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Wondershare AniSmall

Wondershare AniSmall

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Wondershare AniSmall is a comprehensive multimedia content conversion tool that can provide Windows PC users with unprecedented Ent control over their local files, enabling them fast, reliable, and secure conversion of over 1000 file formats. With full support for high-definition content, lossless conversion, and full compatibility with all the major and obscure formats, this converter application represents an all-in-one solution not only for home users, but also for education organizations, teams, and companies of all sizes.

AniSmall tool is distributed online as an automated installer that requires users just to follow a few simple on-screen instructions. Once installed, the main dashboard of the app promotes easy access to all its tolls, asking users to first import their source files either with an included file picker tool or by simply dragging and dropping from any file browser app.

Once files are loaded and detected (with accompanying file size, file format, duration, size, and other metadata), users can pick whether they want to convert the file into any other supported format or compress it to a smaller size without compromising quality. Both procedures offer users access to the Basic and Advanced configuration screens, enabling either fast operation or in-depth personalization of each conversion/compression action.

The process of conversion and compression can take advantage of all detected hardware resources on desktop and laptop PC configurations, enabling fast conversion times powered by hardware acceleration. With the latest processing algorithms, Wondershare AniSmall can even handle HD video lossless compression and high-quality lossless audio compression, enabling users to save on local hard drive space while retaining access to high-quality video and audio files.
  • Import and compress with one click
  • HD lossless compression
  • High-speed compression
  • Supports custom settings
  • Compatible with more than 1000 music and video formats
  • Supports most audio and video formats for media platforms
  • Fulfill numerous daily requirements and supports files from various shooting and recording equipment
  • Compression rate up to 90% with high compression quality
  • Up to 8K resolution is available (HD 8K, 4K, 1080P videos to SD 720P)
  • Supports video preview before and after compression
  • Customized compression format
  • Personalized file size and compression ratio
  • Specified bit rate for compression
  • Individualized file resolution
Due to its versatility, AniSmall for Windows can serve the needs of an incredible variety of PC users. It can provide home users quick way to compress and edit libraries of personal content, educators to prepare video and audio files for sharing with students, music enthusiasts to compress and convert their song libraries for use on portable devices, and multimedia creators to always be in full control over their content.


How can I compress my audio or video files without quality loss?
  • Add files to AniSmall one at a time or in bulk.
  • Specify the desired compression level.
  • Click Start All to compress and retrieve your files in the Finished Tab.
What is the maximum level of compression for my files?

By default, files are compressed to 70% of the original size, but this can be adjusted to a maximum of 10%. Please select the compression level based on your needs, as the higher the compression, the greater the impact on file quality.

Can I customize compression settings for batch processing?

Yes. AniSmall Compressor offers one-click options for compressed file size and format, as well as tailored compression settings for individual files. You can also export audio or video in a desired format when importing both types of files simultaneously.


Wondershare AniSmall is a premium app that can be accessed either via a monthly or yearly subscription $19.99 or purchased via a lifetime license. The app is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS.

  • Converts over 1000 file formats
  • Lossless conversion and compression
  • Basic and Advanced configuration options
  • Fast conversion times with hardware acceleration
  • Versatile tool for personal and professional use
  • Premium app with a subscription or lifetime license
  • Compression may result in reduced file quality
  • May require some technical expertise for advanced settings

Overall, with support for HD content, lossless conversion, and compatibility with all major and obscure formats, AniSmall represents an all-in-one solution for home users, educators, teams, and companies of all sizes. While the app requires a subscription or lifetime license and may require some technical expertise for advanced settings, it is a versatile tool for personal and professional use.

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