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Qt Creator (32-bit)

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Download Qt Creator 4.5.0 (32-bit)

Qt Creator (32-bit)

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What's new in this version:

- Implemented "fuzzy" camel case lookup similar to code completion for locator (QTCREATORBUG-3111)
- Changed `File System` pane to tree view with top level directory selectable from `Computer`, `Home`, `Projects`, and individual project root directories (QTCREATORBUG-8305)
- Fixed crash when closing Qt Creator while searching for updates (QTCREATORBUG-19165)

- Added `Edit` > `Advanced` > `Sort Selected Lines`, replacing `Tools` > External` > `Text` > `Sort Selection`

All Projects:
- Added progress indicator to project tree while project is parsed
- Added support for changing the maximum number of lines shown in compile output (QTCREATORBUG-2200)

QMake Projects:
- Fixed support of wildcards in `INSTALLS` variable (QTCREATORBUG-17935)
- Fixed that `QMAKE_CFLAGS` was not passed to code model

CMake Projects:
- Added groups to CMake configuration UI
- Added option to change configuration variable types
- Added option to unset configuration variable
- Improved handling of CMake configuration changes on disk (QTCREATORBUG-17555)
- Improved simplified project tree (QTCREATORBUG-19040)
- Fixed that value was removed when renaming configuration variable (QTCREATORBUG-17926)
- Fixed that `PATH` environment was unnecessarily modified (QTCREATORBUG-18714)
- Fixed that QML errors in application output where not linked to the source (QTCREATORBUG-18586)

Qbs Projects:
- Fixed that custom `installRoot` was not saved (QTCREATORBUG-18895)

C++ Support:
- Fixed lookup of functions that differ only in const-ness of arguments (QTCREATORBUG-18475)
- Fixed detection of macros defined by tool chain for `C`
- Fixed that `Refactoring` context menu blocked UI while checking for available actions
- Fixed crash when refactoring class with errors (QTCREATORBUG-19180)

Clang Code Model:
- Added sanity check to `Clang Code Model Warnings` option (QTCREATORBUG-18864)
- Fixed completion in `std::make_unique` and `std::make_shared` constructors (QTCREATORBUG-18615)
- Fixed that function argument completion switched selected overload back to default after typing comma (QTCREATORBUG-11688)

- Improved auto-detection to include versioned binaries and cross-compilers

QML Support:
- Added wizards with different starting UI layouts
- Fixed that undo history was lost when reformatting file (QTCREATORBUG-18645)

Python Support:
- Added simple code folding

- Changed pretty printing of `QFlags` and bitfields to hexadecimal
- Fixed `Run in terminal` for debugging external application (QTCREATORBUG-18912)

LLDB / macOS:
- Added pretty printing of Core Foundation and Foundation string-like types (QTCREATORBUG-18638)

- Fixed attaching to running process with command line arguments (QTCREATORBUG-19034)

- Fixed changing values of ECMAScript strings (QTCREATORBUG-19032)

QML Profiler:
- Improved robustness when faced with invalid data

Qt Quick Designer:
- Added option to only show visible items in navigator
- Fixed crash in integrated code editor (QTCREATORBUG-19079)
- Fixed crash when Ctrl-clicking on newly refactored QML file (QTCREATORBUG-19064)
- Fixed filtering in Library view (QTCREATORBUG-19054)
- Fixed `Cmd + Left` in integrated code editor on macOS (QTCREATORBUG-19272)
- Fixed crash with `Become Last Sibling` and multiline expressions (QTCREATORBUG-19284)

Version Control Systems:
- Added query for saving modified files before opening commit editor (QTCREATORBUG-3857)

- Fixed issues with localized tool output (QTCREATORBUG-19017)

Test Integration:
- Fixed issue with finding test target with CMake projects (QTCREATORBUG-17882, QTCREATORBUG-18922, QTCREATORBUG-18932)

- Clang Format
- Added action `Disable Formatting for Selected Text`
- Changed formatting without selection to format the syntactic entity around the cursor

Model Editor:
- Added support for custom relations

SCXML Editor:
- Fixed crash after warnings are removed

- Fixed detection of Visual Studio Build Tools 2017 (QTCREATORBUG-19053)
- Fixed that environment variable keys were converted to upper case in build and run configurations (QTCREATORBUG-18915)

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