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Attack on Titan Tribute Game

Attack on Titan Tribute Game

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Attack on Titan Tribute Game (also known as AOTTG) is an unofficial and fanmade free browser game by Chinese game developer Feng Lee. The game celebrates the characters, environments, and unique gameplay elements found in the popular “Attack on Titan” manga and anime universe in which remnants of humanity are trying to fight their way to freedom in the post-apocalyptic alternate history where mindless humanoid giants have managed to almost decimate the human race.

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Retreating to the last remaining cities that have survived the apocalypse due to its reinforced walls and organized defenses, the players of this game can step into the boots of their favorite manga heroes.

The gameplay of Attack on Titan Tribute Game is centered on the innovative combat equipment that the heroes of this game are utilizing to increase their effectiveness on the battlefield - 3D Maneuver Gear. This device allows defenders of humanity to soar through the air in a manner that closely resembles that of the comic book hero Spider-man, and quickly maneuver around towering giants. This makes combat encounters in this game full of action, adrenaline, death-defying acrobatics, and unique encounters that cannot be experienced in other titles that feature flying protagonists. The game can be played both solo and with friends, with seamless server discovery and easy matchmaking.

The visual style of this title is the tale of extremes. While the game itself is brightly colored and engaging, the characters themselves are designed in a chibi style (Japanese manga-like) which makes the entire game more engaging and unique. However, even though the visual style of the game can make the game more fun to play, the other aspects of this title are more problematic. More specifically, the game control scheme, character animation, combat engine, and even in-game camera are not brought up to the standard of modern gaming and can provide a lot of trouble and issues to gamers who want to learn to be effective on the battlefield. In fact, the game is very difficult to master.

In addition to the above-mentioned control issues, Attack on Titan Tribute Game by Feng Lee is also facing some technical issues. The game is experiencing compatibility issues with modern browsers, and a lack of active servers and players. Sadly, the title did not receive any updates in the past several years, with only a few fan-made additions that tried to make this game more enjoyable today. One such add-on is RC mods that add custom skins, maps, and support for Private servers.

It can be played today for FREE. The only requirement is a Chrome or Firefox web browser and an active internet connection.

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Main Features
  • Titan Slaying: Players can take on the role of a Scout Regiment member and use 3D maneuver gear to navigate the game's environment, target Titans' weak spots, and eliminate them.
  • Multiplayer: The game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to team up with friends or other players to take down Titans together.
  • Character Customization: Players can choose from a variety of characters and customize their appearance, gear, and abilities.
  • Map Variety: The game features several maps inspired by locations from the anime and manga, each with its own challenges and Titan types.
  • Modding Community: It has a vibrant modding community, offering a wide range of custom maps, skins, and gameplay tweaks.
How to Play
  • Launch the game and navigate the main menu.
  • Choose between single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Customize your character or select a pre-existing one.
  • Select a map and game mode.
  • Use the 3D maneuver gear to swing through the environment, aim for the Titans' nape, and attack.
  • Work with your team to eliminate Titans and achieve your objectives.
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Is Attack on Titan Tribute Game an official game?
No, it's a fan-made game created by Feng Lee and is not affiliated with the official "Attack on Titan" franchise.

Can I play the game solo, or is it strictly multiplayer?
You can play both solo and multiplayer. The game offers a single-player mode with AI-controlled Titans, and you can also join or host multiplayer sessions to play with friends or other players online.

Are there any microtransactions in the game?
No, the game is entirely free to play, and there are no in-game purchases or microtransactions.

How can I join multiplayer sessions or create my own room?
In the multiplayer menu, you can either join an existing room by entering its ID or create your own room with customizable settings, such as map and difficulty level.

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The game is entirely FREE to play, with no hidden costs or microtransactions. It's a labor of love by the developer for fans of the series.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Authentic "Attack on Titan" experience for fans.
  • Free-to-play with no microtransactions.
  • Thrilling multiplayer mode.
  • Active modding community for additional content.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Controls can be challenging to master.
  • Limited official updates due to fan-made nature.
  • Limited single-player experience compared to official games.

Attack on Titan Tribute Game is a must-play for fans of the "Attack on Titan" series who want to experience the thrill of Titan slaying and 3D maneuver gear action. While it may not have the polish of official games, its fan-made charm, free-to-play nature, and active modding community make it a captivating and enjoyable experience.

The game's multiplayer mode provides an opportunity to team up with friends and recreate epic battles from the series, adding to its appeal. Whether you're swinging through the air or working together to take down colossal foes, this game offers a unique and immersive adventure in the world of Titans and Scouts.

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