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SpyShelter Firewall

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What's new in this version:

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.7
- Self defence improvements
- Firewall: Packet capture self test feature implemented
- Improved registry protection
- Process ID (PID) column added in Log Tab&Log file

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.6
- Automatic saving columns order implemented
- Uninstaller improvements

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.5
- Added Windows 10 Fall Creators Update compatibility
- Notification Balloons updates and fixes
- Other corrections

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.4
- Certificate updates
- Minor fixes

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.3
- Change log not available for this version

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.2
- Security issue fixed
- Minor updates

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.1
- Added support for Windows 10 Creators Update
- Added import/export feature for "User defined protected files"
- Added import/export feature for "User defined protected registry keys"
- Used defined protected reg keys improvements with expression patterns
- Squashed small GUI and general bugs

SpyShelter Firewall 10.9
– Added “All except below” for IP and Ports options to Firewall Zones and Rules
– Added searching for IP collisions with new Network Zones
– Improved Sound record protection under Windows 8/10
– Changed logic of autoallowing registry entries in “Ask User” mode
– Exec Rules: Now it’s possible to input path to avoid Wow6432 issues
– Changed behaviour of tooltips showing to avoid multiple alerts
– Fixed freeze issues common with launching Task Manager on alert
– Improved compatibility with gaming platform clients
– Few small internal fixes

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.9
- Fixed issue in export/import "no-hash" rules
- Minor fixes

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.8
- Fixed bug in App Exec common with creating more than one ignore hash rule
- Translations updates

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.7
- Added new feature to define custom protected registry keys
- Extended internal registry protection feature
- Solved freeze with some critical registry keys protection
- Improved system protection on 64 bit systems
- Added Hyper-V compatibility on Windows 10 AU Pro
- Application execution rules improvements
- Small improvements in GUI
- Other minor fixes

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.6
- GUI: Added option to disable lists skinning
- Language updates
- General small improvements

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.5
- Added full support for new installations of Windows Anniversary Update
- Improved Keystroke Encryption for Windows 10 Anniversary Update East-Asian languages versions
- Implemented own virus scan result window + added option to rescan
- Added SHA256 and MD5 hash support for custom scanner configuration
- Minor fixes

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.4
- Improved compatibility of Keystroke Encryption on Windows 10 Anniversary Update
- Fixed GUI issues with disappearing translations
- Repaired problem with displaying translations for some dialogs

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.3
- Firewall driver status improvement on Windows 10 Anniversary update
- Language updates

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.2
- Added support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
- Added (new) Online Virus Scan feature
- Added new feature: External custom file scanners
- Decrease false alerts on Windows 10
- Improved performance of Rules Editing dialog on some systems
- Fixed encrypted keys issue in Mail app(Windows 10)
- Fixed security issue with protected GUI
- Few minor improvements

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.1
- Added new licensing system
- Further installer improvements

SpyShelter Firewall 10.8.0
- Fixed updater and autoupdater bug with program malfunction after install
- Fixed an issue related to installer and displaying program version number

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.9
- Fixed rare issue with unpredictable OS behaviour while loading SpyShelter drivers

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.8
- Added cleaning rules feature for parent/child processes at App Exec control
- Added option to improve compatibility with remote control tools
- Keystroke Encryption driver compatibility improved
- Fixed BSOD in KE driver on 32 bit systems

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.7
- Removed online virus scanning feature

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.6
- Fixed a critical issue with Windows XP 64 bit support
- Fixed an issue with loading 32 bit applications under 64 bit Windows Vista/SP2

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.5
- Fixed Keystroke encryption driver load on Windows 10 32 bit
- Added compatibility support for custom build of VirtualBox
- French language update

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.4
- Added support for Windows 10 Redstone Insider build 14295
- Fixed hooks settings for Windows 10 Redstone Insider build 14291
- Language updates

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.3
- Improved compatibility with VirtualBox under Windows 8.x and 10
- Added new option to show notifications for encrypted keys
- Added support for Windows 10 Redstone Insider build 14291
- Improved "Run as restricted" feature
- GUI fixes

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.2
- It’s possible now to specify 64bit path while adding components
- Added support for Windows 10 Insider build 14279
- Fixed problem with shell context menu and “Run as Restricted” feature on Windows 8.x/10

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.1
- Added support for Windows 10 Insider build 14271
- Fixed issue with PID display in Alert Window
- Small fixes

SpyShelter Firewall 10.7
- Added custom global network zones feature for Firewall feature of SpyShelter Firewall
- Firewall rules are now allowed to use masks
- Small cosmetic improvements

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