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Rambox gives you the possibility to add common services many times you need, all in one place. It's perfect for people who work with many services for business and private accounts. The new way to organize your services! Messaging and emailing software that combines web applications into one!

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Rambox is a versatile, open-source messaging and email management software that aims to simplify the way you interact with various messaging and email services. It essentially acts as a unified communication hub, allowing you to bring together your favorite messaging apps and email accounts into one convenient location. Developed by Ramiro Saenz, the program is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it a cross-platform solution for anyone looking to streamline their digital communications.

Sessions will persist using the partition: persist attribute for Webviews. So every time you open Rambox, your sessions will keep alive until you remove the service. Sync feature uses Auth0 for Single Sign-On & Token Based Authentication and to store the services that the user is using (and the configuration for each service like Name, Align, Icon, etc).

Key Features

Unified Interface: It provides a single, organized dashboard where you can access all your messaging apps and email accounts.

Multi-Account Support: You can add multiple instances of the same service or multiple services from the same provider, giving you complete flexibility.

Customization: Customize each service's appearance with different themes, notification settings, and even custom CSS if you're tech-savvy.

Built-in Web Viewer: A built-in web viewer lets you interact with web-based services directly within Rambox, reducing the need to open a web browser.

Cross-Platform Sync: Sync your settings and accounts across multiple devices for a consistent experience.

Global Search: Quickly find conversations and emails across all your accounts with Rambox's global search functionality.

Productivity Features: Keyboard shortcuts, unread message badges, and do-not-disturb mode help you manage your communication efficiently.

Security: It takes your privacy seriously, providing password protection and the ability to lock the app when not in use.


Customizable Workspaces
Organize your space the way you like it.

Integrate 3rd party add-ons like a grammar checker, password managers and much more.

Focus Mode
Pause notifications and sounds to stay focused.

Select a theme to fit your mood and style.

Quick Search
Embrace your inner ninja and jump between applications.

Notifications Management
Get your notifications under control with our Notification Center.

Real-time synchronization
Save all your workspaces configurations and synchronize between all your computers in real-time

Sync Services
If you use the tool on different computers, you can synchronize your configuration.

Master Password
Ask for a password every time the program is opened.

You can lock the app if you will be away for a period of time.

Don't Disturb
Disable all sounds and notifications.

Add Custom Services
You can add any customer service of your choice.

Reorder and grouping
Reorder services in the tab bar and group into two groups (left and right).

Every time you have something new to check, you will see a badge in the tab of the service and in the taskbar icon.

System Tray
The tool always runs and can be accessed in the system tray.

Start automatically on system startup
You can configure to open the app automatically.

Custom Code Injection
You can add custom behaviors if you want.

Configure Ram box to use a Proxy if your network blocks some services.

Installation and Setup

Installing Rambox is a breeze on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Simply download the appropriate version from the official website and follow the installation wizard's prompts. Setting up your accounts is equally straightforward, as the software guides you through the process step by step, asking for your login credentials and custom preferences.

How to Use
  • Download and install the program from the official website or FileHorse.
  • Launch the application.
  • Click the "+" button on the sidebar to add a new service.
  • Select the service you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions to log in.
  • Customize each service's settings as needed.
  • Start messaging and emailing from the unified interface!

Is Rambox completely FREE to use?
Yes, Rambox is open-source and free to use, but limited functionality in basic plan demo version.

Does Rambox support popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Slack?
Yes, it supports a wide range of messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Slack, Messenger, and more.

Can I use Rambox on multiple devices?
Yes, it offers cross-platform sync, allowing you to use it on multiple devices with synced settings and accounts.

Is my data safe in Rambox?
It takes security seriously and offers password protection and a lock feature to keep your data secure.

Can I customize the appearance of individual services in Rambox?
Absolutely, it allows you to customize themes, notifications, and even use custom CSS for each service.


Franz: Similar to Rambox, Franz offers a unified interface for messaging apps and email services.

Shift: Shift is more business-oriented, providing a unified workspace for email, calendar, and apps like Slack and Trello.

Trillian: If you're looking for a more traditional instant messaging client, Trillian might be a good option.


Basic Plan - FREE
  • 700+ apps
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Notifications management
  • Quick search
  • Hibernation
  • Focus mode
Pro Plan - US$4.37 /mo
  • Everything in Basic +
  • Up to 3 active computers
  • Extensions
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Session management
  • Spell checker
  • Premium support
Enterprise Plan - US$14 /user/mo
  • Everything in Pro +
  • Team management
  • Custom branding
  • Pre-installed apps
  • Active Directory/SAML IdP
  • Centralized billing
  • Priority support
Is it possible to change my plan?
Certainly! To switch to a different plan, navigate to the Billing section and choose the plan you prefer. Your selected plan's features will be automatically activated.

Can I opt for monthly or yearly payments?
Absolutely! Opting for the yearly plan also comes with a 17% discount.

Can I utilize Rambox without subscribing?
Yes, you can use the Basic version for free. Additionally, you have the option to acquire a lifetime license for the Pro version through a one-time payment.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like. Simply visit the Billing section within the app and click on "Cancel subscription," or visit official billing page for the same purpose.

  • Simplifies communication by unifying messaging and email services.
  • Highly customizable with themes and settings.
  • Cross-platform support and synchronization.
  • Security features like password protection.
  • Open-source and free to use.
  • Limited advanced features compared to specialized apps.
  • Occasional performance issues with a large number of services.

All in all, Rambox is a fantastic solution for users who find themselves overwhelmed by the multitude of messaging and email platforms they use daily. Its clean interface, customizability, and cross-platform compatibility make it a standout choice for streamlining your digital communications. While it may not replace specialized apps for power users, Rambox excels at its primary goal: simplifying and unifying your communication world.

With its open-source nature and commitment to privacy, it's a worthy addition to any productivity arsenal. Give it a try, and you may find yourself wondering how you ever managed without it.

Note: Limited functionality in demo version.

Also Available: Download Rambox for Mac

  • Rambox 2.3.2 Screenshots

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    Rambox 2.3.2 Screenshot 1

What's new in this version:

Rambox 2.3.2
- Some Outlook 365 sections not opening as popup when double-clicked
- Download of files fails when filename is longer than 245 characters
- Google Chat: "Google Redirect Notice" when open links in default browser
- Troubleshooting: Database connection test fails if the user is not logged
- Under some specific conditions, app's settings won't show for some users
- Add missing font

- Show link handling options when a link is clicked while holding Ctrl/Cmd+Shift
- Open link in background when a link is clicked while holding Ctrl/Cmd
- Open link in a new tab when a link is clicked while holding Shift

Rambox 2.3.1
- Linux: In some distributions, when clicking on a link using the link handling option "Open all in default browser", the link doesn't get opened in the browser

- Adds new flag --hidden to allow starting the app minimized
- Notification center: Improve the visibility of the promotion's dismiss button
- New screen sharing implementation, which improves compatibility and stability (Fixes issues with new MS Teams UI)
- Open popups in the same display where the link was clicked

Rambox 2.3.0
Breaking changes:
- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and macOS 10.14 (Mojave) are no longer supported due to limitations introduced in the latest Chromium's versions.

- Link handling option "Open all in tabs" changes its name on save to "Default" in the app settings
- Edit shortcuts (Copy/Cut/Paste) not working on DevTools in macOS
- Yahoo Mail notifications do not show notification details
- Google Chat: Unread counter not working

- Upgrade to Electron 27.1.3 (Chromium 118.0.5993.159)
- Upgrade several of our internal components
- Improve the information shared in App Metrics
- Several improvements in performance, stability and security
- Extensions: Dynamically update the icons to show the state of the extension

Rambox 2.2.3
- Linux: Media Keys not working on snap package (user must give permissions)
- Prevent showing the "open all in tabs" link handling option in tiled workspaces
- Prevent apps to start hibernated when the user adds them
- Prevent Rambox from locking by inactivity when there is one or several apps streaming audio or video

- Informs the user if there's low space available on the HDD
- Enhanced stability and performance of apps' runtime

Rambox 2.2.2
- not retaining login information
- Linux: Crash when sharing screen using Wayland
- Minor fixes

- Stability and performance improvements

Rambox 2.2.1
- macOS: Edit shortcuts acting strange in Google Chat and pop-ups
- "Show System Tray indicator on unread messages" setting not working
- Cloudflare validation failing in some apps
- Sometimes Google SSO fails on apps with a custom user agent

Rambox 2.2.0
- Upgrade to Electron 22.3.25 (Chromium 108.0.5359.215)
- Change hibernation leaf indicator

Rambox 2.1.5
- "Reload", "Search" & "Zoom" shortcuts not working on apps within workspaces using a tiles layout.
- Double-click on app's title bar in Tiles layout doesn't maximize tile.
- Profile picture: Now also accepts JPEG format and sets a 512Kb file size limit for the upload image.
- URL validation fails on certain apps when adding them.
- Facebook Messenger: Screen sharing not working.
- Linux: once selected the beta channel, can't go back to the stable one.

- Show Notification & an indicator icon in the app tab to advise the user that the app needs attention.
- New troubleshooting tool, made to diagnose connectivity issues, check available memory, HDD space and peripherals connection.

Rambox 2.1.4
- Tray icon shows red dot when Rambox initiates despite not having unread counters
- Sort issues in the root workspace when "Apps positions" is set to bottom
- Hibernated app crashes at loading when clicking on the "don't hibernate this app" switch
- Settings: Wrong form validation when saving changes and the Master Password option is already enabled, obligating the user to disable this option or set a new password
- Fails to focus on "Wake Up" button when accessing a hibernated app through the Quick Search

- Move apps between workspaces 🚀
- Provide Geolocation for the apps
- Focus mode: Remember the user's last pomodoro time setting and use it as default for the next time
- Increase the "Focus Mode" maximum pomodoro timer from 120 to 720 minutes (12hs)
- Restore Proxies HTTPs support
- Overhaul of the add section, new layout and improved performance

Rambox 2.1.3
- No persistent badge in the task bar on window restore.
- Ask for the Master Password or YubiKey when Rambox is activated in a machine.
- Windows 11 machines are labeled as Windows 10 in the Profile section.
- Basic users: Missing 'Copy current URL' option in the context menu.

- Add a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental quitting when using Ctrl/Cmd + Q.
- Use the mouse wheel to navigate in the tab bar.
- Add apps section: Adds a tooltip with description & website when hover an app.
- Open Quick Search with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Space.
- Zoom apps with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.
- Consumption notifications: Adds a new hibernate button and the possibility to dismiss them for an app.
- App Metrics: New hibernate button for apps.
- New implementation to ensure the code injection in the apps.

Rambox 2.1.2
- Auto-Update: Fix Windows & macOS devices gets "Update now!" new version message that points to the updated Linux snap package.

Rambox 2.1.1
- Restore functionality: Double-click on title bar to maximize window on Mac.
- Beta version doesn't update to the upper stable version.
- Browser verification fails in GitLab.
- Fixes "You were kicked out because there is something wrong with your license." when using an unstable internet connection.
- Some popup windows can't be closed using the close button.
- Extensions: Shows the correct URL for the selected app in the extension popup.
- Extensions: Fixes wrong position of the extension popups when the app bar position is other than "Left".
- Back & Forward buttons not working on apps in workspaces with tiles layout.
- Prevent navigation shortcuts when the focus is on a text area.
- Minor fixes.

- Some security improvements.
- Enhanced stability loading apps.
- Support Wayland screen share.
- Prevent errors while using App Metrics.
- Context menu: Show spellchecker suggestions first.
- New app's advanced setting: "Use compatibility mode" (disables features that can cause compatibility issues with some apps).
- Complete overhaul of the proxy feature, now more stable, faster and more reliable.
- Proxy: adds "Use system proxy settings" option to general Settings.
- Extensions: overhaul internal implementation.
- Adds "dismiss" button for beta warning to stop showing it until you install a new beta.
- Adds a button to get the favicon from the Custom Apps URL and set it as a logo.

Rambox 2.1.0
- Make changes to support Snapchat in Rambox.
- Update dependencies to keep supporting Slack.
- Enterprise: Only show Payment Failed to admin users.
- Prevent showing the "license expired" dialog after several failed attempts to validate the license.
- Support screen share in Google Meet.

- Upgrade to Electron 21.4.0 (Chromium 106.0.5249.199).
- New context menu implementation.
- Several security improvements.
- New shortcut to jump between workspaces:
- Windows & Linux Shift + Alt + PgUp/PgDown
- macOS Cmd + Alt + PgUp/PgDown.
- Restore the app from the system tray on single click instead of double click.
- Show a banner in beta versions that reminds the user that could include some issues, with a button to access the support portal.

Rambox 2.0.10
- F5 and Ctrl+R shortcuts now reloads the app in the current URL instead of loading the home URL.

- License validation improvements.
- Prevent logging the user out after several errors while attempting to reach our servers.
- Add Emoji panel to the context menu (where available).

Rambox 2.0.9
- Linux: Issues while trying to get logged in the app using Google.
- Linux: AppImage package crashing in some Linux distributions.