Explore the city in this GTA-style and hugely popular free racing game!

City Racing

City Racing

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City Racing is one of the most popular sandbox video games in the world. It is a free car racing game that is easy and a lot of fun to play. When you begin the game, you have to take a wrecked car to an auto garage for repair. The mechanic at the garage will explain the tasks and objects of the game to you. Basically, you can freely drive your car anywhere you want in the city.

If you want to increase your ranking and achieve upgrades to your car, you must locate events or challenges in the city. Once you win at an event, you will earn rewards that improve your overall gaming experience. There are many fun and interesting events held throughout the city. You will never get bored of them.

The rewards are virtual money. You can use the virtual money to pay for car upgrades in the game. These upgrades keep the game interesting without it feeling too repetitive or monotonous. They also give you a competitive advantage over your opponents in the events.

City Racing for Windows PC has huge city maps and a greater selection of cars than more popular games, such as Car Racing Adventure. Just be ready for your opponents on the street and their attempts to beat you in races. Anyone who enjoys games like Grand Theft Auto will love City Racing. It has a similar feel to it for sure.

However, don’t expect the graphics of City Racing to look as good as Grand Theft Auto. The game is more like a poor man’s version of Grand Theft Auto. Its outdated physics and graphics don’t have much realism to them at all. If you’re used to modern gaming graphics, then you’ll be disappointed with City Racing. Everything from the car crashes to the street pedestrians all feel unrealistic.

One other annoying thing is the terrible English voiceover that translates the subtitles. Most players would rather go without hearing that voice at all. But still, it is a fun game that is 100% free to play. How can anyone expect it to be perfect, right? City Racing still gives you plenty of fun tasks to complete on several different maps.

The ultimate objective is to achieve a high rank on the leaderboard. There are 30 different ranks shown on the leaderboard. You’ll obviously want to get to the top of the board. That can only be done if you earn money by participating in race events on the city streets.

When you start an event, you will race against other drivers or race against the time clock. Both are difficult in their own respects because they each have their own set of challenges. For instance, you have to avoid hitting civilians to earn extra points. But you can also earn extra points if you destroy police vehicles.

After you save up enough money, you can purchase a better engine, body, tires, and transmission for your vehicle. You may even decide it’s time to buy a new car at some point. Just save up enough credits and buy a new car when you get tired of your current vehicle.

You can have several hours of fun playing this City Racing game. It doesn’t even matter that the city and car crashes look somewhat unrealistic. Just enjoy the free experience for what it is and have fun. If the police stop you from speeding, you can engage with them or attempt to run away. Either option has its perks.

The sandbox factor of the game prevents it from getting monotonous. You can explore so many different areas of the city and get into unique adventures each time you play. And since it’s free, what do you have to lose? It is perfect for gamers who love nostalgic-looking games on the computer.

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