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BakkesMod (also known as “BakkesMod Rocket League trainer”) is a powerful and versatile training mod for the popular eSports video game Rocket League that gives players of all ages and proficiency levels a wide array of basic and advanced custom training features. This enables players to train various gameplay aspects of this title, such as precise jumps, air moves, advanced tactics, and much more.

It is very important to note that his mod will not only modify gameplay aspects of online multiplayer matches and provide new training aspects that can be enjoyed outside of regular matches, but it also hosts a wide array of tools that can configure settings for items, Ranked matches, and other regular gameplay modes.

In addition, users should be aware that the antivirus services on modern PCs could detect this mod as a malicious software pack, and that presence of this mod could even be detected by online servers which could mark the player as compromised and not available for matchmaking. It is recommended that users use this mod only for solo training sessions, and disable it when attempting to play the game online in ranked matches.

The functionality of this mod can be dramatically expanded with the presence of plugins that can be freely downloaded and activated. This includes various community-crated add-ons, such as various training assistants, visual overlays, advanced multiplayer options, custom map loaders, and many others.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive mod for Rocket League movement training.
  • Customizable in-game scenarios.
  • Downloadable plugins.
  • Advanced settings for non-training modes.
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive operation.
How to Use

To use this mod, players first need to download and install the mod from the official website. The mod is distributed as a ZIP archive, which means that users will have to manually unpack it alongside the official Rocket League game installation.

Once properly installed, the mod can be safely launched alongside Rocket League. Inside the game, the players will have to get used to console-style commands that are accessed and activated by pressing the tilde (~) key.

The mod features seven default add-ons that focus on specific aspects of the gameplay (Shot/training, Redirect, Kickoff, Rebound, Dribble, Defender, and Workshop), and all of them can be additionally customized by players.

User Interface

This training mod does not have a built-in visual interface and instead relies on a wide array of standalone commands that users must input manually. Advanced commands such as stringing more commands together or generating random results between two set ranges are fully supported.

To get the full list of available console commands, users are recommended to visit the official website of the mod.


What is BakkesMod?
It is a PC mod for Rocket League that enhances training sessions and introduces many new customization options.

Is it safe?
This community-created game mod is not officially supported by the game and must be installed as a standalone package alongside the game installation. Users should be aware that some antivirus software may report that this mod features malicious software.


This mod is 100% FREE.

System Requirements

Users can run this mod on any modern gaming PC PC running Windows 7 or later, with Rocket League installed. Developers recommend using Windows 10 or Windows 11 due to better compatibility with the title.

  • Brand new Rocket League customization options.
  • Advanced training tools.
  • Custom training add-ons.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Poor user interface.
  • Detected as malicious software by some antivirus services.
  • Requires manual installation.
  • Potential compatibility issues with future Rocket League updates.

BakkesMod is an advanced mod for serious Rocket League players who are looking to enhance their gameplay, training, and match feel with a large offering of additional features.

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