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Chrome Remote Desktop

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Chrome Remote Desktop is a free easy-to-use remote desktop app software that was built from the ground up to provide incredibly simple operation for casual users and enthusiasts who just want to quickly jump in on the desktop of the distant computer.

Even though it does not support various features that are present in the premium remote desktop apps, Chrome Remote Desktop managed to find a considerable audience by offering a uniquely simple way of connecting and handling connections between any modern device no matter what OS they are running on. All that it matters is whether or not they can run the latest build of the Chrome browser.

Installation and Use

Chrome Remote Desktop allows the easy sharing of the desktop area to every user who has authenticated its Google account on those machines. To start sharing desktop, the host machine first must download and set up the Remote Desktop extension for the Chrome browser.

After downloading this add-on, the user will be prompted to tie his Google account with this app, type the name of his PC, and pick a unique PIN number that will be used as a remote connection password. To confirm that your PC is ready to share the desktop with another device, the extension setup area will prompt an “Online” tag beside your computer name.

To connect to a distant PC via a Chrome Browser, your client machine (for example a laptop or work PC) should also have an installed Chrome Browser and an active authentication to your Google account (the same account as on the Host machine). Simply visit Chrome Remote Desktop app add-on and look at the list of the accessible connections in the Remote Devices area. Click on the desired connection, enter the previously created PIN, and the remote connection will be started immediately.

It does not connect discretely to the host machine. There, the Chrome browser will announce the presence of the remote user by showcasing the “Your desktop is currently shared with ” desktop popup.

Additionally, desktop sharing can also be set up via a temporary access code that can be generated in the “Get Support” tab of the add-on. This access code can be shared via email or chat, enabling another person (family member or technician who does not need to know your Google account credentials) to easily access your desktop.

Features and Highlights

  • Simple setup – Any Chromebook user can set up integrated Remote Desktop support with few clicks.
  • Fast performance – Take full advantage of your internet connection. Enjoy full desktop streaming, including even real-time transfer of media and games.
  • Stable and secure connection – Once set, you can reliably and securely connect without fear of unauthorized access or data leaks.
  • Connect to remote desktops from anywhere – Client for remote desktop connection can even be your mobile phone, enabling you to access your home or work computer from anywhere.
  • Generate support codes – Easily invite a family member, friend, or technician to temporarily connect to your PC and troubleshoot your issues.
  • Available on all modern versions of Windows, Mac, and Android.

Note: Requires Chromebook, Google Account, and Google Chrome Browser.

Also Available: Download Chrome Remote Desktop for Mac

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