors, loss of detail, or a lack of contrast, which can impact the quality of the content of all types, from desktop surfaces to multimedia content and video games.

Main Features

Windows HDR Calibration by Microsoft comes in a form of a simple-to-use dashboard that allows users of all knowledge levels to quickly calibrate their display for accurate reproduction of HDR and Auto HDR content.

This process can be started by first ensuring that the display has been switched to the HDR mode of operation (which can be done from the Display Settings utility in the Windows 11 OS), and then simply clicking on the “Get Started” button. This will start the calibration sequence that will ask the users to simply match on-screen elements to set the accurate dark and white points that the screen can achieve.

Microsoft HDR Calibration tool does not feature any other HDR configuration tools. For those, users are encouraged to go to the HDR section of their Display tab in the Windows 11 Settings app. There they can manage various HDR functions, such as support for streaming video, Auto HDR, SDR content brightness, and more.

  • Enhanced display quality with vivid HDR visuals
  • Precise color calibration for accurate image reproduction
  • Improved viewing experience for HDR content
  • Fine-tuning options for personalized display settings
  • Better visual clarity and detail in compatible applications
  • Limited compatibility with older displays and GPUs
  • Potential color accuracy discrepancies due to calibration
  • Possible performance impact on lower-end systems
  • Reliance on display and GPU drivers for optimal results

Windows HDR Calibration app is a crucial tool for ensuring that HDR content is displayed accurately and optimally on all HDR-compatible displays a modern Windows 11 PC can be connected to. It is important to note that this app is only optimized to work on Windows 11 operating system.

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