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FINVIZ - Stock Screener

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FINVIZ - Stock Screener

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FINVIZ is a popular visualization service that can serve the needs of all financial novices and experts no matter where they want to place their focus.

This comprehensive online platform enables users of all financial knowledge levels to accurately track fluctuations in the financial market, spot new and historical trends, and gather an incredible amount of information provided by its interactive chart, stock screener, fundamental data manager, and backtesting services.

Note: Investing in crypto-assets is not regulated and carries the risk of losing the entire investment. Make sure to carefully read and fully understand all the risks involved before proceeding with such an investment.

Due to its advanced feature set and crowded interface, it is best suited for financial professionals such as investors and swing traders who can extract the maximum amount of value from its data listings. However, the service also comes with an excellent free tier of access, enabling novices in the world of the financial world to get their bearings and start trading in accordance with the latest financial trends.

Established in 2007, this powerful web service today serves more than 18 million monthly users from all over the world.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive stock market information.
  • Advanced stock screening tools.
  • Portfolio tracking.
  • News and analysis.
  • FREE and Finviz Elite access tiers.
  • Accessible from any modern browser.
How to Use

FINVIZ is a web-based platform that provides users with comprehensive data, analysis tools, and visualizations to make informed decisions about their investments. To start using it, users can elect to create a free account (it is not required!), set up their portfolio, and start exploring the various features.

The basic interface of the service can be mastered quickly, but the webapp hides a wide variety of advanced options that can enable power users to set up highly specific financial data listings that best suit their needs. Some of the most important tools that novices will surely use most of the time are chart tools, portfolio management tools, and a notification manager.

User Interface

While some users may note that all financial chart trackers have crowded and complicated UI, this service still manages to produce a clean and intuitive interface that even first-time users can easily master.

UI provides a wealth of information presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format, with a large dashboard that is segmented into 11 main tabs – Home, News, Screener, Maps, Groups, Portfolio, Insider, Futures, Forex, Crypto, and Backtests. A final 12th tab “Elite” is dedicated to premium account holders.


What is FINVIZ?
It’s a financial visualization tool that provides users with comprehensive data and analysis tools for the stock market.

Is it safe?
Yes, FINVIZ is a highly reputable platform used by many investors and traders. Since it is hosted fully in the cloud, users are not required to download any local client that could be potentially affected by viruses or other malware.

Does it require the creation of a new account?
This app can be used by both registered and unregistered users, who get fewer listing options and less customization tools.


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The free version is available for all users, with an option to even use the platform without creating a new user account.

Premium Finviz Elite subscription unlocks access to a wide array of advanced options, including advanced charts, professional profitability research tool, correlation tracker, advanced screeners, premium alerts, and dramatically increased support for listing financial data.

System Requirements

As a web-based SaaS platform, FINVIZ can be accessed via any modern internet browser app.

  • Comprehensive financial data and analysis tools.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Visualizations make data easy to understand.
  • Free access tier.
  • Feature-rich premium tier.
  • Expensive Premium subscription.
  • Not best suited for financial market novices.

FINVIZ is a powerful tool for anyone interested in investing or trading, with a wealth of information and tools at your fingertips.

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