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Agent DVR

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Agent DVR is a security manager app that can help users of all knowledge levels to create a unified way to connect and monitor an unlimited number of Nest cameras remotely and securely. Built from the ground up to provide users with a wide array of tools, a simple interface, and reliable access to surveillance camera security system infrastructure of all sizes, from monitoring a home residence to keeping tabs on businesses that are covered by dozens and hundreds of cameras.

Home Security

Instead of focusing development efforts on a standalone Windows client app with a local user interface, access to the live camera streams is available straight from any modern browser, allowing users not only to access their camera networks from any location in the world. The Windows app is only needed to route the cameras located on the local network and to route it to the secure online server that can distribute the feed to any end users with proper login credentials.

Agent DVR is distributed online as an automated installer that can easily be deployed on any modern Windows PC running a modern version of Windows OS (7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11, both 32-bit and 64-bit). It is incredibly small (less than 200kb) and can even be used as a portable app that is saved to a removable USB stick. Once installed, the app will not have its own interface, but it will run in the background as an active Windows service that allows secure end-to-end SSL encrypted sharing of Nest camera feeds with the online server.

Theft Prevention

Users can then easily log in with their credentials on a secure webpage, and access camera feeds on any modern internet-connected device, including iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. It is important to note that Agent DVR can route live camera video feeds online without the need to set up port forwarding service in home/business routers.

The web interface consists of a simple-to-use tabbed structure, with the main navigation links always present on the far left side of the screen (Account, Servers, Tools, Timeline, Files, Snapshots, Live Stills, Video Walls, and Command), while the majority of the rest of the page is dedicated to information listing, live camera views and more. Users are empowered to quickly gain access to their cameras, record screenshots, and videos, and see timelines of activities that cameras have detected.

UI scales on all modern devices from phones to tablets and desktops

The service supports many advanced features supported by Nest cameras, which include the ability to detect the presence of people in video feeds, recognize faces, recognize pets, and can even take advantage of Google Vision API to perform automatic tags when selected events happen in feeds (appearance of people, select faces, and more). In addition to Nest cameras, Agent DVR can also detect and route feeds from other camera manufacturers.


What devices are supported by Agent DVR?
It supports a wide range of devices, including IP cameras, ONVIF devices, local USB cameras, and more. There is no limit to the number of devices you can add.

What kind of recordings can Agent DVR make?
It can record to MP4, VP8/9, GPU, and Raw formats. It will save the raw stream from your camera when possible to minimize CPU usage.

What kind of alerts can Agent DVR send?
It can send email, SMS, push notifications to mobile devices, call a URL, desktop alerts, notify an MQTT endpoint, and many more. The notification options are endless.

What integrations does Agent DVR have?
The app is fully integrated with Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, DeepStack AI, and License Plate Recognition via PlateRecognizer.com. You can set up triggers and actions from the world's most popular platforms for the Internet of Things or add your own using our API.

How can I access Agent DVR remotely?
It uses custom tech to avoid the usual requirement of opening up ports on your router for remote access. You can access it from anywhere over SSL with zero router configuration. It even works if Agent is running behind a strict firewall or over a mobile network.

  • Camera support for various devices, including IP cameras, ONVIF devices, and local USB cameras with no limit on the number of devices.
  • Recording to different formats with the ability to save raw streams from cameras to minimize CPU usage.
  • A wide range of motion detectors with AI integration to reduce false alerts.
  • Various notification options, including email, SMS, push notifications, desktop alerts, and more.
  • Integration with popular platforms such as Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT, and support for custom API integrations.
  • Custom technology for remote access without opening ports on routers, accessible from anywhere over SSL even with strict firewalls or mobile networks.
  • Easy access to camera networks from anywhere
  • Secure online server for distribution of camera feeds
  • Small and portable installer
  • Supports advanced features like people detection and automatic tags
  • Integration with popular platforms and custom API
  • It can crash if your PC is overloaded, which is the #1 reason for crashes
Agent DVR is 100% FREE and optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS.

What's new in this version:

Agent DVR
- fix issue with loading locations

Agent DVR
- Add support for more ONVIF talk devices
- Order tags
- UI updates
- Fix issue with network audio devices

Agent DVR
- Add check for custom models to AI code to work around bug in CPAI
- Add ability to apply digital pan and zoom to encoded recordings (see recording tab - advanced)
- Revert some code changes that were causing issues with Alexa streaming
- Fix some Alexa account linking issues
- Fix small bug in ONVIF talk client

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with MJPEG streaming (default fitType)
- Fix issue with clearing the video feed when switching to HD sources
- Add option to HD stream to maximised only or maximised + main layouts
- Automatically pause/ play if browser is minimised/ restored

Agent DVR
- UI updates
- Add NextCloud cloud upload provider
- Add Trigger Adaptive Encode to microphone actions
- Main camera now streams high res source if available
- Optimise tag database (fix issue opening settings delay)
- Add "controls" to permissions
- Add cut option to time machine
- Fix issue with some system events failing cyclic call check
- Tag recordings with static objects
- Add preliminary support for push message channels in actions (requires pending web platform updates)
- Update some packages with vulnerability fixes

Agent DVR
- Fix version issue
- UI updates

Agent DVR
- Resolve issue with some rtsp streams

Agent DVR
- Disable remove session button for current session
- Add action adaptive encode mode to recording encoder modes.
- Add trigger action adaptive encode to tasks
- Add speed limit fields to pelco configuration
- Add toggle to turn off pelco presets
- Add option to include audio in push notifications
- Display recording time in cut dialog
- UI updates

Agent DVR
Add whitelabel options to licensing
Ignore tag checks on actions that don't use them
UI updates

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with unsupported transport
- Add tag filtering for recording started/ recording stopped actions
- Move server language selector to server settings General tab
- Translate server error messages
- Default action repeat timeout to 0
- Add tag rule filtering (and/or) to some actions

Agent DVR
- roll back transport updates
- fix issue with keyboard ptz
- fix issue with frame stepper

Agent DVR
- Fix bug switching from tcp to udp
- Fix bug panning on zoomed time machine view
- Fix bug with thumbnail generation
- Updates to S3 config and cloud UI

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with playing back recordings with large jumps in their timestamps
- Save default view for time machine separately from live viewer
- Add toggle to prevent Agent from auto switching between UDP and TCP when trying to connect to cameras

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with timemachine
- Faster deletion of objects

Agent DVR
- Add tamper / covered camera detection to actions
- Add opacity and zoom support to picture in picture

Agent DVR
- Potential fix for issue with duplicate recording entries
- Add support for idle timeout in alerts
- Add support for LDAP usergroup based permissions

Agent DVR
- Fix a bug when adding a camera for the first time opens 2 editors

Agent DVR
- Add support for QSV Decoders
- Add option to UI menu to disable recording info
- Add set process priority to settings

- Fix issue with SFTP
- Fix issue with VR controls
- Fix issue with adding camera to grid when using wizard
- Send RTSP-BYE on stream close

Agent DVR
- Update ffmpeg installer
- Add area name and detected zones to recording tags

Agent DVR
- Add Session Management to server menu (view current login sessions and terminate sessions)
- Add LDAP integration for logins via LDAP server
- GPU updates - fix issue with QSV Encoder. Add device and GPU recorder options to recording tab.
- IMPORTANT: If you are using the GPU to encode to decode check your settings are still working after upgrading. You can control GPU encoding on the Recording tab under "Advanced" and decoding by editing the video source and selecting the Advanced tab.
- Library upgrades
- UI bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with skip to motion feature (playback error)

Agent DVR
- Add H265, VP8 and VP9 encoders to recording settings
- Rewrite GPU encoder code
- Add audio overlay in motion graphs
- Fix bug with recordingupdated event handler
- Optimise motion and audio graph data
- Add reolink motion channel support

Agent DVR
- Fix for bug with editing audio devices
- Updates to database
- Increase max buffer length to 60 seconds

Agent DVR
- Add support for channel parameter in reolink detector configuration
- Maximising streams now use low res until high res is connected
- Added motion search to filter options
- Fix bug with account reset scripts
- Ensure tags are passed to start recording actions
- Translate connection based messages for logging

Agent DVR
- Fix issue uploading to SFTP on linux
- Remove some locks
- Update onvif talk

Agent DVR
- Update puppeteerSharp to resolve issue with web browser source type

Agent DVR
- UI updates
- Fix bug with audio permissions
- Fixed issue with case sensitivity for downloads on linux
- Added onvif discovery switch to settings
- Fixed issue with reconnecting record streams

Agent DVR
- Add CPU, SPACE and MEMORY to timestamp fields
- Updates to work with updates to codeproject AI
- Add Record Constant Mode option to scheduler
- Add Generate Thumnails option to recording advanced section (so you can turn off thumbnail generation if you want)
- UI updates (add various warning messages for configuration options)

Agent DVR
- Add OpenAI integration (ChatGPT) - ask Chat GPTs vision endpoint questions about what's happening in your video and perform tasks. See AI Scene Recognition (Requires OpenAI Developer Key).
- Add Scene Recognition tasks and events and scheduler operations
- Update Skia library
- UI updates
- Rename Themes Settings to UI Settings
- Add Icons option to UI Settings (show current status in live view)
- Support sub directory root for local server
- Add more messaging for AI setup / warnings
- Reformat device scanner
- Add Enable/ Disable GPU recording to API

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with some m3u8 streams
- Add api endpoints for AI toggles

Agent DVR
- add support for enable/ disable face, object recognition, lpr and sound recognition via API and actions
- fix snapshotting AI when crop and label disabled

Agent DVR
- Fix font issue
- Timelapse recording ignores camera disconnects

Agent DVR
- support large jpeg images

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with WebBrowser source on OSX
- Add support for file saving on iOS after apple update
- More fixes for handling invalid characters in XML files

Agent DVR
Remove lock from audio overlay (perf)

Agent DVR
- Language update
- Add expandable PTZ joystick controller
- Security update
- Add constant recording mode
- Add Japanese and Korean
- Update userguide links
- Fix for saving config with invalid characters

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with color of AI overlays
- Add overlays to alert images (when available)

Agent DVR
- fix dshow issue with devices with null name
- install specific version of ffmpeg for OSX
- try onvif events even if it says not supported
- update ptz joystick controller
- return more friendly error messages from codeproject AI

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with assigning actions to tasks
- Update userguide links to new userguide

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with applying advanced settings changes
- Add colour for AI overlay to object recognition config
- Fix issue with playing back some raw recordings
- Update users so they can be migrated successfully
- UI updates

Agent DVR
- Update packages
- Rollback skia package update due to issue on Mac OSX
- UI updates
- Add more config warning messages
- URL action Accept header fix

Agent DVR
- Fix memory access issue
- Update nuget packages

- Add enhanced support for ios and android apps
- Add speed support for ptz xml descriptions
- Add connecting screen when maximising raw feeds

Agent DVR
- Updates for compatibility with updates to mobile apps
- Fix issue with ptz actions via URL requests
- UI updates

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with rendering some action summaries

Agent DVR
- UI updates
- Add support for setting detector zone on other devices in actions
- Add integration points for upcoming mobile app updates
- Update auth check to not be case sensitive on auth type
- Add option to themes to keep playback controls on screen
- Keep controls on screen if mouse over
- Display playback controls on time machine
- Add LWT support to MQTT - see MQTT settings

- Fix issue with raw recording on some streams
- Fix issue reconnecting some onvif event streams
- Fix issue with stale images on mjpeg feeds
- Fix issue with some alert flags not being set on recordings under some circumstances

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with downloads to IOS devices

Agent DVR
- UI updates
- Playback updates
- Log cloud upload failures
- Add scroll momentum for touch devices
- Update raw writer for better audio sync
- Updates to work with new CPAI API changes

Agent DVR
- Resolve issue with AI server up/ down actions
- Fix layout issue at low resolution

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with storage management
- Add support for live recording playback/ new recordings in Time Machine

Agent DVR
- Add mark all as read option to alerts
- Add summary to storage dropdown
- Run storage monitor at startup - delay
- agent commands - use server name (mqtt)
- ftp upload on event
- cloud upload on event
- tag current recording api - tagrecording?ot=2&oid=1&tag=something
- use grid for point calculation in rectangle
- updates for PTZ presets
- Grid search for AI tracking
- fix bug with autoplay audio
- add live scrubbing to time machine - use previous version by unchecking "enable scrubbing" in server settings - local server
- ui updates
- add digest support to JPEG url
- fix issue with fake param in some JPEG endpoints

Agent DVR
- Add pin control to alerts list
- Fix issue with locking/ unlocking live recording
- Some UI tweaks

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with deleting ONVIF PTZ presets
- Remove default Center preset
- Add notice about using RTMP for Reolink to wizard
- Add notice about stopping scan for testing to wizard

Agent DVR
- Fix time machine device selection bug

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with time machine

Agent DVR
- Update UI - optimise mobile mode
- Add email with video option (with pre-event buffer)
- add photo option to actions and schedule
- Add default cloud upload provider
- Add ability to name actions
- Add support for other S3 providers (than just Amazon)
- Restructure the device editing menu and move some controls
- Fix issue with PTZ schedule editor when camera not active
- Copy more object recognition properties in device copier
- Add AI responses to debug logs
- Other bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Update UI
- Add support for upcoming Google Home integration

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with zone settings blocking actions when using simple detector

Agent DVR
- update UI

Agent DVR
- Fix for enabling GPU support on OSX
- Faster downloads
- Update to M3U8 streams (Nest)
- Add MediaWriter DTS / PTS check

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with windows installer

Agent DVR
- with duplicate alert events
- with merging dates into json packets in actions

Agent DVR
- Update to stream resizer

Agent DVR
- Add ability to add/ edit/ delete motion zone area configurations
- Add action to apply motion area configuration
- Add task to set PTZ presets on devices
- Added action to run when PTZ Preset is called
- Add schedule actions to apply motion areas
- Add option to local server to use SSL only
- Add change password to local users account menu

- Fix issue with reconnecting to some ONVIF event streams
- (so you can apply motion detection areas based on PTZ preset)
- Update object tracking detectors to raise events in motion zone areas
- UI updates/ minor bug fixes
- Fix bug with loading in config when media location is unavailable resetting configuration (now logs error instead)
- Optimise resize of video when browser resized.
- Update userguide

Agent DVR
- Increase download timeout for ffmpeg install

Agent DVR
- Fix PTZ issue
- Playback optimizations
- Fix issue with 32 bit ARM download

Agent DVR
- Couple of UI bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Add ffmpeg installer page
- Add markers for timelapse and regular recordings on timeline view
- Fix some minor bugs with PTZ controller

Agent DVR
- Added AI down and AI up events. These events are throttled to 1 every 60 seconds
- Added variable speed control to PTZ controller in digital and onvif modes
- Add Use High Performance Resize option to system settings - playback which will use a very fast resizer but also will result in some loss of visual quality.

- Update image resizing code (use more efficient algorithm)
- Fixed an issue with the MJPEG internal decoder
- Fixed an issue with FFMPEG buffer alignment
- Fixed issue with ONVIF PTZ configuration setup
- Gamepad and virtual joystick PTZ controls now support variable speed

Agent DVR
- Fix some minor ui bugs
- Close dialogs on back pressed
- Playback timing updates

Agent DVR
- Update imaging library
- Add support for SSL to ONVIF
- Add workarounds to ONVIF to support some non-conforming devices
- UI updates - add live skip back and links to device specific recordings and photos
- Add back support to UI for SPA navigation
- Replace icons with textual information on live display and video feeds
- Fixes for compatiblity with ARM 32 bit on Docker

Agent DVR
- Add support for onvif devices without authentication
- Add HTTP port override setting for ONVIF JPEG support on external networks

Agent DVR
- More ONVIF updates

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with ONVIF http digest auth on linux

Agent DVR
- Add warning about action for AI triggers

- Fix bug with raw recording
- Fix some onvif bugs
- Fix bug with dropbox

Agent DVR
- Add WyzeBridge PTZ support (make sure your camera name matches the camera name in WyzeBridge. Choose WyzeBridge on PTZ tab and specify the port WyzeBridge is using).
- Add Amazon S3 cloud upload
- Fix issues with DropBox
- Add ONVIF http digest fixes for linux/ osx
- Workaround issue in ffmpeg 6 with m3u8 sources
- Fix issues with ONVIF Talk

Agent DVR
- Bug fixes
- Add Agent DVR remote talk feature (talk to other instances of Agent DVR over the network)
- Add authentication to logs.html
- Fix issue with AI run on motion throttling
- Logging overhaul
- Remove locks / restructure internals
- Add parameters for auto login on local (pass un=xxx&pwd=xxx)
- Fix issue with RTMP audio streaming
- Add use photo url option to FTP
- Update CPAI integration
- Add SDL talk for local talk support on Linux / OSX
- Add support for RTMP main stream (HD) playback

Agent DVR
- Bump FFmpeg 6 version that was crashing on missing GPU drivers
- Add TURN server option to local server settings

Agent DVR
- Upgrade to FFMPEG v6 - Backup your current install!
- Add Trigger Recording action (with timeout)
- Bug fixes
- Add indexeddb support in local browsers for image caching

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with ffmpeg version on linux

Agent DVR
- Add test button to add camera wizard
- Add default option to filters (name one default to apply on load)

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with handling empty zone list
- Add recognized sound overlay option to camera audio view
- Cache base64 jpegs for 1 second to reduce load

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with zone filtering

Agent DVR
- Add Web Browser source type
- UI updates
- Add PTZ support to floor plans
- Add arm/ disarm trigger to actions
- Add some logging output to storage manager
- Add variable distance check options to object tracking (check corners). Instead of checking the corners of bounding boxes on AI and object detection areas, Agent will now check a set distance limit from the center point. See Check Corners in object recognition and other AI tabs and tracking detectors for more info.
- Add detected Audio tags and confidence to microphone visualizations (overlay checkbox in AI sound recognition configuration)
- Add Icons to devices on general tab for display on floorplans

Agent DVR
- Fix issue with opendrive
- Reolink AI detector now raises object found events and tags alerts
- Fall back to load backup objects file if objects file is corrupted

Agent DVR
- Add go to preset task option
- Keep onvif connections alive so PTZ works via commands when camera disabled
- Only fire enable event when response received from device
- UI updates to Alert Summary
- Show historical limits on audio visualization
- Add switch to block alerts when AI server is down
- Add talk to user permissions

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with applying profile on arm from UI not applying home profile

Agent DVR
- Fix bug with multiple action tasks filtering zone list
- Add support for http based digest authentication on ONVIF devicesa

Agent DVR
- Add PTZ preset access to API
- Add volume control (not available on IOS)
- Add SSL switch to reolink AI API
- Add OpenDrive as a cloud upload target
- Upgrade audio visualizations, improve audio visualisation CPU usage
- Add MQTT raw image push
- Modify {Base64Image} tag to only send base64 data in MQTT
- General rename of IP Camera to Network Camera
- Bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Fix an issue with shortcut keys

Agent DVR
- Upgrade alerts display (bigger images, next, previous, timeline, delete).
- Add play link to alerts that plays the associated recording if available
- Fix bug with AI photos (taking photo when detected object below confidence limit)
- Set defaullt limits on photos and files in local server settings (local server settings)
- Add max alerts limit to server setttings
- Remove repeat push debug message

Agent DVR
- Bug fixes
- Add support for Actions to have multiple tasks associated to them
- Add lang parameter to url for force-choosing language eg /?lang=fr
- Add support for AND/ OR to action tag matching
- Mailer support for no authentication
- Add support for action on/off/run to API
- Object recognition upgrade to check corners as well as center of area

Agent DVR
- Fix crash bug when some feeds fail to connect
- PTZ UI updates
- Add camera error information to display if connection fails

Agent DVR
- Add option to object recognition settings to ignore static objects
- Update SMTP mailer
- Fix bug with FTP when rename option checked
- Add setting to disable update check
- Add "This Device" to trigger actions so actions can be copied efficiently
- Work around bug in CodeProject.AI face recognition
- Default timeout changed for AI server testing
- Update Sources
- M3U8 connection updates
- Add action reset timeout setting

Agent DVR
- Tuning updates for object recognition
- Fix bug where AI down results in constant alert state
- Update MJPEG feed to return cameras in requested order

Agent DVR
- Fix object recognition settings upgrade
- Other bug fixes

Agent DVR
- Updated AI code (filter moved to actions - see userguide, you may need to check your settings after the update)
- Added AI sound recognition
- Added Face Not Recognized event
- Fixed settings upgrade
- Bug fixes
- Added Swedish translations

Agent DVR
- Resolve some issues with photos and enhance
- Add action option to send push notifications
- Add ability to merge in AI tags with text-to-speech actions

Agent DVR
- Updated AI modes (full AI re-write)
- Removed Alert Filter (Added alert trigger settings to Object Recognition)
- Upgraded detector Zones system to support up to 5 different zones
- Bug fixes
- Updated Userguide

- AI Detector as Alert Mode option
- live overlay for AI detectors
- photos options for all AI detectors
- users and permissions subsection to server settings (for licensed version)
- support for custom logos to server settings (for licensed version)
- login UI for users
- option to set the maximum number of sessions to server settings - local server
- skip to Content option to server settings - playback which will auto skip to the first motion event on playback of recordings.
- LPR via CodeProject.AI
- enhance Photos UI (super resolution) via CodeProject.AI
- full UI to administer CodeProject.AI server from Agent DVR
- options to test AI servers
- AI module discovery to Object Recognition
- transparency to timestamp and overlays
- option for auto font size to timestamp settings

Agent DVR
- UI tweaks
- Add NDI device discovery and support
- Add NDI PTZ controller

Agent DVR
- Roll back some connection changes that seem to have introduced some rare issues
- Add support for new API
- Add connection troubleshooting settings to server settings (option to wait on startup for connection and specify the connection method).
- Ignore audio instead of abort on raw recordings when audio codec is not supported by ffmpeg.
- Remove check for running instance at startup.
- Translations update

Agent DVR
- Fix memory leak when restricting number of files to UI
- Add specific date option to scheduler
- Add new format option to MJPEG streamer
- Update UI for PTZ controller (and add top 9 alphanumeric presets)
- Add option to ONVIF settings to restrict directional controls for cameras that only support up/down/left/right.
- Bug fixes.