Easily install third-party apps on your iPhone device without jailbreak


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Download AltStore 1.6.1


  -  6.5 MB  -  Freeware
AltStore is a streamlined alternative app store that allows all users of Apple devices such as iPhones and Ipads to easily sideload apps on non-jailbroken devices. Instead of relying on enterprise certificates, the entire infrastructure of AltStore is dedicated to providing the Xcode sideload service that software developers can use to load apps on their devices.

Optimized for fast and easy use, this app allows all Apple users to bypass complicated technical procedures and easily sideload apps with just a few limitations.

The installation procedure is incredibly simple. Download and run the AltServer app, and then install the AltStore app on your iPhone and iPad.

To get the apps from the AltStore to your device, you will need to download them manually on your PC, where they will be able to sync with your Apple device via the AltServer application. The installation procedure also requires users to provide a valid Apple ID and password, but thankfully you don’t even need to give it your personal account information. As long as the ID is valid, It will authenticate the app, get the developer certificate, install the application on your device, and most importantly, refresh it so that it can run properly on your device.

To combat the dreaded 7-day certificate timelimit, It will periodically refresh the apps in the background, always providing you with the active certificate. It is highly recommended to keep AltServer active on your PC, thus enabling AltServer to refresh certificates when it is needed.

Be aware that the Xcode certificate has a built-in limitation that forcing all users to stick to a maximum of three apps that are managed by AltStore. This limitation can be removed, but it is suitable only for enthusiast users. In addition to the homebrew apps that are officially hosted on the Alt Store app (which include a competent console emulator Delta and “Clip” – a streamlined clipboard manager app), this alternative app store can also be used to sideload any other IPA app and keep them refreshed on your device. While the majority of sideloaded 3rd party apps will work normally, some may exhibit installation errors.

AltStore is 100% FREE and is optimized for Windows 11 and Windows 10 (64-bit). In addition to the Windows version, AltServer can also be installed on macOS 10.14.4+.

Before Installing
  • Download the latest version of iTunes directly from FileHorse
  • Download the latest version of iCloud directly from FileHorse
  • Download AltServer for Windows.
  • Extract the downloaded “AltInstaller.zip” file.
  • Double-click “setup.exe”, then follow the installation instructions.
  • Launch AltServer (it will appear as an icon in the Notification Area).
  • Trust your iPhone with your computer (if needed).
  • Open iTunes and enable iTunes Wi-Fi sync for your phone.
  • Click the AltServer icon in the Notification Area, click “Install AltStore”, then choose your phone.
  • Enter your Apple ID email and password (NOTE: both email address and password are case sensitive).
  • Wait a few seconds, then AltStore will be installed on your phone.
Also Available: Download AltStore for Mac

  • AltStore 1.6.1 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

AltStore 1.6.1
- “Clear Cache” button removes temporary files and deleted app backups to free up disk space
- Disable new “Enforce 3-App Limit” setting to sideload more than 3 apps via MacDirtyCow exploit
- Fixed crash when viewing Sources on iOS 12

AltStore 1.6
- View past errors in more detail
- Tap an error to copy the error message or error code
- Search for error code directly in AltStore FAQ
- “View More Details” button to view detailed error information
- Access via new “Techy Things” section in AltStore settings
- Supports app updates with minimum or maximum OS requirements
- Hides app updates if they’re not compatible with current device
- Falls back to downloading last compatible version on older devices
- View all unsupported updates from My Apps tab
- Completely revamped error handling to include as much information as possible, which should make debugging certain issues much easier
- Revised error messages to be more descriptive and provide more suggestions
- Revised error domain format to [Module].[ErrorType]
- AltStore.OperationError codes start at 1000
- AltServer.ServerError codes start at 2000
- AltStore.AppleDeveloperError codes start at 3000
- Uses underlying error messages (if available) for several AltServer.ServerError errors
- Encodes/Decodes all Codable user info values, not just recognized types
- Adds pull-to-refresh to check for updates
- Supports new “versions” key in source JSON
- Supports updating apps from app detail page

- Source Validation
- Verifies sources don't contain duplicate app bundle identifiers
- Verifies sources don't contain duplicate app versions
- Shows error if a source is configured incorrectly instead of silently failing
- Updated LaunchViewController error alert to display more detailed error messages
- Always displays loading indicator when fetching Friend Zone patrons
- Improves error message when .ipa does not exist at provided downloadURL
- Caches MergeErrors when refreshing sources to view later from Sources page

- Fixed CollapsingTextView incorrectly showing “more” button
- Fixed “error migrating persistent store” issue
- Fixed widgets potentially not updating after refreshing apps
- Fixed simultaneous database access from multiple AltStores
- Fixed incorrect app name and iOS version in "Unsupported iOS version" error message
- Fixed refreshing tweaked apps with removed app extensions
- Fixed error encoding CodableError Int/UInt user info values
- Fixed adding failures to NSErrors with nil localizedFailureReasons
- Fixed incorrect error toast view color when sign-in fails

AltStore 1.5.1
- Fixed signing in with Apple IDs that contain capital letters
- Fixed signing in with Apple IDs that have 2FA enabled but don’t have any registered trusted devices
- Fixed repeatedly asking some users to sign in every time they refresh their apps
- Fixed “Application is missing application-identifier” error when sideloading or (de-)activating certain apps
- Fixed “Incorrect Apple ID or password” error after changing an Apple ID’s primary email address
- Fixed crash when receiving unknown error codes from AltServer

AltStore 1.5
- Trusted Sources: Download and update certain third party apps entirely through AltStore
- Trusted Sources: Add Trusted Sources directly from the new Sources page
- Trusted Sources: Trusted Sources are sources we’ve explicitly approved because they meet our safety standards
- Trusted Sources: Support for adding any source by URL will be coming later
- AltJIT: Allows sideloaded apps to use Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation
- AltJIT: Long-press an app in My Apps, then choose “Enable JIT” – a few seconds later you should see an AltStore notification saying “Successfully Enabled JIT”
- AltJIT: Your device must be on the same WiFi network as AltServer or connected to your computer via USB
- AltJIT: JIT will remain enabled until the app is quit from the app switcher or purged from memory in the background
- Requires iOS 14 or later
- Requires AltServer 1.5 or later

- Supports landscape app screenshots
- Adds Shane to credits and Patreon screen
- Prefetches & caches Friend Zone patrons to offset the Patreon API’s slow response time

- Fixed a potential crash when sideloading certain apps
- Fixed some apps having access to AltStore’s app group after being (de-)activated
- Fixed crash when adding or removing sources that have News items
- Fixed Core Data error when not connected to internet due to saving non-NSSecureEncoding items from NSError’s userInfo

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