Protect your child from harmful content and monitor all PC activities!

Parental Control

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Parental Control

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    Parental Control 22.6.4 LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Parental Control app is the best way to protect your child against any online threats. HT Parental Control combines monitoring with powerful filters that protect children from abusive websites and ensure their safety. It allows you to manage any activity by blocking or limiting the sites and applications you wish. Adult sites, games, chats, social networks, and much more can be blocked or limited in accordance with settings.
  • Safeguard your child against harmful content.
  • Track and supervise all computer activities.
  • Apply website and app filters.
  • Prevent or restrict undesired computer actions.
The program records everything children are doing on their computer while sending your reports by email. Monitoring is invisible and includes websites, applications, screenshots, and other computer activity. The software will make the Internet and computer safe for your child to use!

Features and Highlights

Protect against Adult Content
The program features a robust Internet filter that ensures a safe online environment for your child. It effectively blocks pornography and other inappropriate content across 10 predefined categories, thoroughly scanning each page on popular web browsers. You also have the option to block all websites except for those that you have approved.

Restrict and Monitor Websites
The app empowers you to block or restrict specific websites based on URLs and keywords. Simply add the website address or keyword to the list, and the Internet filter will enforce your preferences accordingly. You can even block all websites except for those on your whitelist. Learn how to block Facebook and other sites.

Control Apps and Games
Keep track of all applications launched on your child's computer. In addition to monitoring, the software allows you to block or limit the usage time of any program, game, or chat platform. Choose which applications you want to block or control access to.

Website Monitoring
Effortlessly monitor all visited websites. HT Parental Control software records the websites visited, presenting them to you in the form of charts and sequences. This feature provides valuable insights into which websites your child has visited and how much time was spent on each. The program supports all popular browser versions.

Screenshot Capture
HT Parental Control program captures screenshots at intervals defined by you. In addition to receiving a list of visited sites and applications, you also gain a visual representation, allowing you to better understand your child's online behavior.

Emailed Reports
Receive automatic reports with detailed logs directly to your email. Stay informed about your children's computer activities from anywhere you can access your email. The ability to view reports remotely enhances the convenience of monitoring.

Get Started in a Few Minutes

1. Installation
Install HT Parental Control on your child's computer effortlessly.

2. Configuration
Configure filters to effectively block or limit undesired computer activities and safeguard against online threats.

3. Protection
Benefit from the robust filters that automatically shield your child from harmful content, ensuring their safety.


How does HT Parental Control block adult content?
It utilizes a powerful Internet filter that scans web pages in popular browsers, blocking pornography and inappropriate content based on 10 predefined categories.

Can I block specific websites or keywords?
Yes, it allows you to block or limit access to specific websites by adding their URLs or keywords to the program's list. You can also choose to block all websites except for those on your approved list.

Can I control the usage time of applications and games?
Absolutely. It provides the ability to track and control the usage time of applications, games, and chat platforms. You can block or limit access to selected programs according to your preferences.

How does website monitoring work?
Tha app records and displays the websites visited by your child, offering insightful charts and sequences. You can gain a better understanding of which websites were accessed and how much time was spent on each.

How do I receive reports of my child's computer activities?
It automatically sends reports with detailed logs to your email. You can conveniently check these reports from anywhere you can access your email, keeping you informed about your child's online activities.

  • Effective Content Filtering
  • Comprehensive Website Blocking
  • App and Game Control
  • Detailed Website Monitoring
  • Convenient Emailed Reports
  • Potential Overblocking
  • Initial Setup Complexity
  • Limited Social Media Monitoring
Note: 14 days trial version. Email Reporting, Typed keystrokes, Screenshots functions are available in the registered version only.

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