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Brawl Stars for PC

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Supercell / Brawl Stars for PC

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Brawl Stars for PC is a freemium action mobile game developed and published by Supercell, a famous Finnish mobile game development company that has conquered the world of modern mobile gaming with its megahit titles Clash of Clans (2012), and Clash Royale (2016).

Originally unveiled to the public in the summer of 2018 as a limited beta and deployed to the global audiences six months later in December, Brawl Stars very quickly managed to become another hit by offering a unique mix of fast-paced action combat, quick matches, a variety of game modes, focus on small teams, small maps, and an incredible variety of tactical approaches that can lead to the victory.

The game allows players to traverse across small maps that are filled with various obstacles and shoot opponents (who can sometimes also be AI-controlled), with the goal of eliminating the health pools of every active opponent. Tactical play requires the players to take full advantage of their surroundings, plan offensive or defensive moves with their teammates, and react quickly to new and unexpected situations set up by the opposing team.

To help them win the fight, each of the controllable characters can collect their match experience by successfully landing their main attacks and using it to unlock special “Super” moves that can deal incredible amounts of damage. That same experience will also increase the base level of the hero, allowing them to eventually reach the maximum level 10 with greatly increased base health, attack power, and Super move strength. In addition to that, each of the members of the standard brawler roster has a passive “Star Power” ability that can dramatically impact the flow of the match.

As of early 2023, available heroes are separated into the groups of Common (Starting) brawlers (1 - Shelly), Rare brawlers (8), Super rare brawlers (10), Epic brawlers (15), Mythic brawlers (9), Legendary brawlers (7), and Chromatic brawlers (14). The game modes are numerous and each offers unique combat challenges, ranging from the battle against AI opponents, 1v1 matches, larger scale battles on maps that have ever-shrinking active battlefield (in a vein of the popular battle royale games), team battles, Heist mode that requires cracking opponent’s safe, gem grab mode where a player that collects 10 gems wins and more.

In addition to the full optimization for gameplay on modern iOS and Android devices, Brawl Stars for Windows 11/10 can also be played directly on desktop and laptop PCs running Windows OS. This can be achieved via modern Android emulators like a LDPlayer that unlock access to fast PC hardware, traditional input peripherals, customization, and network play.

Brawl Stars LDPlayer is highly recommended to mobile users who want to find quick fun in an action environment no matter where they are. The in-game shop features not only numerous cosmetic purchases, but also token doublers, power points for boosting heroes, special daily deals, gems, coins, and loot chests for random gear.

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