An epic new 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) on your PC!

Arena of Valor for PC

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Arena of Valor for PC

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Proxima Beta Pte. Limited / Arena of Valor for PC

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Arena of Valor for PC is a popular Multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Chinese development team TiMi Studios and published internationally by Proxima Beta Pte. on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch systems.

With engaging and tactical gameplay elements, Arena of Valor represents one of the most popular MOBA games on the mobile platform. It gives players the ability to choose one of the multiple presents gameplay modes and compete in mobile-friendly matches that can last between 10 and 20 minutes.

Similarly like in other MOBA games, the actual match is set on the large map where two teams of up to 5 players take control over their virtual hero, who has to upgrade its abilities and unlock special moves that can be used in tactical (offensive, defensive or utility) situations, with a goal of defeating or pushing back the opposing team, destroying AI-controlled turrets and enemy units, and ultimately, destroying the opponent's core structure.

During each match, players are required to gather resources and upgrade their heroes and buildings, while after the match they are rewarded with gold rewards that they can use to purchase permanent upgrades such as unlocking a brand-new hero or cosmetic item.

Arena of Valor LDPlayer game supports several game modes such as Valley Skirmish, Abyssal Clash, Death Match, and the most popular one, Grand Battle where most of the players are investing their time. The matches can be played both casually and in Ranked mode, where each victory gives the winning team Star points that elevate their level and puts them in contention against other similarly ranked teams.

For players seeking a quicker pace, game modes such as Skirmish can give them a complete battle experience with teams of three players in just around 5 minutes, which is perfect for users who just want to find some fun when they are on the go and lack enough time for an entire 20-minute 5v5 match. No matter what mode is chosen, the game can matchmake users into a match in no time.

As of early 2023, the game features a roster of 96 heroes which even include a few of the special guests from the popular DC Comics franchise such as Batman, Flash, The Joker, and Wonder Woman. Heroes are differentiated between themselves by the type of damage they deal (physical, magical, or both) and their core (multi)class.

Those classes are Marksmen (high-physical attackers with low health and defense), Mages (high magical damage dealers with low defense and mobility), Assassins (fighters who can unleash strong ranged attacks), Tanks (defensive heroes who can sustain high damage output from the opponents), Warriors (heroes who have all-around moderate stats), and Support (heroes who provide their abilities to boost their teams or stumble the opponents).

Arena of Valor for Desktop is a F2P MOBA game that promotes tactical and skillful gameplay, allowing users to play forever for free if they are confident in their abilities. In-game monetization options are focused on cosmetic items and seasonal unlocks. The is available today on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch hybrid home consoles, and can even be played on modern Windows PCs via LDPlayer Android emulation apps.

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