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Franz (32-bit)

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Download Franz 5.0.0 Beta 17 (32-bit)

Franz (32-bit)

 -  100% Safe  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 16 (32-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 16 (32-bit)
- App: Update Electron version to 1.7.12
- Translations: Improved translations. A million thanks to the amazing community

- App: Invite Friends in Settings

Bug Fixes:
- App: Fix memory leak in recipe polling loop
- App: Fix validation for side-by-side teamId & customURL
- App: Reload Franz instead of all services one by one on sleep resume
- App: Fix toggle buttons shown during import
- fix(App): Bugfix Fix memory leak in recipe polling loop
- App: Fix invite screen [object Object] values
- App: Fix Franz-wide form validation
- App: Fix service tooltips not initialized properly
- Linux: Invert tray icon color & add border for bright UI's

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 15
- App: Add option to clear app cache
- App: Add option to show/hide notification badges for muted
- Recipes: Add semver version validation
- Recipes: Add hasHostedOption to enable hosted & self hosted services
- Services: Add custom service icon upload
- Services: Add option to completely disable message badges
- Services: Improve handling of external links
- Services: Improve user experience of service search
- Account: Enable a user to delete their own account
- Translations: Improved translations. A million thanks to the amazing community

Bug Fixes:
- App: Allow to turn on notifications when system dnd is enabled
- App: App mute now disables notifications as well
- App: Fix service reload after waking machine up
- App: Fix "add services manually" message
- i18n: Fallback to system language or english
- Notification: Remove notification sound when app is muted
- Recipes: Enable urlInputPrefix for team and customURL
- Services: Ctrl/Cmd+R now navigates back to the service root
- Services: Fix transparent service background
- Shortcuts: Fixed settings shortcut inconsistency
- Spell checker: Fixed issues with spell checker
- Translations: Re-add Spanish to available languages
- Windows: Open window when clicking on toast notification

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 14
- App: Add link to changelog in app update notification
- App: Add option to enable/disable spell checker
- App: Add option to mute all services in sidebar
- App: Decrease minimum window size to 600px width
- App: Respect System DoNotDisturb mode for service audio
- Service: Add option to display disabled services in tabs
- Service: Add option to mute service
- Service: Add dialog to reload crashed services
- Translations: Added new translations and improved existing ones. A million thanks to the amazing community.

Bug Fixes:
- Windows: Fix notifications on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
- macOS: Fix TouchBar related crash on macOS 10.12.1 and lower
- App: Add fallback to service menu when service name is empty
- App: Prevent app from redirecting when dropping link
- Support with CPU: Reduce maximum CPU usage
- Hosted Services: Do not strip www from custom service Url
- Services: Fix onNotify in service API
- Sidebar: Fix tabs reordering

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 13
- Fix issue with multiple close handlers that prevent the app from quitting

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 12
- Menu: Add "About Franz" Menu item to Windows/Linux
- Menu: Add menu item to toggle (service) dev tools
- Translation: Add italian translation

Bug Fixes
- App: Add checks to service url validation to prevent app freeze
- macOS: Fix disable launch Franz on start
- Windows: Launch Franz on start when selected
- Onboarding: Fix issue with import of on-premise services
- Shortcuts: Flip shortcut to navigate to next/previous service
- Windows: Open Window when app is pinned to taskbar and minimized to system tray
- Recipes: Recipe developers don't need Premium Supporter Account for debugging

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 12
- Settings: Add option to disable system tray icon
- Service: Display URL of hyperlinks
- App: Add tab cycling with ctrl[+shift]+tab or ctrl+[pageup|pagedown]
- Translation: Add Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, German, Greek, French, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

Bug Fixes:
- App: Force Franz to use single window
- Onboarding: Fix enable/disable service import toggle
- Onboarding: Fix service import
- Payment: Fix payment window when name contains special character
- macOS: Add macOS dark theme system tray icon
- Windows: Fix enable/disable autostart on login
- Windows: Fix multiple system tray icons when opening/closing Franz

Franz 5.0.0 Beta 10
- Franz 5 first public beta

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